Having problems with your 1988 Oldsmobile Delta 88 ?

Just changed the fuel pump on 89 olds delta 88 drove it couple miles and it died restarted drove about 10 ft and died again took couple min to restart then drove about half mile home. whats the problem

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Answers :

Change fuel filter
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Just changed the fuel pump on 89 olds delta 88 drove it couple miles and it died restarted drove about 10 ft and died again took couple min to restart then drove about half mile home. whats the problem

Change fuel filter ... 1988 Oldsmobile Delta 88

Previous problem due to bad alternator 4 months ago. Currently experienced car dying out on the road. 1 hour later restarted vehicle and drove home where it died out again. Tried to restart but engine did not turn over. Engine oil is half empty, but, what are possible problems?

If engien oil is half empty , it is a concern as there are serious issues in the engine.\012 Your engine rings, pistons, sleeve alll can be weak which means a total overhauling of the engine. Unless we have this sorted there is no point to just ... 1998 Ford Explorer

Yesterday my 2004 Chevy Trailblazer died on me when I pulled out of a parking lot. I had my air on. So I turned it off so I could hear my car when it restarted. I put it in park and started it, but it sounded kind of funny like it didn't really want to start. So I pulled back into the parking lot and drove it around a bit to make sure it would stay running before I drove home. It didn't give me any problems on the way home. My RPM gauge hasn't been working for a couple of months. Every no

As far as the stalling is concerned, you probably should clean the throttle body, the throttle plate and passage area build up grime that prevents the plate from closing completely at idle. The cleaning procedure is fairly easy if you are somewhat ha ... 2004 Chevrolet TrailBlazer

Um i ran out of gas so i thought and then i put gas in the car and i drove it 2 my docter appointment and it just cut off on me so mayb 5min later i crunk it up and drove it home and maybe 3 hours later i went to pick up my daug. from school and on the way home it cut off again like twice before i got home so when i finnally reached home i put it in park and let it run for a min or two and it jus cut off again then it restarted and i let it run again and it cut off again whats wrong with it

Sounds like you have a fuel problem, try changing the fuel filter, then if the problem persists, it will more than likely be the fuel pump. it is probobly still pumping, but just not enough psi so when the pump warms up, it shuts off. ... 1986 Buick Somerset

I ran out of gas so i put gas in and my truck started no problem, i drove about a mile down the road with a half of a tank of gas and my truck died again.so i replaced the fuel filter on the frame and it started up no problem i let it idle for a couple of minutes then tried to drive it and as soon as i stepped on the accelerator it sputtered out and died now it wont start again. what do you suggest the problem might be?

Fuel pump \015\012fuel is the coolant for the pump so when you run out of gas the pump starts to heat up and break down ... 1998 Chevrolet S-10 Pickup

Installed new battery yesterday, drove fine. Sat in parking lot while at work. After work drove home, car stalled and died in very cold weather. Restarted after 10 min. Drove home another 2 minutes. Two hours later noticed the side driving lights were still on. Not the headlights or parking lights. Just the tail lights and the side lights. Won't turn off!

All lights are supposed to turn off when a subaru key is off right? No! There is a switch on top of the steering wheel column that will turn on lights for warning when parked. You somehow have hit that switch. ... 1991 Subaru Legacy

Overheating I had the same problem, I was driving home from work and blew the serpintine belt, i was only 4 miles from the auto store and drove there.I installed the belt and after an hour atempted to drive home it ran so hot that it died bit would still turn over. I had my son come tow me home and the next day drove it for aprox 10 min till it got the temp up, well it got hot again so i decided to change the thermostat. the next day after a new thermostat still runs hot no water/ antifreze in t

Before we rule the head gasket, what is the antifreeze mixture??? Is it 50/50 mix (water/antifreeze) If the coolant was not changed you may to try this first and keep the radiator cap off and watch to see if there is any coolant flow when the thermos ... 1996 Lincoln Mark VIII

