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\015 HOW TO TAKE PADS OUT OF THE CALIPER\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

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John Doe, The only thing that might be holding them are spring clips, either on the outside of caliper-pry them off-, or a clip inside the caliper bore-this kind, you just pull the pad out. A little rust or corrosion may be all that's holding them tight. Do you see any other retainers holding them in the caliper?
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John Doe, The only thing that might be holding them are spring clips, either on the outside of caliper-pry them off-, or a clip inside the caliper bore-this kind, you just pull the pad out. A little rust or corrosion may be all that's holding them t ... 1988 Chrysler LeBaron

ABS light would come on and brakes would pulse only when turning left coming to a stop. Otherwise brakes worked fine. Fluid level good. Pads were only half worn but went ahead and replaced pads on all four wheels. Calipers all looked good. No leaking or stuck calipers. After all pads replaced, brakes felt even a little better but problem still exists. Now ABS light will occasionally come on while driving but brakes work good except for initial problem of coming to a stop while turning left. If I

This is your Hub Wheel Assembly. Just replace them, get an alignment, and you will be set to go. I have had to replace mine twice in 5 years so they seem to go out relatively quickly in the Blazer. Good luck! ... 2001 Chevrolet Blazer

After wearing the brake pads to much, after removing the front driver brake caliper and old brake pads the caliper piston had come all the way out destroying the dust boot. I used the caliper repair kit and replaced the boot and o-ring. After re-assembling the caliper with new pads and bleeding the system of air the brake pedal feels solid then will lose pressure and drop to the floor. While driving pressure builds but will drop to almost nil when applying brakes.

Did you bleed all 4 wheels, and do so with a helper, and the engine running? ... 2001 Dodge Dakota

Hi, I have had my front Calipers replaced on my MR2 but my brakes are making a noise when i'm braking. i have taken it back to the garage who have said my brake pads are to small. am i right in thinking that the pads come with the calipers? I have asked the garage to replace the pads with Toyota ones, they told me that Toyota pads are to thin and this would not solve the problem. Plesae could you advise? is it possible thay have put the wrong calipers on?

They did not replace the pads when the did the calipers ?? Is that what you are saying ??\015\012If they didnt - they should have..\015\012Makes no sence to have the calipers out & not change the pads..\015\012\015\012They ... 2000 Toyota MR2 Spyder

Caliper crunch Any time i push the brake in i hear something that sounds like the caliper is making a crunchy sound. pads are new, but im worried it might be the piston boots that are dry or other.. the sound is surely coming from the calipers though, ive triple checked this. Any ideas? Other issues/Info: Brake light is on, ABS and trackion control is automatticly shuting off. When coming to a stop, there are no other issues besides the crunch (which can be felt through the pedel). No warps in t

I have the same issue with my car. We have had the Calipers and brakes replaced. The whole system has been flushed, we have made sure there wasn't air anywhere. We have replaced the entire ABS/Master cylinder to no avail. The car has issues until the ... 1999 Pontiac Grand Am GT

I had a constant grinding coming from front passenger tire. Replaced Caliper and put the worn pads back on for a day, the constant grinding went away. It would still grind while braking,hitting a bump

... 1999 Pontiac Grand Am GT

I am getting ready to replace the front disc brake pads on a 2002 Olds Silhouette mini van that is same mechanically as Chev. Venture & Pontiac Montana. It appears that the caliper is attached with a top and bottom hex bolt. However after removing the caliper bolts you can move the caliper a little from the bottom of it then to the top etc. but it does not want to come off easily. Is there something else holding it on that needs to be removed?

Nothing else holding it in, you have to work it out by prying it with a large screw driver or pry bar ... Oldsmobile Silhouette

I'm working on a 2003 Buick Lesabre's rear brakes. It appears the bottom of the caliper is fastened with a 12mm bolt -- the top of the caliper doesn't seem to have a head to put a socket on or a torx head. I will be needing to put on new pads AND have the rotors ground, so the rotors will need to come off. The front brakes appear to be more normal with a larger pair of metric bolts holding the caliper on -- BUT the backs look forein to me.

The top of the caliper has a stud. Once you remove the lower caliper bolt, pull the spring-loaded upper portion of the caliper towards the inside of the car. It will come out and you have to pull the caliper off the stud. There is no upper mounting b ... 2003 Buick LeSabre

Brake problem I just got new disc brakes and pads put on the front of my 1997 Ford Escort LX at the end of July. I was told I would need calipers, too by my friend who was a mechanic for 10 years and he said I would be fine for awhile without the new calipers because I didn't have the money at the time. It is now September 2nd and now I hear a faint grinding sound and I'm not sure where it's coming from. I already had the rear brakes, rotors and calipers done. What do you think I may be hearing?

You could have some trash between the rotor and the dust shield, or worse, a bearing going bad. The rear bearings are not hard to replace, but the front ones are a chore. ... 1997 Ford Escort

2007 aspen I changed the pads -rotors and calipers on the front (both),never touched the back,(they r o.k.) now I can't get all the air bled out it keeps coming and coming and coming.

... Chrysler Aspen

I'm driving a 2000 Chrysler 300M. Had front brake pads & rotors changed 2 weeks ago. Front end has been noisy since & I suspect sticking calipers , as i was informed they did not get clean

The front calipers are not the problem...did a shop replace the pads and rotors? Or did a friend replace these parts. The Chrysler front pads and rotors are an excellent design...easy to service and replace parts...only 2 bolts hold on each caliper ... 2000 Chrysler 300M

I'm trying to remove right front caliper to change pads, and can't loosen caliper bolts. (One of them has a rounded head!) How does it come off?

