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I can't get the spark plug wires off. What's the shroud covering

\015 1) There is a metal shroud covering the spark plug ends that slides up and down. Is this a heat shield? Are they connected to the block? 2) I have attempted to pull the spark plug wires off of the spark plugs. No matter how hard I pull, the wires won't come off. I've tried to wiggle them and pull as well as twist and pull, to no avail. I have never run into this problem with any other vehicle.\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

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I just removed 3 front spark plugs on my 2002 Buick Lesabre. They had heat shields. It took me an hour. Unbelievably hard. I pulled, twisted wiggled up and down and side to side. Also I sprayed wd40 into the base of boot. Finally they came off. I reused the wires and shields and the car runs tremendously better. 109,000 mi plugs never changed before. I used Denso twin tips.
I have - many times they are heat fused you need to just get ready to buy new wires you probably need them anyway. Put on a pair of gloves and tear those babies off there is no other way. If you have to get a pair if pliers etc and grab and tear. Don't damage those metal shrouds because they are heat shields and on this particular motor you need them. Take away ant debris and get ready because the plugs are gonna be tough too I bet. I suggest a short breaker bar to break then loose but be CAREFUL because you don't want to break one off in the block. Just get a perfect fit on a spark plug socket and don't mess around with one motion break them free. They need to be changed. Hop this helps. Good Luck
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Your spark plug wires have a rubber boot on the end of them and some times they come off and stay on the spark plug to where you can't get the socket on the plug. If you have oil on your plug wires than you need to replace the valve covers. You can u ... 2001 Mazda Protege

I can't get the spark plug wires off. What's the shroud covering

I just removed 3 front spark plugs on my 2002 Buick Lesabre. They had heat shields. It took me an hour. Unbelievably hard. I pulled, twisted wiggled up and down and side to side. Also I sprayed wd40 into the base of boot. Finally they came off. I reu ... 1988 Buick LeSabre

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I just reciently found oil in my #1 and #4 spark plug holes so I soaked up the oil with towels, replaced valve cover gasket, plugs, wires, and rotor but now the car won't start. I checked for spark through the distributer and when I pulled out a plug, there was gas all over it so I know it is getting fuel. It ran just before the fix but now it doesn't. Autozone and online sources say the spark plug gap is .044 in but the ones I pulled out during the fix were gapped at .04, so I tried gapping at

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You can use a universal joint extension and a wobble drive extension to get to the difficult ones ... Ford Crown Victoria

Theirs a metel sheathing covering end of spark plug wire connecting to the spark plug.How do i disconnect it to get to the spark plug?

These are either mounted with the spark plug or theirs probably 3-4 small screws that are mounted into the manifold itself. not sure but the ones i come across were that way.\015\012these are heat sheilds.\015\012good luck ... 2001 Buick LeSabre

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Try filling the hole of the plastic boot with a phillips screwdriver or something. The closest to the hole diameter the better. This will help against crushing the plastic so easily. Use a pair of channel locks and first gently twist the boot to brea ... 1995 Toyota Camry

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Something is gittn hot in the electrics and causing high resistence--common in older cars--need to have and OBD I scan that runs a data stream showing values of components------go to a specialist ... 1989 Volvo 240

Pcm i was diagnosing why my #5 fuel injector was not responding. i checked it it is good. i replaced spark plugs, wires, distributor and rotor. i ran a compression check. it all checks out good. i took my volt meter and checked all the injector plugs. every one but #5 reads 1 amp in/1 amp out. except #5 it reads 12amps constantly. so i checked the wires all the way back to to the pcm and why i was trying to get another reading i grounded out through the fuel rail. the engine shut down and i cant

First is check fuses, if none bad it's a bad pcm ... 1998 Jeep Cherokee

Spark plugs I see you couldnt get to the back spark plug well I cant seem to find any. i took the top cover off and dont see them. Where are they?

They are under the coils (coil-over plugs), The upper intake plenum has to come off to replace the rear plugs;make sure to replace plenum gasket, Good luck! ... 2003 Kia Sedona

Cant get the spark plug wires off of the spark plugs

... 1992 Buick Regal

Engine light comes on. RAV starts like it is cold(wintertime), idles roughly like it will cut off. Recently replaced thermostat and had a valve cover replaced. Apparently spark plug wire covers are worn but mechanic said that is not an urgent problem. I am 600 km from home and must drive through the mountains. Can I get home without getting it checked? Thank you!

