Having problems with your 1988 Oldsmobile Calais ?

Starter i have to try starting it sometimes 5 or 6 times and sometimes it starts right off. Any tips on replacing the starter?

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Starter i have to try starting it sometimes 5 or 6 times and sometimes it starts right off. Any tips on replacing the starter?

... 1988 Oldsmobile Calais

2006 sonata 4 door shut off engine remove keys come back in a few moments car will not start i then shut off lights if on try again sometimes it will start right away other times i must ry more than once all this time there is no "clicking noise" no sound of engine or starter turning over ,had this the first time happen was told the battery was dead since then it has happened randomly past 8 months after the battery was replaced at dealer...this is not happening after i gas up so it should not

... 2006 Hyundai Sonata

1994 manual accord lx. trouble turning over - dash light up - radio works - sometimes will start right up other times you have to try and try - it does click when you turn the key. shop kept for 2 days - of course unable to recreate problem - they had no idea - wanted to replace battery and starter - doesn't matter if car has been sitting or just went for short drive - outside temp does not seem to be a factor

... 1994 Honda Accord

Ever since i got my kia rio 2003, it has ome problem... sometimes it s tarts and sometimes it wont... i can wiggle something under the hood sometimes and it will start... other times it wont do a blessed thing ...why? i have tried replacing the starter, battery and relay... nothing seems to work... it works one hour and the next it wont... sometimes you can turn it on and off 5 times but the 6th time it wont even start no matter what you do. why is that? and wht is the solution?

I've been fighting this same problem of "cranks but won't start" (intermittent problem) on a 2003 Kia Sedona van, and after trying swapping around relays under the hood (several are the same value, can put electric windows's relay in the "main relay" ... 2003 Kia Rio

My son's 1987 F-150 will sometimes start but alot of times it starts right up with a jump. We have replaced the battery after having the battery, starter and alternator tested. It will even die when he's just driving along for some unexplained reason. He did replace the fuel filter and put some Heet in it too. Someone told me it could be the solenoid or the ignition timing. Is this right and how hard is this going to be to correct??? We are stumped!!

These is barely a fuel system related problem.Also you cannot rule out the idle control solenoid. That is a right idea bbut you will need to service the injector nozzles too.They are specialised tasks so I might tell you to us ... 1987 Ford F 150

Open Circuit and my car cuts off sometimes while sitting and will start right back up, sometimes it takes several tries. I keep having to replace the heat sensor behind the passenger headlight. I just did and now I am having this problem. Have had open circuit problem right after we replace the heat sensor the first time. I never had the cut off problem until now though. Help please

Hello. I want you to get your car's computer scanned for starters. If you have an AAMCO repair shop nearby they now scan for free. Some auto parts stores also scan for free. Do that first. It may pinpoint your problem. If it does not solve the ... 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee

My 1993 nissan pathfinder starts fine 70% of the time. The other 30% of the time it just clicks when I try to start it. Sometimes when it clicks, it will start after a few tries. A couple of times it has taken 15 minutes of trying. I took it to the mechanic where they first replaced the starter. No change so they checked all of the wiring and the relays. everything checked out. They then thought it was the ignition. Ruled that out. Suspected the key might be bad. not it. Thought for sure it was

Unfortunatly it probably is the starter the selinoid is starting to go out. either ther or the wire from the battery to the starter has a break in it. ... 1993 Nissan Pathfinder

My 2002 Toyota Tundra 4.7(V8) has an intermittent start and the battery drains overnight from 12.5V to around 10.0V. I've tested for parasitic draw and every time I test my reading is ~ .025A (25mA--well under the 50mA spec.). As for the starting issue, when I turn the key the starter relay and solenoid click one time for each time the starter is engaged. Sometimes It will start with no problem at all and other times it will click and then all of a sudden start after numerous tries. I've replace

I think I would attack the drain problem first. Something has to be draining the battery, it does not have to be a steady drain. It could be something serious for 30 min in the middle of the night. You may need to pull fuses one at a time to try t ... Cars & Trucks

I have a 2002 Mercedes Benz C230 . I have replaced the battery couple of weeks ago now sometimes the starts( cranks) and sometimes it makes clicking noise and then starts after trying couple of time. My mechanic checked the battery and starter and he said those good. Do I need need to replace ingition switch? If the ignition switch is bad then why the car starts sometimes. Do I need reprogram my key? If it does then why does the car cranks sometimes . I am just confuse .

