Having problems with your 1988 Chevrolet K1500 ?

Fuel pump not coming on

\015 I need a wiring diagram for the fuel system for a 1988 k1500 chevy\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

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Check this link, it may take a little searching but may help.
Repair Help & Product Troubleshooting for 1988 Chevrolet K1500

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So my 1995 Rodeo will sometimes not start. When I turn the key to the on position, the check engine light comes on and I can hear the fuel pump pumping, but every so often, the pump doesn't pump and the car wont start. The only way I know that the fuel pump has pumped is by the check engine light coming on. I was wondering if it would be best to just rewire the fuel pump or if it is the fuel pump itself.

First things first...Rewiring the fuel pump will only put a "Bandaid" on whatever the problem really is and will most likely create a situation where wires are draped across places where they shouldn't be, causing all kinds of future electrical probl ... 1995 Isuzu Rodeo

How to install fuel pump in chevy 2003 astro van pump not putting out fuel i put new relay in. no sound coming from old pump no fuel coming through line. i disconnected fuel filter and left line open. i turned on ing. switch nothing flowing from pump

Go to the autozone website at autozone.com and register your vehicle. It's free and will give you access to an online repair manual for your vehicle. The procedures for changing the fuel pump should be available there. Sure hope this helped and best ... 2003 Chevrolet Astro

We replaced the fuel pump on our 2001 chey 1500 4.8 and the fuel pump still will not come on and there is power getting to the fuel pump but the fuel pump wont come on

I know this won't be easy but you will need to back probe the the power and ground wires at the connector that plugs into the fuel pump. You'll will need to use a volt meter to see what the voltage is exactly. When you turn the key on you ... 2001 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

My 1987 new yorker 2.2 turbo ran out of gas and now will not start. Came to the conclussion that it was something to do with the fuel, I couldnt hear my fuel pump coming on so I dropped the gas tank and took it out, and connected it to a battey and it didn't work. I also tested my wires at the connecter that hooks to the fuel pump and they are only reading 1.6 is this right? I connected the new fuel pump to the connecter and turned the key on and the new pump did not come on. So now I'm wonderi

You need fuel system wiring diagrams & the ability to testbasic electrical circuitsYou can't guess or expect some to guess for you ... Cars & Trucks

I have a 2002 buick rendezvous I am have trouble with the fuel delivery it's not getting any power back to the fuel pump we had it started when we ran a wire to fuse box and ran it strait to fuel pump and it started right up I would like to know why I am not getting any power back there could it be that there's no power coming out of the junction box underneath the driver side of the car there is a power supply box under there and a wire coming out of it run right to fuel tank and fuel pump I ne

... Cars & Trucks

I have a 1987 buick regal grand national.. It wont start just cranks i have no injector pulse and the fuel pump isnt coming on. I jumperd the fuel pump relay and the pump comes on. all fuese are good, fuel pump relay good, has a new pcm and that didnt fix the problem either.. Any ideas?

Class car man.Try the crank position sensor it controlls the ignition and fuel delivery by sending information to the ecu in relation to the position of the crank-cam. ... 1987 Buick Regal

1990 f-150 xlt lariat, runs, then check engine light suddenly comes on, truck dies, and you can hear fuel pump in tank running eratic. After i turn the key a few times i can hear the fuel pump charge then stop and truck will start. runs then check light comes on and dies again. When i turn the key and i can hear the pump running constantly and irratic it won't start.Replaced fuel pump relay next to ecc relay near air cleaner, no help.


I have a 2003 gmc savana, 4.3.. it will not start no fuel... replaced fuel pump, still no start. fuel pump relay working, fuel pump isnt. before this happened, the dash gages would die, then come back on. the parking lights would come on then go off.

