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Operating temperature whats the normal operating temp for a 1988 2.8L??

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Hello Question . I have a 1988 chev Iroc with a 5.7 very strong running . but there is one small problem my temp degree goes up to 215 at times is that good for my car and if not what is the right temp for my car.. and by the way the car don't over heat it just bother me knowing that it that it get that high when I am setting or driving. and if so what do I need to do to get this temp down . buy a new fan for my raditor
\015\012Thank you for answing my questiom [email protected]
Roughly 180 degree's F
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Operating temperature whats the normal operating temp for a 1988 2.8L??

Hello Question . I have a 1988 chev Iroc with a 5.7 very strong running . but there is one small problem my temp degree goes up to 215 at times is that good for my car and if not what is the right temp for my car.. and by the way the car don't ove ... 1988 Chevrolet Camaro

My 2005 dodge dakota V8 4x4 will not engage when the engine is at normal operating temperatures. The 4x4 will only come on in the morning when the engine is cold. If I put on the 4x4 and drive it is fine, but when the normal operating temperature is attained, the SVC 4WD light comes on and the 4x4 is disengaged. The transfer case and front control module have been changed by the dealer and the problem still persists. Can it be a vacuum switch, or a sensor (transmission, temp, etc..) not working

... 2005 Dodge Dakota

91 acura integra overheats but temperature gauges show normal operating temperature whats they problem?

Check that the fans are working when it is hot, If the fans are working the thermostat is probally stuck shut, As for the guage the temp sensor is shot, ... 1991 Acura Integra Hatchback

Temperature fluctuation As soon as the ignition is switched on, the cooling fans come on, whether the operating temperature is reached or not. Also the temperature comes up to normal, under normal driving conditions, but as soon as you coast downhill the temp. guage drops to way below normal, indicating the cooling water cools down.

The water temp sensor is a switch that closes the circuit when the temp reaches a certain level and that switch sends power to the fans. Either your water temp sensor is faulty (always on) or the wiring from the sensor is shorted out. \015\ ... 1993 Subaru Legacy

Hi, I have a 53 Corsa. the heater does not get very hot, only m,ild, and temp[erature when driving does not quite reach normal operating temperature. I flushed the system and cleaned it with Radflush, refilled and no difference. I did notice a variance in the temperature of pipes when at operating temperature on the drive - rad is hot, pipe fron engine block to rad hot. Pipes in and out of heater matrix lukewarm. Water in coolant tank cold. Any ideas? Thanks

Did you replace your thermostat? Sounds like a bad thermostat. replace with oem type. ... 1999 Oldsmobile Aurora

I have a 1992 Pontiac Sunbird SE with 3.1 V6, automatic trans with air cond. I bought it new and it has 295,000 miles. The problem is the rpm. When I start the car in the morning it immediately revs up to about 2900 rpm. When I put the car into gear the rpm comes down to a normal level. I have to apply the gas pedal very lightly until the engine reaches normal operating temp or it will die. Actually, it sometimes does this at normal operating temperature. Generally these symptoms do impro

\015\012Get yourself a paperclip and follow the instructions at the bottom of this post to retrieve stored codes from the PCM.\015\012Call a dealer and ask their service department what the code means, or go ... Pontiac Sunbird

Temperature gauge fluctuation. new temperature sensor. new thermostat. when gauge read a tad over normal operating temp, fan kicks on. when driving, gauge plummets between 160-185. goes back to normal when sitting/idling.

... Pontiac Grand Prix

I bought a second car for utility use; B6000, 1994, p/u, standard trans. Only when starting and running when the engine is cold, it runs very rough and difficult to idle. At normal operating temperatures the idle is somehwat okay and it seems to run fine. Also, the tach seems to jump up and down (even when the engine is at normal operating temps). Lastly, it appears the vehicle is running very rich as you can smell unburnt gas (moreso when engine is cold) and the tailpipe is packed with black re

A coolant tempurature sensor will make it run to rich if it is bad. run rough at idle, and produce black smoke, engine may stall out. it also causes retarded timing, slow idle speed, cold hesitation or stumble, poor fuel milage. good-luck!! if light ... 1994 Mazda 2WD B Series Pickup

Why does my engine not reach normal operating temperature, too cool, temp gauge is about 1/4, 1/2 is normal, with lower engine temp the heater takes longer to warm the car. Could the problem be the thermostat or a problem with the heater core? the car is a 2001 Volvo V70 (5 Cylinder) with 96,000 miles. No previous problems with cooling system.