If the starter is clicking it could still be a bad starter or a connection problem has to be one of the two ... Cars & Trucks

When I turn the key the starter will not turn, turn key off and try to start again and it will usally turn the starter. sometime I will have to do this two or three times, other times it starts the first time. I have noticed a click noise that I have found comming from what looks like the computer. After the click it starts right up. Is this a relay problem?

Most likely it is ... 2004 Nissan Frontier

Starter About a month ago my truck would not start on first try just clicking noise. Turn off and try again and it cranked right up. No just clicking sound every time and it will not crank. I replaced the starter but still just clicking. All lights and gauges seem to be fine so I don't think it's the battery. I have even tried to jump it but still just clicking.

Check the connections on your starter and make sure they are tight and corrosion free.. if there is no corrosion and all the connections are tight the the problem is goiung to be that the bendix inside the starter has a flat spot on it causing it to ... 2004 Dodge Ram 1500

Power getting to starter but not starting sometimes just clicks Hit the starter a couple times it starts right up now needs more hits then it starts figured it to be the silenoid but maybe starter brushes time to replace

You are correct. Replacement time ... 1996 Nissan Pickup

99 venture ran excellent had head gasket problem replaced all gaskets and put on a timing gear and chain will not fire up right it sounds like only one or two cylinders are firing like the timing is off. checked the gear and chain its right on checked firing order checked spark i even used starter fluid all sounds like timing is off all new spark plugs & wires it ran almost perfect before i tore it down dont know what to try, Dave

If anything moved prior to your replacing these items you could be on the exhaust side of the stroke vs the compression side,, (180 degrees out of time) remove the number one plug,, and this sounds dumb , but it works,, put your finger ... 1999 Chevrolet Venture

I have an intermittent starting problem. Starter engages and spins the motor. Sometimes it starts, sometimes not. I thought it may be the ECM. Replaced it, started immediately. Next time I tried to start it. Spins but no fire. No spark. I replaced the coil, made no difference. Looking for ideas

Have the crankshaft sensor checked. ... 1995 Suzuki Sidekick

New starter on my 2000 Subaru Impreza Outback sport is going out again. I recently bought my impreza. The check engine light came on a few times and 5 days later it would not start, I tapped on the starter by suggestion of a friend, they siad it may free up the little fan inside (then it started right up for the next week untill I got the starter replaced. The check engine light cam eon again last week and then off and then back on for about a day. Yesterday it would not start so I tried the tep

Sounds like a bad starter. If your car is turbocharged then you might have gotten a starter meant for non-turbo application. Same thing happened to me but I couldnt get the right starter. Heat is the no.1 enemy of cars. Turbos run way hotter than ... 1999 Subaru Impreza

My 1998 mazda 4cyl at times will not connect the starter action, have replaced the starter,sylenoid,ignition switch,everything is ON guages etc. but ignition only works off and . Then you rock the car or sometimes just wait and try it again it engages the ignition and starter fine???

It could be as simple as a poor connection on the starter solenoid wire. Is it a push-on connector? One could do a little checking. When the starter won't work, test for power on the solenoid wire when key is held in crank. If power there, clean t ... Cars & Trucks

My 1994 lexus es 300 sometimes won't start. twice inthe oast 2 weeks i had beendriving the car just fime. i turnit off to go into the store, wheni come out it appears to need a jumo start. the first time it jump started with a (jump start) machine. this time, we tried jumping it with 2 cars and 1 jump starter, no luck. the headlights, inside lights were at full brightness. went back a few hours later and it started right up.