Check your ground straps. ... 1996 GMC Savana

My 92 sunbird will run untill it starts to get warm and then just dies. I when I try to start it after it dies and the car will just keep turning over and wont start. it sounds like the fuel pump doesn;t come on to. but the next day when I boost the battery and turn the key the fuel pump comes on and the car starts up and runs again untill it gets warm. and cuse of this problem I replaced the fuel pump and the relay (I think it was the right Relay. I don't know exacly what what one is the fuel p

Thers a oil psi senser that wont let the fuel pump run at low psi when the car worms the psi gos down ,the fuel rely only runs the pump for about five sec as a primer then the oil psi senser takes over thirs a plug righi behind the oil fliter for t ... 1992 Pontiac Sunbird

My 1985 mercury grand marquis 5.0 litre tbi wont run. fuel pump wont come on unless you run wire from battery to fuel pump but car wont start with fuel pump running. new fuel pump because i wasnt getting pressure to tbi.was havin g to spray starting fluid directly on injectors for it to start and run and it would run fine.now im not getting nothing but if i straight wire fuel pump(new) it runs but injectors wont prime and spray. eec relay and fuel pump relay are good. took ecm out of ford ranger

... 1997 Mercury Grand Marquis

The fuel pump in my 92 Camaro RS isn't coming on. When I drove my car for about 9 miles it died out, and when I tried to start it the fuel pump didn't come on. The fuel pump has been replaced twice already. The altenator, battery, starter, etc is all new. What should I do or check?

I could bet wrong, but check this out. if the security system its failing, it can turn off you fuel pump. Or the signal to start injectors. Read up on this link. It explains all about it. Symptoms. Trouble shooting. Do it yourself solutions. http://v ... 1992 Chevrolet Camaro

I have a 97 chevy 1500 5.0 im not getting fuel pressure. I changed the fuel pump an filter. The pump comes on for a few seconds an shuts off an no pressure at the check valve. I disconnected the fuel lines near the tank turn the key an just about a 1/4 cup of gas comes out an the pump shuts off. If anyone can help it would help a lot cause I can't work without my truck. Thanks


Fuel pump doesn,t always come on when starting up . sometimes it will come on when I put in gas line anti freeze,orr I rock vehicle or tap on fuel tank. Then fuel pump comes on.

Fuel pumps bind up when they are beginning to fail. as the pump motor wears it starts to overheat, causing the armature to get stuck. Dry gas likely has some cooling effect and banging on the tank jars the armature free.Replace the pump assembl ... 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Fuel pump i got a 92 ford ranger xlt with a 2.3l in it and when you turn the key the fuel pump wont come on. ive replacer my sending unit and changed the fuse in power ditribution box and it worked for about 2 weeks like it was brand new. now the fuel pump wont come back on when you turn the key unless you turn the key off, pop the hood, and tap on the power ditribution box then get back in the truck turn the key and it will start cant figure out what the problem is any ideas???? thanks P.S. ITS

Your fuse might be loose? ... 1992 Ford Ranger

My fuel pump is not working right i took the line apart at the filter and then with the key in the on poistion unpluged the relay switch and pluged it back in to start the fuel pump the pump comes on every time but gas does'nt come out every time should gas come out with high pressure every time?????

Yes fuel should come out when the pump is running. There is a little sock or filter at the end of the pick up tube in the fuel tank that feeds the fuel pump. This screen is very fine to filter out small particles. This sock is probably plugged up. To ... 1991 Ford F150

The wait to start light only comes on once and a while and the fuel pump is the same. even if you bump the starter like you do to prime the fuel system. the fuel pump relay just clicks rapaidly and the pump still does not come on

Hello,Thanks for using FixYa.If the fuel pump relay keeps clicking, you might want to replace it because its not supposed to be doing that. Clicking sound for relays mean that there is something wrong with it.I hop ... Dodge Ram 2500

Is there a relay fuel pump switch for a 1987 ford bronco 2 If we straight wire it to the fuel pump it comes on but when turning on switch fuel pump will not come on.

I just had the same problem, today, check the tan- lt green wire on the fuel relay that is located on the right fender, mine wasn't pushed in all the way, this wire shut down spark and fuel, if you are looking for the shut off switch to reset the rel ... 1987 Ford Bronco II

Just finished jputting a new fuel pump in the tank. Put a new fuel filter on. Put ten gallons of gas in the tank and I still can't get the pump to pump the gas to the carburater. Took the line apart from the fuel filter and the carburater to see if gas was coming through when I tried to start it. No gas is coming out of the tank.

