Having problems with your 1988 Ford Escort EXP ?

Engine idle too fast thenslowly drops but still to fast. Computert say enfine idle sensor buty I can't find that part listed 1996 for escort 1.9

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Answers :

I had the exact same problem.\\ and it had me dumb founded too. After checking electrical and fuel things and codes to no avail, I went the throttle position sensor (TPS) route but no such luck either. Then I realized it could be the air bypass valve (APV) which is what is used to set the high idle when the car is cold without having to actually actuate the throttle plate.
\015\012The APV is a little electromechanical (selonoid) valve (much like the canister purge valve) that lets addtional air into the manifold though the throttle body past the trottle plate (why it's called bypass) to increase the idle RPM. Its that 3' long black cylindrical thingy connected to a wring harness and attached to the trottle body right near the TPS. I pulled mine and it was all gummed up with carbon and was unable to actuate freely (hang open and then pop closed and whatnot). Instead of replaing it, I simply cleaned it with brake parts cleaner while manually actuating the piston and once I reinstalled it, problem solved!
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Engine idle too fast thenslowly drops but still to fast. Computert say enfine idle sensor buty I can't find that part listed 1996 for escort 1.9

I had the exact same problem.\\ and it had me dumb founded too. After checking electrical and fuel things and codes to no avail, I went the throttle position sensor (TPS) route but no such luck either. Then I realized it could be the air bypass val ... 1988 Ford Escort EXP

I have a z 24 motor. it idles and runs fine except it has a bad to miss and hesitation at 2800 to 3200 rpm, also my gas milage sucks bout 15 to 18 mpg. my parts man said its the crank position sensor. but i cant find it on motor and it cost 200 bucks just for the part. is it inside the distributor? cause a distributor is also 200 bucks.what do u recomend?

Hi you can try a DIY (Do-it-Yourself) but be sure that you have read the manual carefully (check the manuals here: http://pdfdb.org/search?q=nissan+z24+engine+manual ) and you can try to download them. ... 1987 Nissan Pickup

1997 Ford Tbird 26100 miles,start it up and it idles real fast,put it in gear and continues to idle real fast,very hard on the brakes and other parts,all original have replaced some sensors but apparently not the one controling the idle,looked in the book but do not understand the testing procedures or what part to replace

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99 mercury sable automatic trans vehicle idles very low randomly even stalls out sometimes high idle occurs as well reaches about 4000 rpm at times. engine light threw 4 codes, all to do with o2 sensors both bank 1 sensor 1 and bank 2 sensor two. now i cant seem to find any vacuum leaks and i highly doubt that more than 1 o2 sensor failed at the same time. any ideas in which direction i should go in?

Sounds like a broken or torn vacum hose, pcv valve clogged, or bad Idle air control motor. Did you spray carb cleaner on vacum hoses or near the plastic intake., and did the motor rev up or down? Those codes represent a lean condition which means mos ... Mercury Sable

OXYGEN SENSOR 2003 murano failed emissions, took it to parts store where they hooked up device that read code for oxygen sensor temp gauge. the car doesnt run hot. where can we find the oxygen sensor. I cant find any good diagrams for the engine compartment of under carriage. Are there any websites you know with this info / diagrams?

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2000 ford explorer input turbine speed sensor. code po715 was pulled on the obd scanner.does any 1 no were this sensor is located at on my transmission, i beleiv e it has the 55r5e trans but not quit sure. engine is a 4.0 sohc with over drive and 4x4 any 1 can help would be great im going nuts ovewr this. also auto zone sold me a input turbine speed sensor but i cant find the part they sold me any were on transmission, so not sure if thats even the rite part i need ...(i need the input turbine s

The is also known as sensoer c it is your pressure control solenoid. if you drop the transmission pan and remove the transmission filter it is on the side of the valve body. DO NOT REMOVE THE VALVE BODY PLEASE ... 2000 Ford Explorer

