Having problems with your 1988 Mazda 323 Hatchback ?

Just bought an 88 mazda 323. says cat. is clogged. engine sounds ok but was wondering another diagnosis. he says he didnt want me to drive it for fear that if the clog got too hot it would explode and blow motor. i dont think that would happen but is it possible.

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Answers :

Well, blow up Im not sure bout that but it could possibly get you stuck somewhere if it is clogged or on the way out.It could cause some engine damage though.I would not drive it if it is thought to be clogged without checking into more.
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Just bought an 88 mazda 323. says cat. is clogged. engine sounds ok but was wondering another diagnosis. he says he didnt want me to drive it for fear that if the clog got too hot it would explode and blow motor. i dont think that would happen but is it possible.

Well, blow up Im not sure bout that but it could possibly get you stuck somewhere if it is clogged or on the way out.It could cause some engine damage though.I would not drive it if it is thought to be clogged without checking into more. ... 1988 Mazda 323 Hatchback

My jeep started overheating yesterday.....what is happening actually is the heat guage normally stay exactly at 100, now yesterday it started going up almost to the red and as this is happening it is blowing cold air, then it will bounce back down to 100 and blow hot air, then as it starts to go up again it blows cold air, and so on. Then it got so hot it went up to the red and I had to pull over and let it cool down. Could my thermostat be getting stuck???? I hope this is the problem but please

If the 100 is centigrade then if the coolant is full I'd replace the thermostat. ... 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee

2003 Toyota corolla air conditioning air is blowing hot air out and not cold air. Checked our air filter it was not clogged as this has happened in the past and after a day it began to blow cold air again but, this time it has been over 3 days and it is still blowing hot air. What should I do?

Is the compressor turning? If not, replace the AC clutch relay. $11 at rockauto.com ... 2003 Toyota Corolla

Firstly the aircon would blow hot air and there will be rattling noise from the bearing attached to the aircon compressor.later the aircon coil would blow. also the belt running the aircon and power sterring would break/cut.what coluld be the cause of the problem. this has happened several times.

You need a new airconditioner compressor. The baring have failed. ... 2003 Hyundai Santa Fe

My 1995 Volvo 850 Turbo has some a/c drama. It is blowing really really HOT air out and won't turn off at times. Was working fine 'til I was on my way home from having windows tinted and it just started blowing hot hot air and wouldn't stop. unplugged the battery on side of road hoping it would at least turn the air off but that didn't work. After, I got home i turned it off then back on and now none of its working. Anybody know what might be up?

I am sorry to say: Replace AC-control unit. The whole box with the controls and everything. \015\012\015\012I-ve been told that some have managet to fix it by replacing some resistors inside the controller, but the problem came back. ... 1994 Volvo 850

I have a 1999 ford f -150 xl, v8 triton, I was heading to work this morning and noticed my tranny wasnt shifting properly, It would stay in first gear and only shift when i released gas pedal and tap it. As is got hot it would slip out of gear completly, when I got to work I parked and tried putting in reverse and nothing, didnt work. Theres no smell and fluid is fine, ran fine before today. Any ideas to help me out? No lights came on at all on dash saying theres a problem.

I would go to a trans repair shop for their\015\012suggestions\015\012\015\012Having once owned one\015\012\015\012Save you money,because\015\012your going to be rebuilding it\015\012in about a week\015 ... Ford F-150

I have a 2003 Chevy Silverado 2500HD that has been well maintained since purchase. The air compressor was replace less than six months ago by the dealer. Now the AC is blowing hot air. The repair shop says the fan clutch is weak and was not keeping the evaporator core cool antd that caused the high pressure line to blow out. The truck has never run hot, in fact, the temperature does not even raise when idle for 10-15 minutes during the heat of the day. Would a weak fan clutch cause the

The answer to your question in my opinion is probably not.I think several reasons support this answer but however anything is possible.You are basically stating a high pressure hose blew apart from subsequent high head pressure as a result of poor ai ... Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD

The other day it was pretty hot outside.. and my g/f started the jeep up, and theres a loud buzzing and my windows would go down slow and then shut off halfway or so down.. when i got home that night it was cooler, and the buzzing wouldn't be buzzing.. couldn't get it to do it what so ever.. Today i just thought i might try to figure it out.. I tore the Glovebox part of the dash out.. but i cannot get the buzzing to happen.. its like it only happens on HOT days.. PLEASE HELP :) THANK YOU!

