Having problems with your 1988 Dodge B250 ?

I have spark but will not fire. Can I dump some gasoline into what looks like a early style fuel injector with two ports, to see if the fuel pump has cratered.

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Answers :

A very small amount of fuel(3 tablespoons)will "fire it".replace air filter in case of backfire
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I have spark but will not fire. Can I dump some gasoline into what looks like a early style fuel injector with two ports, to see if the fuel pump has cratered.

A very small amount of fuel(3 tablespoons)will "fire it".replace air filter in case of backfire ... 1988 Dodge B250

1988 Chevy Cavalier 2.0L engine starts, runs for less then a minute (while pumping the gas peddle), then dies. then have to let set for 10-15 minutes then repeats as before. if you try to start before this time it just cranks and won't start, looks like something is stopping the fuel (gas) at the injector. can see fuel spraying from the injector for less then a minute then stops. have replaced the fuel regulator diaphragm, fuel injector, fuel filter, the in tank fuel pump & strainer, throttle po

... 1988 Chevrolet Cavalier Z24

I have a 1990 lexus ls 400 it has no power to fuel pump or to injectors i checked the fuel pump relay it was good but getting no power to relay either seems like no power to any of the fuel components i checked the efi relays also fuses too i can run a hot wire to the fuel pump and it runs, i have test lighted everything i can think of to see if it can get power or has power. when i put power to the injectors with the test light they are showing they are fine, is this a computer problem or is it

Yes have the computer repaired and this should fix the problem. these cars are known for have the computers go bad. ... 1990 Lexus LS 400

1987 jeep cherokee 4.0 Starting Issue engine cranks over but won't start- will start and run if primed. Will restart ok but if left setting will not start again. Changed: Fuel Pump Fuel Pump solenoid checked; TPS Crank Sensor it has fuel at the injectors fule pump runs for a few seconds at turn on. then stops . then restarts at cranking- as it is supposed to do. it appears the ECM is not telling the injectors to fire. Checked wireing diagram and i don't see anything that could cause p

Check your temp sensor. if it's out of range it could be sending incorrect readings to the computer. Also check the white ceramic block on the drivers side fender back near the brake cylinder. It is a resistor that affects pump pressure on start up. ... 1987 Jeep Cherokee

Changed main fuel pump and filter about 2 months ago. Car now looses power at times when you step on gas and makes stuttering noise (94 Volvo 940 Turbo) MoreChanged main fuel pump and filter about 2 months ago. Car now looses power at times when you step on gas and makes stuttering noise (94 Volvo 940 Turbo) Comments:Jan 27, 2010 - Changed plugs, added injector cleaner a week ago Jan 27, 2010 - changed plugs and added fuel injector cleaner. have intank pump out of the car right now See less

This sounds like an intank low pressure pickup pump problem, the intank pump failing causes the symptoms you have, that being a lean condition, the larger rail pump has no real suction, it needs about 10 pounds of pressure on it to pump correctly, th ... Volvo 940

CAT 420D IT - lack of power- changed two fuel filters, one by injector pump and other between left front tire and fuel tank. Air filters cleaned, tractor serviced, Then used air to blow thru lines back into fuel tank not satisfied with POWER, tractor will not self load front bucket without busting up material with backhoe first.. Suggestions???? Is there need to turn up fuel injector pump?

\012You may have this\012posted in the wrong product category. Please select another category\012appropriate to the problem and re-post the problem so the correct\012expert will see and respond to the question.. \012\012This is for ... Cars & Trucks

1988 ford econoline van will not run, two new tanks, two new fuel pumps. Cannot find the high pressure fuel pump re-set button, and not sure if the injectors are just full of air or whether it is a fuel pressure regulator problem. Help!

... 1988 Ford Econoline

1991 astro . 4.3 135000 miles . turns over wont start. cranks and has spark but wont start. if you put gas in fuel injector ports starts and dies. pulled fuel filter off and was clear. bad fuel pump or relay i guess. cant find relay location how do i test the fuel pump? or should i just replace fuel pump?