Take the car to an autoparts store and have them scan the computer for any fault codes stored there. Most parts stores will do the scan for free and getting the codes should help narrow down the cause of the problem. It could be a faulty idle air con ... 1998 Toyota RAV4

The motor is turning over but not firing up. I removed a spark plug wire to see if it was getting spark, nothing. I then replaced the wire n removed the wire running to the coil, then i got sparks. I removed the spark plugs n noticed they were full of gas (drenched). I let them dry, but think im going to replace them. I then removed the distributor cap. rotor looks worn n burned but my question is... If im getting sparks at the distributor cap why isnt it sending it to the spark plugs? co

Replace rotor button ... Chevrolet Astro

Idling rough and low on power. Also getting oil in the spark plug wells. Possibly a valve cover leaking? Changed one coil pack and new plug wires, but when I took it apart this time after it run good for a week it had oil in the plug wells again. Could this oil short out the plugs and foul them? Or could it be another coil pack issue?

Probably valve cover gasket. This oil does not affect operation other than to smoke a bit. Idle and power issues are unrelated to oil. Unless it is missing, power and idle may be fuel mixture issue. Is the engine light on? If yes, get a scan at ... 1999 Kia Sportage

[email protected] i did my best and i am pleased with your service i pulled off plug to power box there were not 4 wires but many i put it back i then pulled a connnector for 2 wires from battery to somewhere and then to starter i used th e short wire to connect the two the engine turned over with key on but no start i gave up on that how would i get spark to engine? i then took off steering column cover blue wire from the key switch was corroded but not disco

Factory immobilisor by the sound of it ,call the tow truck and have it taken to dealer as its not an immobilisor for nothing where anybody can by-pass it ,1993 will have an immobilisor all vehicles in europe have this from 92 ,including cat exhausts ... 1993 Dodge D150

Spark Plugs Whats the easiest way to remove the coil from the top of the plug, the metal sleeve that covers it seems to prevent you from getting a good grip on the coil to seperate it from the plug.

You must mean the wire.There is a metal heat shield around the wire at the motor and it is connected to the wire.Just put a pair of needle nose pliers on the metal sleeve and twist it and pull it off ... 2001 Chevrolet Silverado

The engine on my sons 91 Mazda Miata is running ruff. Like on 3 cylinders. If I pull the spark plug wire on the #1 cylinder the engine runs the same. If I pull the spark plug wires on the #2,3, or 4 cylinders the engine runs worse or dies. It seems to be getting a good spark but I changed the plugs and wires anyway and the problem remains. While running the engine with the #1 spark plug wire removed there is no accumulation of fuel on the spark plug. It's bone dry. Nor does any fuel come o

You have done a great test but If I assk you to do a swap of the Ist cylinder plug and injector with one from the 3rd , we can come to a conclusion before we can change the full set of plugs and injectors for a good performance.( only if the mileage ... 1991 Mazda MX-5

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Hi, are you sure your fuel pump is running? I'm assuming you have the 4-cylinder 2.5 liter engine. The ECU and the injector are powered by the same wire as the ignition system. See diagram below. ... 1987 Chevrolet Celebrity

Starting Problem I've put a new valve cover gasket kit on the car due to oil found in the spark plug wells, i've put new Bosh plugs Platinum plugs in the car it's run a lot smoother now i've put a new intake air filter in the car, but i haven't changed the spark plug wires yet because i put new wires on it and kept the old spark plugs in and drove it and the car wad using to much gas so i changed the spark plugs and kept the old wires and noticed a big change in the gas usage could there still b

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Hey i have a eclipse gst... The car is not running right at idle. Ive already posted this once, but letting you know that ive set the timing... I lined up the cams with top dead center and lined up the crank as well.. I cant get it any better. I just replaced the spark plugs and the plug wires... Dont know if a sensor has gone out like i said before there were no codes on the scanner when i scanned it the first time.. Thanks hope someone can help me.

Check the crankshaft and camshaft sensors, and fuel pressure. ... 1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse
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