Hi there,the buzzing sound from what i can tell seems to be the alternator. since you said the windows went down slowly and the next time you couldn't get the buzzing sound. It sounds to me as if the bearings inside the alterantor were makin ... 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee

A/c inop The a/c was blowing cold during last hot spell but now only blows hot. Put my own freon gauge on and it reads full. Every cold season, there would be a loud whine until the belts got loosened.

... 2000 Chevrolet Silverado

My 2003 Dodge stratus would not start again today. I got in it to start it and it just went"click" and it blows a 20 fuse under the hood. I dont know what that fuse goes to because my car does not have an owners manual. But everytime I put a new fuse in it and try to start it it goes " click" and blows tht same fuse and then i try to start it and it says nothing. A week ago it would not start and we checked the fuses and noticed this fuse had blown and replaced it and it started rightup, but thi

The 20 amp fuse is connected to Automatic Shutdown Relay and from there it connects to Power train Control Module, engine controls system and alternator. \015\012What you can do is check the Automatic Shutdown Relay and make sure it's working, if yes ... Dodge Stratus

Ok so i posted about car overheating a few days ago and got a few answers. I have a 99 mercury mystique, what would happen is, id drive to work (about 10 miles 15 minutes or so) and the temp gauge would get kind of warmer than normal but not way hot. anyway after parking and turning the car off the radiator reservoir would be nearly full all the way up to the top and then water/coolant would spray out of the little overflow hose (little tiny hose connected to nothing at top left of the reservoir

Could be a weaf water pump also check or replace radiator cap ... 1999 Mercury Mystique

I bought this car about a month ago. The guy I bought it from say occassionally it would die on him and after a few minutes it would start right up; it was happening to me as well. As of today I went to the store came home the car sat about an hour and a half would not start. Now turns over bogs out. I got it started and it idled real low gave it gas and plained out. What could this be?

Replace the fuel filters ... 1990 Acura Integra Hatchback

Car heat i got my radiator flushed and changed, got a new thermostat, and heater core flushed. but the heat comes on warm and when it gets hot (engine) it blows cold. if the theory of one hose is very warm (problem being under the dash) and both hoses are cold (problem being the engine) what are the possible answers for either engine or dash problems so i would know

Park your unit on a slight incline, start cold w/ radiator cap removed and interior heat on full bore. This will burp or release your air from your cooling system. Add 50/50 until radiator is full. When you replace any good amount of coolant in post ... 1995 Chevrolet Caprice Classic

My 2001 pontiac montana is over heating one min.. and fine the next when it starts over heating the heater will blow cool air instead of hot and the resavor where the coolant goes will fill up and bubble over there is also a slite smell of rust or hot hoses comeing from air vents.I have already changed the thermostat and the shop says its fine they cant find whats wroung but something is causeing this to happen and im scared to let the wife and kids go off in it HELP.

The heater blowing cold is not a good sigh it may be that you have an air lock in the systemrun the engine with the rad cap off from cold and add water and antifreeze until all the air is gone this may take some time some times different ... 2001 Pontiac Montana

What would be causing my fan on my 99 jetta to not be kicking on? The car just started running hot, coolant levels are good, new coolant, open the hood when hot and the fan is not even moving... Any ideas? The fuse looks good as well on the drivers fuse block Is it common to blow the exhaust manifold gasket out on these also? Its got 134,000 on it and is a 2.0. Seems to come and go, don't think its a cracked manifold, but never know I guess. Thank you for your help.

Try replaceing the coolent sensor in radiator ... 1999 Volkswagen New Jetta

My 2004 Lincoln LS is missing, it sputters when I take off and the engine light continues to come back on. Had the #3,4,5 coils changed and ignition gasket valves changed, spark plugs also and it is still doing it. Took it to Firestone for Diagnostic test, they stated to change the #5 coil, ignition gasket valves upper and fuel tune-up cleanser-still doing the same thing. Also would that happen to be the reason why my a/c only blows cold when I am driving the car. When I stop, it blows hot, why

Hello, You can get the scans free at Autozone, Oreillys, and Advance auto-parts stores. Make sure you have the old Codes erased from the memory or they will continue to provide false information.\012\012First, the A/C sound ... Lincoln LS

My car died last Monday so I got a new battery since I was told the battery was bad when I got it checked. The next day it died again so we checked my alternator, which ended up being bad. We went to auto zone to have my battery charged, left it there for 3 hours and then never charged it so we just took it in hopes it would have some kind of charge, it did. It's been running fine since until this morning when the battery light came on again and the a/c just starting blowing hot air.