Idling problems 1992 honda accord / in park car idles back and forth from 1000 to almost 3000rpms constantly, in gear it does it only sometimes. wired across the E.C.U. unit under pass. side dash, it gave me a code for throttle position sensor, so i changed out the throttle body intake(because you cant just change the sensor alone). also changed fuel filter, injector resistor,fast idle thermo valve,and IAC valve, tried checking for a code again, now i get no code, but the problem continues, i am

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I have a 2004 jeep grand cherekee laredo with a bad crank sensor.i can start truck but it stalls right away.i m trying to find sensor to replace it,all the diagrams ive looked at are useless.i simply cant find it.one diagram shoews the part on the left side of the upper bell house and the wire connection on top left of motor.howerver i still cant locate it.

What is the size of your engine and model. did you call or go to auto-zone they should be able to give you a diagram or tell you where it is. if all fails you can always go to dealer for a diagram of sensor, this should be at no cost to you. have ... Jeep Grand Cherokee

I replaced the oxygen sensor on 2004 Toyota Sienna; now it idles too fast. Part was difficult to remove. Could I have damaged something getting the part out? Where is adjustment for idle speed?

Idle speed adjustment is most probably not the problem, what most likley happened is you loosened a vacuum line in the process of removing the o2 sensor. try listening for a hissing sound. or spraying around with some carb cleaner to find the locatio ... 2003 Toyota Tacoma

I have a 1998 Ford Explorer V6 4.0L I am trying to find out were my Camshaft Position Sensor is located and can i get to it without having to remove any other parts such as air intake lines or anything like that if you could hook me up with a diagram or picture of were the Camshaft Position Sensor is located it would be much appreciated, even if you cant get a picture or diagram if you could explain were to find it that would be great. Thanks, Billy Blackwelder

It should be on the drivers side valve cover directly to the rear of the the oil fill cap, should have one bolt that holds it in place with two wire connector on it. ... 1998 Ford Explorer

Need to locate the front o2 sensor on a 97 Olds Achieva 4 cylinder 2.4 Liter engine , check engine light on and it indicates that sensor. I already have replacement part and only located 1 sensor at the end of the catalytic converter and cant find the front sensor. thanks Geno

Facing the engine, look at the back of engine and down. It will be mounted on the manifold. ... 1997 Oldsmobile Achieva

I have '97 ford explorer that the check engine light is on and when i get the codes read it says "p0141" witch I have found out means that my bank 1 sensor 2 o2 sensor is bad but i have no clue where to locate that i have the part ready to go but cant find were it goes because i replaced the o2 sensor on the driver side behind the Cadillac converter because thats witch one someone told me it was but then got the error code again even after deleting it

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P0171 & P0174 codes Landrover Freelander HSE - I already have a new vacuum boot with new air hoses - I cant find any air leaks, but I suspect the maf sensor - visually the sensor looks clean. How many ohms should the maf sensor show? what range? on & off the car? the car idles and runs well, except it seems like it is missing a little bit of power and the engine light is on with the codes.

... Land Rover Freelander

Acting as if it will stall in idle, changed fuel filter, plugs and wires, recently had oil change. Ran good for a few days and now doing the same thing is was before I started. In the begining I had and Auto parts store hook it up to their diagnostics computer. They told me it was running lean, check the fuel filter and maybe O2 sensors. couldn't find O2 sensors. Changed fuel filter and it was VERY dirty. took it back hooked it up again they said it was missing on cylinder #1. Changed spark plug

You will have a vaccume leak on the bottom side of the plentium by your throtle body, it is the left side if sitting in driver seat. it is hard to see but a hose has colapsed and created a vaccume leak. dont know what the hose is called but if i ca ... 2001 Ford Taurus

I have an 05 Mazda 3 That stalls after refueling unless I press on the gas. It also want's to die while at Idle and can't figure out what's going on. I read that it could be the charcoal canister, Fuel Check valve, Fuel Cut off valve ( on gas tank?) or the fuel vapor canister ( is that the charcoal canister?) The other part of the problem is I CANT FIND THESE PARTS ANYWHERE! Please help.