Replace the relay under the hood on the rt.(passenger) fender just in front of the hood shock. ... 1983 Lincoln Mark VI

My suburban is not starting. i replaced the fuel pump since there was no fuel in the line. I tested and the pump was dead. the After installing a new pump car was working great for about 2 minutes then stopped. Now there is fuel in the line and pushing pin will shoot fuel when cranking indicating that fuel new pump is working fine (I can hear the pump working as well)when i open the cover to throttle body there is no fuel coming in when cranking. I used starter fluid and car would start running

Try a fuel pressure test. I once put a brand new from the dealer fuel pump in a 4.3/ When I had pressure, I then replace the injector spider in the vortec engine, to the tune of 500 bucks. I then found out that 10psi was not enough to engage ... 1997 Chevrolet Suburban

I bought a 1997 Chevy Blazer that was not running. I put a new battery in it and checked for spark. It had spark going to the main wire on the distributor, but the fuel pump was not pumping. I sprayed starting fluid in the intake and the truck started perfectly. So, I bought a new fuel pump, cleaned out the gas tank, and replaced the old one. Now the fuel pump comes on and pumps up, but the Blazer will not start. I checked to make sure that fuel was flowing through the fuel pump and it

Seeing the engine started before with a spray and wont now I would recheck the ignition system. before checking the fuel pressure. ... 1997 Chevrolet Blazer

On my 97 grand prix3.8 I have used a jumper wire in place of the fuel pump relay and the fuel pump comes on . But when I plug the relay back in and turn the igntion on the fuel pump does nothing the relay is new and it clicks when we turn the igntion key . So I pulled the fuel pump fuse and use a multimeter to see if there was power where the fuse plugs in and there's is no power getting to it . But when I use the jumper wire I have power to the fuse and the fuel pump runs am I missing somethi

There is a break in the wire that supplies power to the fuse box.You need to trace this power wire from the fuse box to find the break in this wire and fix this wire,.Ii would help you is you have a wiring diagram of your vehicle as the wires ... Cars & Trucks

I have a 5.7 1500 chevrolet express van I cannot hear the fuel pump come on when I turn the key forward. I have tried to use a test light to see if I have power to the fuel pump and I have nothing. I bought a new fuel pump relay fuse and stll no power to the fuel pump. I have put gas in the breather tube and the van started but only long enough to burn it's prime. should I have power on the plug that connects to the fuel pump if so what do you reccomend

SORRY!!!!!!!! Somehow we got Disconnected. Hey, Try hooking that fuel Pump up to a Battery to see if you can get it too Fire. Let me know!!!! ... 2001 Chevrolet Express

Starting problem My wife drove it to the store and said it was fine. Then she tried to start it to come home and it just cranked over and never started. A friend of ours says its probably fuel filter/pump. We removed the fuel line after the pump and get an initial squirt of fuel as the key is turned to on. Then as we crank it over, no more fuel comes out at all? Can you help me please? Is it the pump or could it be anti-theft or start system issue? I don't know :(

Sounds like it could be an inertia switch located above your right foot when in passenger seat i have had the same prob in a 96 a good size pot hole can set it off it disables the fuel pump and makes it seem like a bad pump ... 1998 Ford Explorer

Got a vw polo playa 1.6 2002 mod sometime while driving it cut's out and after about 5 min it starts again. i took off the fuel pipe and no fuel comes out. i took out the fuel pump and it works 100% but the electrical plug when i test it, it shows now power come threw how can i trace to where the wiring from the pump to the engin is going to or is there a plug on the enein witch can be faulty the car is a fuel injection thanx

... Volkswagen Polo

Working on a Jtta that sa for 4 years its acting like the fuel pump isnt working re is a sound coming rom the pump but no gas is flowing through the line thats coming from the pump is the fuel pump bad?

Your intake fuel pipe appears to have some leakage. there may be something wrong with the diaphram of the pump as well. it wears out if driven for a while dry. ... 1997 Volkswagen Jetta
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