Check belt @ tensioner to make sure a/c belt is in place @working,, are you sure all wires are connected to altenator ? bad battery possible.. autozone can tell,,hope this helps!!! ... 2006 Scion xB

I have a 1998 gmc jimmy 4x4. Have been driving it for a little over 3 years now. I have a couple problems... The air conditioning system quit working 2 summers ago when it got really super hot out and hasn't worked since. the floor blows out scorching hot air though. also, my 4x4 no longer works. Is it the actuator, and if so, what is the reason for this to happen? Is it possibly something faulty in the manufacturing of these types of vehicles? and one more... My paint is severely chipped all al

I am experiencing the same problem with my 98' GMC Jimmy. I have a small leak in the A/C compressor, so I have to refill it with freon at the beginning of every summer. Also when shifting out of 4HI to 2HI it has a hard time, and in fa ... GMC Jimmy

Miss fires when it's cold and when it get's hot. seems to be after the crank sensor was changed. I changed the coil,distributer,plugs,wires,cap,rotor,fuel pump,fuel filtre,checked the grounds,had it on the computer at the dealership 3 times and it just says miss fire in cylinders 2,4,6 but it doesn't say the cause. it all started happening after the crank sensor went and was replaced. anyone got a clue? I'm thinking on changing the crank sensor again to see if it was a bad one that was put in be

Your right to replace the sensor again. It's like a bulb, some bulbs working 20 years, some only 3 minutes. Make sure to install the new one in the right way and that is no mud, old oil or so on the rotor that supports the sensor. Keep all parts clea ... 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee

I have a 1997 lincoln continental v8 4.6l will not start no matter if its cold or hot. first it would start but 15 minutes into driving it it would lunge forward as if switching to a higher gear then the message center will say check traction control gear display err fuel flow data err and rpm data err. also the tachometer will cut off the gas gage will turn off. when i got it home it will only turn over but not start. if i wait for a minute sometimes it will start up but if i put it in any gear

Just hearing the pump alone is not enough. You may be right and the fuel system could be fine. But you have to know what the line pressure is on fuel injected engines.When the tune-up was done was the air and fuel filter changed. Sometimes peop ... 1997 Lincoln Continental

Lately our car has been acting weird at night. If we have our headlights on and try to go about 10 miles the inside lights will dim and the car will die and not start till we let it sit for awhile. We took it to a mechanic who first said it was the battery. Then when it happened again he said it was the alternator. We got a used alternator put in and it still happens. Now the mechanic is saying we need a new alternator. My question is why would both alternators have the same problem and why woul

It seems the charging rate with the lights 'on' is rather low, this usually happens if the alternator diodes are weak or totally failed.\015\012Best would be to get the charging rate without the lights 'on' and thn with the lights 'on'. ... 2000 Hyundai Elantra

The A/C on my 1999 GMC Sierra blows out warm, even hot air when it's idling, and tolerably coolish air when I'm driving at speed on the freeway. I thought maybe I would have to recharge it, but the gauge on the recharge can showed that the pressure was WAY too high, even at the low-pressure port. I can hear the compressor working when it's on, but again, the air is hot. Might something be clogged in there? I went to Pep Boys to ask where my low-pressure port was, and told them what the problem w

Well it sounds like you have too much freon and or oil in the system you need to have it evacuated and vacumed down and fill with exactally what it calls for and you need to also check the action of the fan make sure enough air is comming through the ... 1999 GMC Sierra

Hi, my 03 Grand Marquis is not blowing any cold air, it's rather the hottest it can blow, even when i set it to 60 degrees. The day it started showing the problem, there was a clinking noise coming from the dashboard, which stopped later, the same day. I took it to a mechanic and he flushed and refilled my AC system, but the problem was not fixed. Now he says it could be the valve or switch that lets the hot or cold air flow into the car, that got stuck.

That is exactly what the problem is ( what the mechanic said ), the valve that lets either hot air or cold air is stuck ( closed on cold air intake and open on hot air intake), once you fix it you'll be able to control the temperature of the air.\015 ... Mercury Grand Marquis

I live in Florida where it is very hot. Sometimes, after the car has been sitting outside all day at work, the A/C will blow very hot air for several minutes instead of cold air. The dealer says they can't fix the problem because by the time I get there it is working ok. It never happens in the morning where the car is in a garage. It seems to have an effect when I use my windshiel sun shield.

... 2006 Cadillac STS

I have a 1998 Ford Taurus and the Heater don't work it Blows cold air, if you are driving it for a little bit or let it idle for a little bit with the heater off, you will get a few seconds of hot air then it goes to cold air. What would be the best thing to check first cause i have read some other peoples questions and answers and every one says something different. I don't have a lot of money and can't afford to put every single thing in it to find out, would prefer to get it right the first

... Ford Taurus
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