I have a 1997 Dodge Intrepid w/ 3.5L engine. Recently, when I would first start the car in the mornings, it would start and then die. As soon as I tried restarting it, it would start with no problems. Two days ago, it did the same thing, however would not restart. Cranking speed is fine, but it acts like it isn't getting fuel. Today I tried starting it and it started and ran just fine, so I drove it for a few miles to test it. It ran with no problems. When I got home, I tried shutting it off and

I had the same problem with my 97 3.5l. I replaced the crankshaft sensor and the camshaft sensor and that fixed the problem. Both parts are inexpensive and easily replaced. The camshaft sensor is located on the top of the engine, to the left of the a ... 1997 Dodge Intrepid

Had the colling fans replace on a jetta 2005.5 it ran and work fine for two weeks we took it through a car wash and wile driveing home it died it would restart and die after about 30 min it drove home

... 2005 Volkswagen Jetta Sedan

I just bought a 1983 GMC high sierra the guy i bought it from said it had been sitting for a couple of years but he came out at least once a month and cranked it anyways i drove the truck before i bought it and it ran fine so i bought it i drove it home and on the way home it started smoking and died i checked water and oil levels and they were good any suggestions on what the problem is and where i should start fixing it at would be greatly appreciated

It could be bad gas or a clogged fuel filter and maybe a clogged fuel jet in the carburettor. Start with checking the fuel filter first. If it has dirty fuel in it, it probably clogged the filter and then the jets. That's common in car ... 1983 GMC C1500

2000 Audi A6 2.7t I have No Power to the Fuel Pump Fuse. The Fuse is good and Ohmeter reads Fuel Relay is Good. Was low on Gas. Car Died. Then Started. I filled up, drove home about 10 miles. Turned off. Tried to restart. Won't restart. Fuel pump is good. Any ideas what the problem is with getting power to fuse? Also fuseable link is testing good.

... Audi A6

Honda civic 1.6 sport... Engine management light come on whilst driving on the motorway, and the car just died.. Had to come to a stop and restart the engine, drove another couple of miles, and it died again. Engine management light stays on now, can anyone shed any light on the problem for me.? Thanks

... Cars & Trucks

95 cavalier ls 89000miles, engine shut off when on highway at 65mph. car would restart then die again. drove on rumble strips for 100 ft after 10th shut off and continued home with no problem. any idea what could be the problem

... 1995 Chevrolet Cavalier

I have a 1988 Ford Bronco II 2.9 V6. It has a problem that I or my mechanic can not solve. Ex: Last week I drove to a local bookstore about two miles from my house. On the return trip (about 1/2 mile from home)my car died (this is infuriating because it has happened to me several times before). It will absolutely NOT start until it sits for 10 or 12 minutes. After I got it restarted it made it almost to the house before it died again. I coasted into the drive and called my mechanic. He came over

Fuel pump connections in top of sending unit in the gas tank. See my other posts on this subject and how I fixed mine for good. You will find yours have overheated and arched, a dangerous mix in the tank and just above the gas. ... 1988 Ford Bronco II

95 cavalier ls 89000miles, engine shut off when on highway at 65mph. car would restart then die again. drove on rumble strips for 100 ft after 10th shut off and continued home with no problem. any idea what could be the problem

... 1995 Chevrolet Cavalier

I have a 1998 chevy lumina. I was driving it after I had just filled the tank for about 20 min when all of a sudden the car goes completly dead. After a half hour it restarted and died again. Had it towed home and I had the fuel pump changed. Now I will be driving it and it will go completly dead but will restart right away. What could be causing it to shut down completely

I may not be the fuel pump, it will be an ign-module or cam/crank sensor defecting. ... 1998 Chevrolet Lumina

Jeep wouldn't start Tried to Jump start it didn't work so I poped the clutch and it started I drove for a few min and it died again then I hooked up a portable Battery charger and it started then it died again so I had to leave the Portable Battery Charger connected to the the jeep to get it home what would my problem be the Battery or the Alternater

I would take the battery out and charge it, clean the post and cables. If you can take the battery and alternator down and have them checked. any parts store will do this for free. You don't want to just start replacing parts. it is bett ... 2004 Jeep Liberty

Over the past couple of days I noticed that my windows were rolling up slowly my lights weren't as bright my window wipers were slow... Then yesterday my car started to accelerate slow then kick up to speed after about fifteen seconds. On my way home it completely died! I got it jumped and drove home but my battery wasn't recharging. This is an alternator problem correct? How do I remove mine from my 1998 Monte Carlo?