Vehicle on hard flat surface. Two jack stands under the frame towards the front, front in the air, wheel chocks placed behind the rear wheels, parking brake on.Wheels/tires removed, turn the wheels to the right when working on the right s ... 1990 Mazda B-Series

I had a squeaking noise coming from the rear of my truck when i started to accelerate after braking at a stop sign i replaced the pads, go the rotors reglazed and replaced the drivers side rear caliper that my friend said was sticking. the truck seemed to drive fine for a couple days then the squeaking started again. could the replacement caliper be bad or perhaps another issue

Sounds like a ujoint is frozen in the rear driveshaft.Remove the rear driveshaft(block the wheels so it does not roll on to you).check the joints,there should be no play and you should have very little resistance when rotating the joint.It is most li ... 2000 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

Replacing brake pads and the caliper won't come off. Got the two bolts out and it won't come off.

Sometimes rust on the edge of the rotor will hold them on pretty tight, tap the caliper gently back and forth with a hammer. ... 2001 Jeep Cherokee

1990 lebaron dash light will not come on - 1990 Chrysler LeBaron

... 1990 Chrysler LeBaron

1994 F350,4x4,7.3 diesel. I have had Booster, Master Cylinder, Rotors, Calipers, Pads all recently replaced. Now I find that when I start the truck initially, the brake light comes on and the brake pedal is solid still and have no brakes at all.I drive off and the light goes out but if stop at a red light...brake light comes back on..and again no brakes ????

... 1997 Ford F350 Crew Cab

I replaced the rear pads and rotors.I screwed the pistons all the way in to get the pads on. Now I have a soft pedal and was told I needed to adjust the piston back out a little bit but I cant figure how to do this with the caliper installed. 2008 chrysler town and country

Soft pedal usually indicates air in the system. when you put it all back together and applied the brakes did you check to see if the brake fluid in the master cylinder was topped up with brake fluid ?. it would appear that the system needs to be bl ... 2008 Chrysler Town & Country

My parking brake light keeps coming on everytime I push tha brakes and it feels like there are no brakes the pedal comes back up after I push it down I recently had tha fron calipers replaced with pads and a brake fluid flush

Have you checked the fluid level? Make sure that the master cylinder is full of fluid and that there aren't any puddles of brake fluid under the vehicle. If there are no leaks and the fluid level is ok, I would have to guess that the brakes were not ... 1998 GMC Jimmy

The ABS sysyem comes on while braking normally at every stop. I have no ABS light on and I put new Front pads, rotors and calipers on. The rear I also put on new shoes and cyclinders. Yes I have plenty of brake fliud and No air in the lines. If it was a sensor why would the light not come on? (yes the light works) Any advice on what to check?? Brakes work great until almost stopped then ABS kicks in. Thanks

Sounds like the control module ... 2002 Ford Explorer Sport Trac

Steering wheel vibrates when i apply brakes. I have replaced rotors, calipers and breaks 3 times and the problem comes back after about 6 months or so. Any Ideas? Is this a flaw in design? are the breaks getting so hot that they are warping the rotors? I was told that when i come to a stop light i should not hold break on same spot ,That i should rolll a little bit so the break pad does not stay on same spot of rotor. that it can create a hot spot. Anyone ever heard of this ?

Had the same problem, took the roters in to get grinded and the problem went away. ... 2002 Dodge Intrepid

1997 Toyota Camry, when coming to a stop i feel a slight movement in the brake pedal at the end, i have had the brakes checked and was told that the pads rotors, and calipers are fine, also the ABS light does come on at speeds over 60 but goes off once you stop and drive slow, could the movement be the faulty ABS

There is a possibility that the rotors are warped and need either turned or need new ones. If ABS is acting up it could effect the pedal movement too but usually more drastic movement. Only other way to know is have a good mechanic run the scanner c ... 1997 Toyota Camry

1997 Cherokee sport 6cyl 4x4. Just replaced the calipers pads and rotors on the front. Backs are still good (drums) Bled the calipers, however, the pedal goes to the floor and the brake light comes on. This was not the case prior to the brake job, only grinding was occuring. What could be the next step?

Often crappy quality pads cause this feeling of no braking. you can bleed and bleed but major companies are selling brake parts that do not provide the type of friction and braking behaviour that the OE manufacturer required. What brand did you purch ... Jeep Cherokee

Break light on dash comes on after awhile you don't have to drive it or step on the breaks there is brand new rotors + pads and calipers all break lines are good but the abs light is on the hand break is down all the way and when i pull the hand break up and down the light comes on and off when the light is not on the dash and the break fluid is full i have covered all basics can someone help please

The master cylinder has a sensor that measures the brake fliud. They tend to go bad and a replacement part is very cheap at any GM dealership. That will be the part to replace for I have replaced many with the same problem in the past ... Oldsmobile Alero

Bled my brakes manually changed pads rotors caliper master cylinder shoes wheel cylinder and I can stand up on my brake pad and it will only come to a slow stop


I have a 1993 chrysler lebaron that leaks antifreeze out of both sides of the motor onto the ground. I just had the tube that comes out of the water pump replaced since it had some corrosion along with the o rings and the necessary hoses. I don't think the water pump is leaking because the leaks are on both sides of the motor. Can a pressure test be done with the manifold off so I can see where the leak is coming from? What else could be leaking since the only things down there are the water pum

Go to the auto parts store and get the good stop leak.....get the one in the round tube (silver). Your already 450 dollars into it. If it is just small leaks, this will or should stop it. This stop leak also lubes your water pump, and is good stu ... 1987 Chrysler LeBaron
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