Listen for a buzzing sound in the rear when turning the key. if you cannot than take off the fuel filter and let it hang down. than try turning on the key. fuel should spill out smartly. if not replace the pump. ... Chevrolet Astro

1998 3.0 Taurus dies at any speed, after restart runs fine till next incident. Possibly related to fuel pump and or battery dying after sitting appx. 3 days?. Put on computer at Auto Zone, Tech then said L2 L3,he then said it was running too lean used injector cleaner and octane booster. Added premium fuel Released and then reset tank pressure. Have a new fuel pump ready to go in, but two computer tests all agreed it was not the fuel pump. Checked all ground wires Still no help, check engine

Your Oxygen sensor are going bad your going to have to change them . ... 1998 Ford Taurus

1991 chrysler new yorker fifth avenue had fuel tank, filter, and fuel pump replaced today, 2-28-2011, after sitting for two months. previously had injectors routinely replaced and all woked fine. in late 2008, i had the computer replaced because of the same symptoms as follows: the car starts up for two seconds then dies down to a rough idle as long AS I KEEP PUMPING THE GAS PEDAL. IT WILL NOT RUN ON ITS OWN IDLE. the garage that changed the original computer said that the anti theft was not wo

Have you changed the old gas? ... 1991 Chrysler New Yorker

I have brought my 2009 traverse in 5 times now and it is currently at GM for repair. It has been there for two weeks now. When the vehicle is warm it is hard to start.... They have changed the fuel injectors the injector pump and are now changing the fuel pump.... I am more than annoyed....

I bet you are too? why are they playing at swoping parts???? bad starting when hot wont be a fule fault,check the engine compression first,,,and the mass air flow meater also the computer coads\012all the fule parts can be tested in the car,,," ... 2009 Chevrolet Traverse

Have a 1999 dodge ram2500 diesel. been running fine. parked for about a week (have had temps in the low 20's). started and ran for about 5-10 sec (rough). now will only crank and not start. Replaced lift pump about 2.5 yrs ago. I have plenty of fuel at inlet at injector pump. only intermittent fuel at one or two injectors. nor sure how to proceed

The best advice i can give you is bring it into a warm garage and let it heat up, then treat your fuel with anti gel solution run it through your injectors by running engine and this should not happen again, seems like your lines are gelled up and yo ... 1999 Dodge Ram 2500 4WD

Hi, my name is Jerome. I have a 5.7 1989 2500 series...I installed a new distributor, fuel pump and fuel pump relay. My problem is: I have two jump from battery to fuel pump; inorder to get gas to throttle body. I have no injectors working to put gas into motor. Can you help me out.? thank you.

Could be a fuseable link in the wire to the fuel pump or a bad ground to the pump ... 1989 Chevrolet C/K 2500

I tried to feed power to my 2001 sable fuel pump to see if it was bad. By probing wire with a hot lead. Both fans on the motor came and now the starter will not engage. I've put a new fuel pump in reconected all. But when I go to start position all that happens is the two fans turn on. No power to the starter or fuel pump. I checked all fueses. Can you help with any ideas ? Thanks phil.

Check to see if you damaged the fuel pump relay or starter relay. I still suspect that a fuse is blown os fuselink on the left inner fender. ... 2001 Mercury Sable

98 dodge ram 1500 5.9 has spark and fuel at rail but injectors wont fire? Has the right amount of fuel pressure at the test port. Has good blue spark. Changed out the fuel pump assembly. cleaned the throttle body and injectors. Getting power at the injectors. Could it be a sensor or intake plenium gasket anything with vaccum? Lost need help

... 1998 Dodge Ram 1500 4WD

It stalls while driving, when it first started happening it would re-start after a few minutes- now it won't start for quite a long time. We were told it was the fuel pump by two different mechanics, and so we replaced both the pump and fuel filter and it did not make any difference with the stalling problem. We have also used fuel injector cleaner, manually cleaned the fuel lines and are relativly sure it is not an electrical problem.

When it stalls, can you hear the fuel pump running when you turn the key back on? If you can, then the pump is good and the wiring is OK. If not, check the pump relay in the power distribution center. Did either of the mechanics that advised ... 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee

P0087 p0088 the jeep is going in to limp mode,there is new lift pump fited , new fuel filter, two injectors was leaking i got them rebuild, i had change fuel presure regulator and still sometimes she is ging to limp mode.fuel presure is 5000kpa at 750rpm, 20000kpa at 3500rpm.why she is showing two codes p0087 fuel pressure to low, and p0088 fuel presurre to high.make no sens to me .

