Having problems with your 1988 Oldsmobile Delta 88 ?

Noise , rattle from the alternator

\015 Rattles at a stop light\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

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Rattling noise from front near alternator

Hi.\015\012I think the problem is the power take off for the front fan ,steering etc. Underneath the middle of the car you will see what looks like a small propshaft pointing towards the front with a doughnut shapped mounting bolted to each en ... 1995 Toyota Previa

I have a 2008 dodge caliber SXT 2.0L I recently replaced my alternator (which was the main problem) the high and low idler pulleys and the tension pulley as well as a new serpentine belt. When I accelerate and note ONLY when I accelerate there's a small rattling noise. A mechanic that replaced my wheel bearing couple weeks ago check it out and said the belt is either a half inch to big for the engine and I was sold a wrong one, or my brand new tensioner pulley is bad cause the noise when acceler

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I drive a 2006 hyundai elantra with around 30,000 miles on it and lately there has been a rattling noise coming from the engine bay. It happens around 2000 rpm and only in drive. I narrowed the noise down to the area around the waterpump and alternator. What could it be? the car runs fine otherwise.

This sounds like a bad pulley, maybe bearings in the waterpump or alternator, you will need to remove belt and spin each pulley to locate and also check for a loose pulley. ... 2006 Hyundai Elantra

Hi there my car mg zs 1.8 seems to be making a very load rattling noise sounds like its coming from the left side of the engine by the alternator i think. it has smoke pumping out of the exhaust more then normall it just sounds like a few stones are in the engine somewhere smashing around.it only started to happen after all the snow we had suddenly i started my car up then the noise begin. i thought at first it was somehow ice smashing round my engine and as it warmed up it would stop but never

... Renault R5

Noise , rattle from the alternator

... 1988 Oldsmobile Delta 88

Our engine won't turn over my brother thinks it's the alternator . We charged the battery, no leaks, not overheating. There is a rattling noise. Also when we go up hills it kind of kicks a little. Almost like it wants to shut down.

Please make sure your battery posts are tight and there is no corrosion. If there is corrosion mix some baking soda and water and wash the battery posts or use a wire brush to clean them. Loose battery posts can cause the truck to feel like it want ... 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee

My car is not starting. It makes a horrible rattling noise when i try to start it... I have been advised (non-professionally) that it could be the battery or the alternator. Any suggestions?

Have the battery tested to eliminate it as the problem. It should show 13-14 volts minimum. If the battery is good then the alternator is, by default, good as well. This honestly just sounds like a run of the mill starter problem to me though. Changi ... 2006 Peugeot 405

Changed the alternator on 97 nissan maxima and now the cranks shaft pully is shaking and i hear a noise like a rattle or chirping. is it due to the drive belt tension.

No the pulley grooves are a sleeve around the crank. this sleeve will break loose. ... 2001 Nissan Sentra

Rattling noise alternator area when in gear 2002 fore focus wagen

Probably a tensioner or idler pulley... ... 2002 Ford SVT Focus

2.4 ltr 1994 nissan bluebird , oil light in dash alternately comes on while engine running ,no engine noise e,g, knocking or rattling . Oil at right level and consistance, What is my next step . please assist me with any information if you can please.

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1997 honda civic alternator rattling noise - 1997 Honda Civic

... 1997 Honda Civic

2000 Ford Expedition. My battery light came on and a rattling noise came from the engine. The alternator was replaced but the battery light is still on. What do I do.

If garage replaced alternator, return vehicle for warranty work.\015\012\015\012If you replaced alternator, what was wrong woth old unit??\015\012\015\012Provided regulator is internal with alterantor, fault is with alternator ... 2000 Ford Expedition

I have a 2002 f350. It will not start,we have changed the glow plugs,alternator and it is now worse. Now it buzzes when trying to start and there is a rattle noise under the hood somewhere by the battery on the passenger side. We have tried to jump start it from our other truck with no sucess.Can anyone help us figure out the problem?

Sounds like the battery cables have corrosion inside the insulation (causing high resistance ) but have the Batteries tested FIRST The batteries must be checked and fully charged or a bad cell in 1 battery will drain the other battery causing ... 2002 Ford F350 Super Duty DRW Reg. Cab

I own a 2008 sebring. As soon as i turn on the car, there is a very loud - I mean like really loud rattling noise- that remains on whether the car is driving or idle. One mechanic said it was the alternator, but another said it is the compressor, who is more likely to be correct? There are no blinking nor lite indicators on the dash that say it is either..can you help!?