I suspect you are right with the thermostat angle.The new thermostats are the opposite to the old ones that used to cook the motor when they failed.The new ones run too cold in case of failure and also up the fuel consumption becaus ... 2001 Volvo V70

I am in Siberia, Russia with a 2004 Toyota Corolla. It blows heat but not much. The temperature gage shows normal operating temperatures. The defroster is a real problem. It only defrosts 1/3 of the windshield when temps are below -20C. At -30C with 4 passengers, there's only about 20% of the windshield defrosted. Heater does not do a good job of warming either. I almost had frostbite after a recent 200km drive in -35C temps.

Clean or replace the cabin air filter. It is located behind the glove box. See owner's manual for directions. ... 2003 Toyota Corolla

Whats normal operating temp for 94 sts northstar

195-200 highway cruise, 224 max sitting still .\015\012\015\012This is what i know as per my knowledge friend. ... 1997 Cadillac DeVille

My 2003 Jetta GLX (V6) starts with a very low idle 800-900 regardless of the outside temperature and maintain at 850 or so during normal operating temperature. The idle is too slow to kick-in the charging system and I have to tap the gas pedal to 1500 RPM, otherwise, I will have a Battery light indicating low voltage or Alternator Workshop. I believe the idle should initially be at 1500 rpm, especially when the outside temperature is around 0 degree. Everyone of my cars, idle fast at 15

Hi.I cannot see other's comment, but the reference to carb cleaner spraying makes me understand that you are talking about a vacuum leak. A vacuum leak won't cause the engine idle low. A vacuum leak aspires extra air into the vacuum and t ... Volkswagen Jetta

What should the temp gauge in my 2005 911 C2S read in "normal" operation? The engine seems to start and run beautifully, but I have noticed that the temp gauge inside the car shows the engine warming up to read "80"...and then the gauge just seems to sit at that reading no matter what I do - more or less aggressive driving, the temperature on the day, etc etc etc. The fan never seems to run after i shut the engine off, which makes me think it isn't running too hot, but the way the temp gauge nee

They are designed not to fluctuate with engine temp and are kept stable once operating temp is reached. only if the temp exceeds a set mark will the needle rise to indicate overheating, ... 2009 Porsche 911

How do I diagnose a bad thermostat or temperature sender unit on a 94 Cherokee sport 4.0L? Once the vehicle warms up, the temp gauge on the dash fluctuates from 210 (center of the gauge and normal operating temp) to up right near the red line. I have an infared thermometer. Is there any way I can make sure the thermostat is working properly and the same for the temp sending unit?

You can remove the thermostat and put in a pot of water and boil it.(should open near the stamped temp on yours, 195f) From what you have posted, ti seems that you have a partially obstructed radiator core and at present, it's just bad enough for the ... 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee

When turn on the car in the morning, i accelerate and the revolutions up to 6,000rpm normal. In 3 minute when the car up the motor temperature to the normal operation, i accelerate and the revolutions up only at 3,000 rpm and down to 2,000 rpm and up againt at 3,000rpm (engine revs. up and down) ( 3,000rpm down, and 2,000rpm up). When the engine temp. is cold accelerate normal from 1,000rpm to 6,000rpm. Honda Accord LX 2.2L 1996. What is the problems?

To begin with, if you are revving a cold engine to 6000 RPM, you are asking for a blown engine. Most OBD vehicles are equipped with a rev limiter that will cut off fuel at 3000 to 4000 rpm to prevent you from over-revving your engine and blowing it ... 1996 Honda Accord

Operating temp what is normal operating temperature for radiator

The thermostat opens at 195 degrees and the radiator fan comes on around 220 degrees. So normal range is between these two temps. ... 1998 Cadillac DeVille

I have a 2003 Civic with a 1.7L Vtech. When temperature outside is above 90 degrees or more and sitting in traffic the engine idles at around 1500-2500 rpm while in gear. Coolant temp doesn't change from normal operating temp, no codes or MIL's. Any one have any ideas?