Code p0087 is pressure too low--- causes include fuel supply pipe blockage and code p0088 refers to fuel return line blockage. While you have changed every thing covered in the causes I suggest you have a look for a common point that the pipes run t ... 2005 Volvo XC90 D5

Have a 1999 chevy s-10 pick-up. when i turn the key on i can hear the fuel pump (do not know how much pressure it it making) turn on, my engine turns over but it won't start. when i spray starting fluid in single carb it will start run a few secound than stall, do i need a new fuel pump or change my gas filter, it only has one fuel injector and i can not see any fuel going into the carb any suggestion

I would start with the fuel filter for 2 reasons its cheaper than a fuel pump and if you can hear the pump working then it probabley is ok if you change the fuel filter and it still won't start then change the pump and you have a new pump and filter. ... 1999 Chevrolet S-10 Pickup

I have purchased a 1989 E350 and it has been sitting for about ten years. it was running when it was parked. It has the EFI 460 engine.I have a new fuel pump pulling and returning fuel to a five gallon jug because the other two tanks will have to be removed and cleaned.I have replaced the spark plugs and installed rebuilt fuel injectors. I checked some of the plugs and wires and the spark jumps 1/4 inch across the testers gap. I pluged a test light in one of the fuel injector connectors and it f

Pull your valve covers I had one set that long and the valves was gumed up an stuck and bent the push rods I removed rockers and spray with penitrating oil and tap them with a small hammer and got them loose bought new push rods and all was good, I h ... 2002 Ford E-Series

DIY mechanic here some knowledge but just checkin for other possibilities.. my 2000 z24 turns over but won't fire up, has spark, fuel pump hums when the key is turned, but when i disconnected the fuel line from the injector rail, no fuel comes out when i start the car. can't see it being the filter cuz it was working fine one day, wouldn't start the next.. i could just be in denial cuz it's rusted bad and i can't see me getting the filter off without MAJOR difficulty.. filters usually slow over

If the filyter has collapsed inside, it could have also put undo stress on the pump and caused the impellor to have disintegrated. So you could be hearing a motor turning but not pumping. Saturate with a good rust penetrant and remove the filter. Not ... Chevrolet Cavalier

My two month old 2010 Q7 tdi suddenly died while driving. It was towed to the dealer and after two weeks I was told that the high pressure fuel pump had a part disintegrate sending shards of metal throughout the fuel system plugging all the fuel injectors. the repair took over 30 days and would have cost over $30000 if it had not been under warranty. audi has offered me a new car. Before I decide which Audi I want I want to know if anyone else has had this kind of catastrophic failure of t

The audi q7 2010 price is pretty decent otherwise and it is so unlikely of audi models to dies withing two months. ... Cars & Trucks

I have a 1991 pontaic grand prix with a 3.1l vin code m I am looking for the cam position sensor it is not located behind the power steering pump like everyone says it is... is it hiding behind something else or is it internal?.... im pulling my hair out trying to get this thing to run acts like the injectors are not working has great fuel perssure every sensor in the car has been replaced including the fuel pump has 45psi at the test port on the fuel rail it idles for 45sec will not rev up die

... 1991 Pontiac Grand Prix

1994 chevy blazer new distribuator new wires new spark plugs new fuel injector (spider gear central port injector) new battery new map sensor new oil pressure/fuel cut of switch all this and it still wont start, it turns over and tries to start but it wont ? any ideas? next step is grounds and fuseable links, there is fuel at the rail and the fuel pump primes

So you have fuel to the fuel rail. Do you have spark to the plugs? Pull #1 spark plug boot and see if it will arc about one quarter of an inch to the exhaust manifold bolt or stud.If no spark or a weak one is present then replace the coil. If yes the ... 1994 Chevrolet S-10 Blazer

Have fuel leak at injector probaly cracked line.some mechanic installed a new bosch injector pump and left out a lot of the clamps and insolators on the fuel lines. need service manual showing where to position them -also have to buy 2-injector lines plus the clamps and spacers. do i have to pay for any services rendered, question answered etc?? 2002 dodge diesel cummins engine[early model]

If i remember correctly the outer most lines from the pump should come off at the same time. The back half should do the same. They fallow the fireing order. The isolators are needed to keep vibration from rubbing the lines. Good luck. ... 2002 Dodge Ram 3500 Truck

My jeep liberty won't start. replaced the battery (although I didn't think that was the problem). The fuel pump is getting fuel, but it seems that the injectors won't work. it could be the security system not letting the fuel through the injectors. I want to rest the system to see if that solves the problem, but I need the procedure

If it was to be the security system you would not get the starter to crank so forget that idea. You need to start with checking the coils for spark and down the line after that. If the coil proves to be good nect is the ignition module.. Then the cra ... 2003 Jeep Liberty
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