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Electronic pressure control solenoid circuit p1745. Check engine light on 2000 ford escort, 4cl, automatic. Advance auto told me it was a dealer part but I can't find it on any of the ford websites? How urgent is this to get fixed, and how expensive might it be? My transmission shifts hard into second, but my car is also idling wicked hard to the point of almost stalling out. Is this related to the needed part?

Here is what the service manual says about the EPC solenoid, the processor looks at allot of different inputs to command the solenoids, such as Throttle Position Sensor, Vehicle Speed Sensors, Transmission Range Sensor and R ... Cars & Trucks

89 Buick century 3.3 fuel pressure stays at 35 lb and increases to 45 when giving throttle goes t 50 lb before it dies car will idle forever the car might run for 1 mile or so before it dies. Coil pack and module has been replace airflow sensor has been cleaned tbs sensor is working fine. I pulled off one injector wire to se if the injector was keeping power and car stops could the intake manifold hav a major leak that you cant hear or find

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My 95 monte carlo 3.4 idles really fast and overheats quickly. I had recentlly changed the transmission and this problem occured. I cannot find any wires off. I did find that the passenger side fan never comes on and the drivers side only works when overheating. Swapped relays and swapped fans but still the same thing. Also changed temp sensor for thermostat (not the gauge) but no differeance. I have flushed and filled radiator and opened bleeder screws. I think that these problems are related b

When you say Idles fast if it goes up to 2000 rpm then falls to 600 then surges as motor recovers check Plug wires . You wonder how ****** swap could interfere with wiring order ?? Many mechanics will check wiring of plugs if after Trans swap car run ... 1995 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

Whats the part number for the o2s11 sensor on a 2005 buick lesabre custom? Or atleast point me in the right direction to find it.. Cant find it anywhere..

... 2004 Buick Rendezvous

Location of map sensor on 95 3000gt.It not on intake, plenum, or air intake. I even removed the plenum. I have the new part and the parts store says it has one. It is nowhere to be found on the engine. Its a 3.0 non turbo. MIL light gave me code for it but I cant find it anywhere on engine?

Map stands for manifold absolute pressure. its located on the intake manifold just after the throttle body. ... 1995 Mitsubishi 3000GT

How do you remove the door panel on 1990 Nissan Stanza XE? I'm trying to swap out the 5x7 passenger side speaker. will a 6x8 speaker fit? I'm trying to remove bottom part ONLY of door panel? Also, where is the wiper washer reservoir located on the 90 Stanza? I cant find that or the temp gauge sensor on the engine. I have no reading on the instrument panel temp gauge so figure it's the sensor. Am I correct on this? Ideas? I've looked everywhere on the net for a righr rear tail light lens to no av

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Im trying to find the camshaft sensor on my chevy 4.2 engine.Its going out,i have the part but i cant find it on the engine. I know on the v8s they are located towards the bottom of the block .

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Cant find the rear whell speed sensor. wondering if the new part is the wrong part.

In transmission....here's link to a pic, if this is the part it's located in the transmission.http://www.autozone.com/autozone/parts/1999-Chevrolet-Express-3-4-ton-Van/Vehicle-Speed-Sensor/_/N-jdeprZ9gsum?filterByKeyWord=rear+wheel+speed+sensor&fromS ... 1999 Chevrolet Express

Where is the transmission output speed sensor I purchased one but I cant find anything on the trans that looks like I found 2 sensors connected by a wireing harness and a single plug the part I have has no wires and one 3 prong male plug the vehicle is a 2000 elantra gls automatic trans

Located on top of transaxle on the side of the top RH bell housing bolt ... 2000 Hyundai Elantra

IDLE FLUCTUATION Ford Transit Van 1997 2litre petrol ihad to fit new accelerator cable + now it wont idle above 500 revs cant find adj anywhere thinking it must be a sensor Regards Trevor

Adj idle with cable adj thanks Trevor ... Ford GT
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