It is odd that it would do this with no codes. The things I think of here is to inspect anywhere that a vacuum hoses lies. This really sounds like a broken/burned vacuum hose. Usually it would trigger a lean code/s. Inspect the entire engine/compartm ... 2003 Honda Civic

Just filled engine coolant as light came on yesterday, signifying low coolant. today after about a 15 min drive, light came on again but temp gauge was at normal operating temperature. After I parked i looked under the car to find coolant slowly dripping onto the ground. Thermostat, resovoir have both been replaced recently, I have always been very careful at watching temp gauges and so forth and assuring the fluid levels are appropriate. what could this be faulty, pinched wire?? leak?? faulty t

I have a 97 grand am. it started leaking anti freeze underneath the car. i went under to check it out, and found the heater hose that goes in the heater core was leaking. i tred to get the hose off and the clamp which was a *****. the clamp was right ... 1997 Pontiac Grand Am

2001 mitsubishi eclipe heater does not blow hot air, my gauge reads a little below normal temperature whats the problem??? I just changed my thermostat and radiator and coolant temp sensor. at time when i am in traffic my temp gauge begins to rise, yet as soon as i start drivin it drops back down. did i buy a faulty thermostat???

It could be very well your water pump from the sounds of it. When was the last time you had that check or replaced? That would be my next guess to the problem...what's your mileage on the car? ... 2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse

2001 Eurovan trouble code PO118. engine coolant temp circuit high input? Sounds like a temperature sensor issue as the van operates fine and the engine coolant temp is normal and cooling fan comes on correctly. The check engine light with this code comes on for a while and then goes off. Where is this sensor located on the engine? Thanks - Michael Sim

... 2001 Volkswagen Eurovan

I have a 2001 Dodge Caravan SE 2.4L 4 cylinder motor. I had the transmission flushed almost 2 years ago and since then have put 12,000 plus miles on it. All I know is you are suppost to check the transmission fluid while the car is running and idling at normal temps. When between warm and hot you are not suppost to add any fluid. I also know that it is very critical not to add to much transmission fluid. However this is my problem. While running and idling in park at normal operating temperature

You need to, at the minimum, change the fluid & trans filter. Easy proceedure. With van jacked up & blocked so it won't fall, use a large collection tray under trans pan & remove pan bolts. let oil drain into tray. use screwdriver to pry ... 2001 Dodge Caravan

Overheating The temperature guage shows the coolant to be quite hot then it will drop down to normal operating range then back up to hot, down to mid range, back to hot, down to normal. This happens when I am moving. When stopped in traffic or parked the temp gets very hot and stays there. Is this a water punp problem or something else. I recently replaced the radiator and thermostat about 6000 miles ago. Thanks for any ideas.

It may actually be a coolant temp sensor problem - they do have issues sometimes. I'd replace that before anything else - they're generally inexpensive (in the $20 or less range). If, when you ask for a new one, they ask you which one you want, you ... 1992 Isuzu Rodeo

The vehicle is a 2004 Volkswagen Passat wagon GLX with v6 engine and about 55,000 miles. The check engine light comes on and with a code reader it shows a code "PO 118 Mod 10. Engine coolant temp high input". My code reader tool has a reset function and I have erased the check engine light. It does fine for about a week or two and the same reading reapears. The engine operating temperature on the dash always reads in the normal operating range. What is the problem and is it serious?

You have a faulty sensor somewhere here.If you cleared the error and it came back then you need to check the resistance of the sensor with a meter.\015\012Temp sensor is on the tranny side of the head or in the top radiator hose where it has a ... 2002 Volkswagen Passat

1993 Mercury Topaz engine running hot at high outside temps. Cooling fan for radiator does not come on until engine is far above its normal operating temperature. Then, it does a short run and shuts back off. When AC is kicked in, fan does not immediately come on, and it SHOULD run all the while AC is in operation. After a certain point, engine will stop, as if fuel pump failed. Opening fuel line at engine permits gasoline to flow, so I doubt diagnosis--as of yet. Is there a sensor for the

Chec your cooling fan relays, they control the on/off ... 1993 Mercury Topaz

Intermitant temperature 1986 SR-5, 22RE 4WD, 77K. On cold engine, temperature rise is normal and guage good. Blows hot air, temp fully adjustable. No problems with short drives, stop & start engine, temp & heater OK. On 20+ mile drives, temp steady UNTIL I shut down, even if only for a few min's. Although temp must be normal,guage at zero and heater air drops. As long as I leave the engine running, even long drives, temp remains normal, gauge OK. . ONLY when I shut it off will the thermostat app

Check to make sure your thermostat works right by monitoring the warming up of your engine. With a completely cold engine, start and run the engine for a few minutes, then put your hand on the top radiator hose to monitor if and when it gets warm as ... 1986 Toyota 4Runner
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