Fit a new battery ,and buy a set of proper copper jump leads with double connection pincers and cable of a minimum of 30mm .not them cheap ones made in the peoples republic ... 1994 Lexus Es 300

Automatic 88 ford bronco ii . sometimes, every other time i try to crank it just spins , i take a big flat head screw driver and pry between the bolts on one of the wheels with a belt , the one right in the center with the fan on it right in the center front of moter, any ways i turn bout a inch , im guessing lineing up sumin cause then it cranks , is this the flywheel? or can i use a replacement ring gear?

Sounds like you missing some teeth, but you need to replace "flex plate" if it's automatic. Drop inspection cover and check, you might just have remains of starter drive in teeth. Run your fingers over teeth and feel for metal shavings/burrs & check ... Ford Bronco II

My 1995 3.2 Starts hard ( sometimes) it will turn over like it is out of time if I held key in start position it would almost lock up.I can get it to start after I keep trying. By now its flooded.When it does start the tach does not work and the check engine light is on .Soon as the tach works the check engine lightwill go off for a moment.I have replaced the ignition moduel, same thing. Thermostat was stuck open some,replaced that .now temp reads right, and as great heat.I have owned this car f

The EEC processor has an internal failure, and is the reason why there are so many codes. One or more of the circuits are shorted internally, causing the condition, and is also causing more codes due to this internal short. Replace the EEC control un ... 1995 Ford Taurus

I have a 96 Mercury Grand Marquis. The car lurches while driving feeling like it will conk out. Usually when going uphill on the highway and trying to accelerate or maintain speed. This does not happen all the time and usually starts after drving about 30 minutes, but sometimes it happens after drving just few minutes.Then it will do it when slowing down or stopping and trying to accelerate. We just had the right catalytic converter replaced. It ran great for 1 day then started doing it again.

I have a 96 Grand Marquis with a similar problem. Also on the highway it would just conk out on me suddenly, almost felt like I was hitting the brakes, then it would pick up again. Eventually got to the point where it was stalling out on the highway ... 1996 Mercury Grand Marquis

Clicking sound when trying to start and no start (sometimes). I think it sounds like the starter is clicking. it is a lot like when the battery is going dead and does not supply enough power to engage the silinoid (sp?). sometimes it starts right up and other times it only makes a clicking sound. it is easier to start when warm. also after starting it gets a rough low idle and feels like it is going to stall. the idle sort of fixes itself quickly and then it runs ok. 2001 tahoe, 5.3 L, 4x

Check starter if you have a silinoid mounted directly to the side of the case your starter may be on the way out, also battery could also have a bad cell (warm weather starts easier) trouble shoot start with cheap, rough idle check vacume hoses that ... 2001 Chevrolet Tahoe


Check the wiring on the alternator to make sure it's on securely. also check all sensor connections in the area where the shop was working...Better yet, have the shop check this stuff...They did the job...You should not have to be correcting it! ... 1989 Pontiac Bonneville

Most times my 2002 Dodge Caravan will start fine, occasionally turning the key gets silence or a chunk, turning again will fire the car right up. Sometimes it is the third try, but it does start. Alternator was recently replaced. It may be unrelated, but the drivers window will occasionally slow down when operating and, at times, will not work.


Chevy cavalier wont start randomly! makes one click and a humm sound my lights come on the radio comes on but the car just wont start, ive had battery replaced along with the ignition switch, fuel pump, fuel filter, starter and alternator. sometimes it wont start for 5 min sometimes it takes hours to start, or i can go 2 weeks with it working perfectly or it wont start a few times a day! HELP PLEASE!!! ive spent a fortune trying to get it fixed and the mechanics i took it to said they couldnt he

Ok then, from your description and the\015\012make/model/year of the car you have there,\015\012it appears you've reset the VATS.\015\012\015\012The car's security immobilizer\015\012reader at the key switch \015\0 ... 2003 Chevrolet Cavalier

Describe your 1999 Chrysler Town & Country Problem-Won't start up all the time, takes me 7-9 cranks for it to start. sometimes it starts with no problem at all. Someone told me my battery was too small for the size of the vehicle. Starter was replaced 3000 miles ago. Battery sounds like its dying after repeated cranks to get it started sometimes. Three hours later I start it right up.

Does it not start hot? if so it sounds like a crank sensor ... 1999 Chrysler Town & Country
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