Having problems with your 1988 Oldsmobile Delta 88 ?

My power antenna runs even with ignition off. I have taken out the fuse for a quick fix. How can I disconnect it?

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Answers :

Look by the hood hinge I think the wires with a plug come through there. you are looking for three wires plug. should be green, white, and grey. find it and unplug it.
\015\012If you dont find it there you will probably have to pull the inner fender down.
\015\012You can buy just the tip of the ant. with the nylon "noodle" (thats what I call it) aand repaired it by taking it apart and remove the broken nylon "noodle" , reassembling it and feeding a new noodle into the ant as you have somone turn the radio off.
There should be a wire connector, either on the antenna motor it's self or in the wires close to it.
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My power antenna runs even with ignition off. I have taken out the fuse for a quick fix. How can I disconnect it?

Look by the hood hinge I think the wires with a plug come through there. you are looking for three wires plug. should be green, white, and grey. find it and unplug it.\015\012If you dont find it there you will probably have to pull the inner f ... 1988 Oldsmobile Delta 88

It sounds like the motor that raises and lowers the antenna is running constantly even if the car is turned off. I finally removed the fuse (k) which turned it off but along with many other things. How do I disconnect that problem only and is it expensive to fix. Cause? Other wise a great car with still only 12k miles. Thanks, Mike [email protected]

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Call the reimbursement department so they can start a recall...\015\0121800-204-0261 we have the same promblem and they wont do a recall\015\012unless they get more complaints!! ... 2004 Saturn ION

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Under the dash is a brake light switch. This switch has a plunger that just touched the downward leg of the brake pedel to keep the lights off while the brake pedel is not pushed in. This plunger sometimes gets cocked sideways in the switch housing a ... 1989 Oldsmobile Delta 88

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Take a spray bottle and start spraying around the hoses on the motor, with engine running. When the engine slows down in any area, look for a broken hose and repair it. That should bring the rpm down. ... Saturn SL1

2004 toyota Sienna, high beams don't work, bulbs are fine, fuse is fine. I had some work done on van, when we got it back the daytime running lights would not go off. I brought it back and he did something under the hood that disconnected the daytime driving lights but also disconnected the high beams. I checked the fuse box and did not see any fuses missing.

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1997 ford tbird v8 no power to fuel pump. Dropped tank and disconnected wires no power with key on. disconnected switch in trunk and replaced fuse with key turned on the fuse blew. Since fuel pump is not plugged in and fuel switch in trunk is disconnected and blows quick must be short but dot have and cant find wiring diagrams to see where else problem may be.

The relay for the fuel pump might be your culprit. Check it. Mike. Rate 100% and respond back please. ... 1997 Ford Thunderbird LX

Does the 1996 Achieva have a fuel pump relay and a fuel pump fuse, and if there is a fuse can anyone tell me where to find it. We are trying to test the fuel pressure, we disconnected the relay and started the car so to run it out of gas in the lines but the thing is the car runs for another 30 mins. This is how the book says to get the pressure out of the lines but for some reason I don't think it should run that long if the pump is not pumping. We know we have the right relay cause when it is

Releaving the pressure does not mean run all the fuel out of the lines. Thats actually a bad idea. All you need to do is remove the gas cap. Hook up your guage. Turn the key to the on position wait for the fuel pump to cycle. Turn the key off. Press ... 1996 Oldsmobile Achieva

How to reset the triptronic on the audi a6 had a fuse blow and the tranny went into limp mode fixed the fuse the tranny didn't reset thanks i am attempting to find simple fix or test the tranny worked fine until the fuse blew so i hope is quick the car is drivable just slowly rhanks

Disconnected the battery for aprox 10min this reset everything thanks ... 2000 Audi A6

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With the fuse in,and the engine off,start pulling ,relays,one,at a time,the relay that you pull that drops the voltage will be the one that is stuck,this fuse controls the ignition relay.This relay is stuck,and needs to be replaced,by the way,try unp ... 2008 Saab 9-3

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There is a power drain like a interior light check all lights incl trunk glovebox visors any thing connected to cigarette lighter close door sit in car see if there are any lights on if not connect a testlight remove ground batt cable connect testlig ... 1993 Mercedes-Benz E-Class
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