Wow.. to be honest with you, i have never really heard an alternator, or a compressor rattle, usually the alternator will make a high pitch squeeking noise, and the sompressor may sound like a popcan rubbing against a pulley, but thats only if the cl ... Chrysler Sebring

2002 Dodge Caravan- alternator rattle

Check for belt alignment, the 2.2 had a problem with the water pump pulley being put on back wards.\015\012\015\012Hope this helps.\015\012\015\012r/\015\012David ... 2002 Dodge Caravan

Rattle in the alternator

... 2009 Toyota Corolla 1.8

Rattling noise My 2004 Sierra has a strange rattling noise (sounds almost like a tin can bouncing around). It occurs when I start the vehicle and when I accelerate. When I start it cold, the rattling lasts for a couple minutes. When I start it warm, it practically only does it when it initially turns over. And the noise seems to stop when I get to higher speeds. The check engine light came on when this occurred as well and stays on. I've heard everything from a cadillac converter, heat shield

... GMC Sierra

Alternator making a noise when turn lights on, rear heated window etc more stuff I have on more noise it makes have been told if I adjust the alternator the noise will stop. How do I adjust the alternator. It is on a nissan terrano

Soounds like you need a new/higher amp alt. ... Nissan Pathfinder

2005 Sprinter with 140,000 mile has a whining noise coming from the surpitine belt. My tech replaced the tentioner and idler pullys, and fan clutch and belt, noise is still there. The noise comes and go's its not all the time. If you remove the belt the noise its gone. It is coming from the belt. Could the alternator be bad. Or other ideas. Know engine lights are on. The noise seems to come from the alternator side.

If you have a whining noise the first thing I woud check is the alternator. If that is good then I would then check the water pump. I have seen this before but it is hard to point the problem without having the car in front of me.\015\012 ... Dodge Sprinter

08 saturn astra... - For a certain period of time.... heard engine rattling noises (for few seconds) after car sits for a long period of time (overnight) - Few weeks later, I noticed periodic knocking noises when standing on a red light.... (knocking noises are not always there... and they last for 20 seconds) - At one point check engine light came on... (Then the light disappeared by itself) - Now... it does not metter if the car sits for long period of time or not, the rattling noise at

... 2008 Saturn Astra

I have 2004 Nissan Murano. It had noise and rattle when I let off break or went down hill. Was told it was drive shaft. While new one was on order I drove with no drive shaft and there was no noise. Put new one in and there was a new noise and 2 weeks later is very loud and make more rattling noise and now I feel in the steering. What could it be?

... 2004 Nissan Murano SL

My ford focus zetec makes a rattleing noise

Spraying WD40 on drive belts is not a good option as it can cause slippage it is better to use silicon spray or ordinary soap,rub the soap on the belt when the engine is stopped,as for the squeak it could well be the tensioner replace it first it may ... 2001 Ford Focus

Engine Rattling My car's fuel delivery system and ignition systems are fine, but there is a rattling noise coming from the engine that is really loud. It only happens when I start the car and the engine is at idle. While accelerating or reving the engine, the rattling noise smooths out and goes away. Any suggestions?

Try checking the heat shield on your exhaust system. You should have one over the manifold and one over your cat converter under the car. ... 1993 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera

Rattling Noise Hello, I have a Toyota Previa 1994. It has recently developed a rattling noise from around the catalytic converter. The noise comes every now and then when I press the gas. The vehicle runs otherwise good. My steering wheel sometimes feels stiff when I try to turn it but gradually becomes normal and easy. It happens when I first start the van and try to back up. My first mechanic suggested I flush the steering wheel oil. I did, but problem still persists. Second mechanic suggested

The power steering pump could be going bad. The noise coming from the catalytic converter could be something as simple as a mounting bracket coming loose, or worst case something busted internally. ... 1995 Toyota Previa

Got into the truck yesterday and it was making some noises LIKE a squeeling fan belt, but it wouldn't subside with time as squeely belt typically does. Got out, popped the hood (engine still running).....noise DOESN'T quite sound like a sqeely fanbelt (as I would expect w/ hodd up, etc.) There is a tiny bit of rattle in the fan......way back when I had a '77 Toyota P/U, when the water pump went out, the fan had a lot rattle in it. Would the '03 rattling fan be indicative of a failing water pu

Park your car overnight and put a large white piece of paper underneith your car. In the morning check the paper. If the paper is wet with liquid, you could have a water pump leak. ... 2005 Toyota Tacoma
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