Disconnect first ground cable of the battery, remove the drive belt by turning the auto-adjust pulley, remove the alternator bolts and thats it ... 1998 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

1998 Oldsmobile Intrigue. Car almost died at intersection. Did want to stay running. Then slowly gained momentum. Drove home. turned it off. Restarted it no problem. Next day car won't start. Put in new battery, still wont start. Put in new starter, and tried to start. Broke of the little bell housing on top. Checked old starter. is fine. put in and loosened fly wheel to restart attempt and rule out transmission. Broke of bell housing again. Could I be putting the starter in wrong


Start the motor and after a couple of seconds it dies, not every time. I had it at the dealer for a week , he started it numerous times during the day, it started perfect, so we take it home and my daughter drives it, 5 starts later it dies but it always restarts. It shows no codes, dealer cannot find any problem,other than a dirty throttle body which he cleaned, didn,t help a bit.

Start the truck and wiggle the harness on the throttle position sensor, it is on the driver side of the throttle body, if the motor changes rpm , try a new tps. these vehicles have problems with the 5 volt referrence circuit. and could be anything ... 2001 Dodge Durango

My 2003 Kia Sedona started bucking and then after a mile or so it just died but would restart fine. Then drove fine home. Mechanic couldn't duplicate problem or find a problelm. It died this mor

... 2003 Kia Sedona

Truck was running fine, just hard morning starts. drove home on thursday died in my driveway. started later and i pulled up further. friday i drove to a freinds home, drove fine, started to move it so he could get out. started fine, backed up 10 ft. and died. tried a few times to start it almost started a couple of times but no dice.hasn't started again. checked a couple of things, found i'm not getting spark to coil. replaced coil, then the ballist resistor, coil to distributor wire, and finall

\015\012Hi, my name is John I will do my best to assist you.\015\012 \015\012I suggest that you test the ECU Electronic Control Unit using the following procedure.\015\012 \0 ... Dodge Ramcharger

2007 LIBERTY when driving today car is making a squeling noise, the noise stopped when ignition was turn off, restarted and drove a short distance same thing happened stopped again turned off ignition again then sat a few minutes, restarted and drove off again with no problem. Drove the car again later with no problem parked and when I restarted to drive off again same thing happened. Is the car safe to drive as my mechanic is about 35klms from my home. Not sure if this problem has happene

Sounds to me like your belt may be slipping on the front of your engine. If it is in fact the belt, (not being particularly familiar with Jeep) be careful if you do try and make it to your mechanic. Have some one follow you if possible and or carry a ... Subaru Legacy

I have a 1997 dodge grand caravan, while driving on the highway the rpm's jump way up and there is no power, service engine light comes on. pulled over shut the van off and waited approx. 10 min restarted and drove home, light stayed on, had my friend plug in a tester that shows codes and 2 codes came up po700 and po755. engine light has gone out and no problem driving in city so far. Trying to find out what the codes mean?

Code po700 is to tell the ecm and you there is a trans.problem and dtc set in trans.module. po755 is a trans. shift solenoid problem. check trans.fluid level when hot and color of fluid ,dark is not good,burnt smell not good .chrysler has a large tra ... 1997 Dodge Caravan

Car kept dieing would always restart drove it 90+ miles home got it the garage relaced fuel filter having a hard time believing fuel pump went after replacing filter have tried leaving key on for ten min doesnt help

You may have a bad crank sensor. You need it diagnosed with the proper tools. We are all just guessing if nothing has been actually tested yet ... 2001 Oldsmobile Alero
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