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87 toyota will not start when warm

\015 My 87 toy runs great but will only occasionally not start hwen the weather is warm or its been driven around alot, however when this happens if i let it sit for 1-12 hours it will start right back up, replaced starter last summer and it still does this, help!\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

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My question is this I have a 1983 toyota pickup truck with the 22R engine.About a week ago I pulled out ot my drive way and when the motor warm up it started to run rough and black soot was coming from my exhaust.So I checked my air filter and gas filter and they where all right.So I decided to rebuilt the carb,and when I started the engine and it ran okay until it warmed up and started to run rough and black soot started coming from the exhaust.So rebuilting the carb did not make any difference

Black soot is a running rich condition it's getting to much gas not enough air .. 14-1 ratio air to gas your carb rebuild needs to be rechecked for sticking float.. ... 1983 Toyota Pickup

2000 toyota camry V6 has trouble starting when warm..Starts fine when cold...Once the car has been warmed up and you try to start it...It won't stay running unless you keep your foot on the gas..Throttle body has been cleaned out and EGR valve has been replace. Any suggestions would be appreciated

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Have a 88 toyota 4x4 and it is hard to start when engine is warm. starts good when engine is cold. the engine turns over and over for a several seconds then starts when warm.

... 1988 Toyota Pickup

2004 Toyota Tacoma Pre-Runner - when the air is running sometimes it starts blowing warm air if I turn the tempertaure control dial from cool to warm and back it starts blowing cold air again - Why?

... 2004 Toyota Tacoma

1993 Toyota 4 by 4 pickup Starts and idles fine Runs fine while its cold Once it starts to warm up it runs roughly But still idles fine will not rev up once warm

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1994 toyota pickup having trouble starting on cool mornings then check eng. light stays on. seems once it's warmed enough to kick off chokeit wants to die until warm enough to sustain itself. can it be choke vaccumm advance? this is attached under throttle body and has approx. 2 inch long vacumm hose to it. sounds like a slight air leak, have replaced hose but still has leak.can this go bad, and if so what is actual name of part. toyota dealer acts if they've never heard of such a part.

That would actually be the most probable cause. The chokes do get faulty. Also the injectors are temp sensitive as well as temp sensor which you can test with an ohmmeter ... Toyota Pickup

My 2005 Toyota Corolla (CE) won't start in cold temps. IT'S NOT THE BATTERY! When the temp warms up it starts. If the headlights are on when the key is turned, they do not dim. I think it is the starter, but expensive to replace as a step in trouble shooting. Of course, the starter checks out fine when we bring it in because it is warmed up. What do I do?

You could be right, it may not be the battery, but something to consider.\012In cold weather the damand on the battery to turn and start the engine is much higher than in warm weather.\012\012Often people buy a replacement battery w ... 2005 Toyota Corolla

Have a 92 toyota pickup v6 4x4 extra cab. Truck starts on a cold start, however when I drive the pickup, say approx. 7 miles. I'll turn the truck off, in 5 minutes if I try to start the truck (engine is hot or warm) it won't start. Sounds like it wants to turn over, it won't start or if it does, it wants to die? What's the problem?

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I have a 1997 Toyota 4 runner. Has been a great suv. I am starting to have problems with my transmission. when you first start up the truck (cold start) it drives fine. after it warms up the trans in drive starts to slip or slow to move( from a stopped position) but when dropped in 1st gear is fine. It seems (Drive) is the only gear effected. does this mean $3,000 for a new trans?

... 1995 Toyota 4Runner

My 1999 Toyota Sienna has developed a problem: sometimes it doesn't start immediately. The engine seems to be starting, the car shakes a bit and then stops. If I press the gas pedal all the way, it will start and once the engine is warm, it starts OK. Spark plugs, gas pump, injector? Thanks for your help in advance, J. Cossio

This sounds like one of 3 things. I would say that the most likely would be the Mass Air Flow sensor is bad. The second most likely is the Throttle Positioning Sensor. And if not that then the possibly the Manifold Air Pressure Sensor. But all three ... 2003 Toyota Sienna

I have a 1987 toyota 4x4 with a 22re 4 cyl efi with a brand new head on it it starts and runs perfect when its cold but it wont start when its warmed up i can hold the key in the start position and i can hear the fuel pump working it trys to start but then dies

Check ur battery, check the engine radiator hose and the condition of radiator, and always check the water. if the problem is still there check the igniter plug if there's carbon presence around, if u found its burned, its better to change. do this t ... 1987 Toyota Pickup

I have toyota celica 95,96, 1.8 st; car was off road for year and started it up now and then but did not run it up to operating temperature, put car back on road, passed mot, but on start up i need to press accelerator to keep revs up, when warmed a little the car idles high. The car idles(high) at the revs on original cold start, when the auto choke was open, noting need to rev at start up now.

... 1990 Toyota Celica

I have a 2000 toyota celica gts manual trans, the car runs fine but after it warms up it doesnt want to start, the motor will turn but not start, it is showing three different codes p0100, p0110, and

... 2000 Toyota Celica

1992 Toyota Celica wont start after warming up.

Moister in dizzy cap and sounds like it has a hair line crack try cranking it over in the dark when engine is warm you will see spark leaving the cap if its cracked when its warm the spark escapes alot easier and wont start. ... Toyota Celica

I have a 1992 toyota previa it starts right up no problem , but when It warms up by ridding it , it starts doing a jerking motoin then it stolls ,but it would start right up and does the same thing again/

... 1992 Toyota Previa

My Toyota camry 1987 start warming and a few minutes the car off engine and not start again. When cooling start.

... 1987 Toyota Camry

1992 toyota 4 runner has hard time starting. I keeping cranking it till it starts which takes about at least a minute to two minutes. when the engine is warm, it starts back up with ease. only when the engine is cold this happens. I have changed almost every fuel part associated with the fuel system except the fuel dampner. any advice?

What engine do you have in this? ... 1990 Toyota 4Runner

Car (2005 Toyota Corolla) won't start when it is very cold. It will not crank at all. It is NOT the battery! I can have the headlights on and try to start and the headlights don't dim at all. When the weather warms up, it starts. I want to replace the starter, but I physically can't do it and it is expensive to do as a step of troubleshooting if it doesn't fix the problem

Test for voltage at S terminal on starter while cranking.If no voltage suspect ignition switch.If voltage exists, suspect starter. ... 2005 Toyota Corolla

Toyota 2003 Car of 85kW 2.0 D4D diesel. Who have a similar experience with some of these engines. The problem is this: if the engine is warm and then lowering the engine speed, the car starts to twitch. The car starts to lose power. When holding the accelerator pedal at the bottom, nothing happens. Motor is thinking for 5-10 seconds, then throws a cloud of black smoke from the silencer. When the engine is cold, there is no problem. Cold start, idle, and acceleration is very good with a cold engi

... 2004 Toyota Avalon

I have a 1986 Toyota Camry LE L4 2.0 Liter FI. When starting it has a real difficult time starting and when accelerating it hesitates. This gets better as the car warms up. The problem keeps getting worse each day. If I rev the engine for a minute or so the problem goes away. This too is taking longer and longer however. This morning the car eventually started, but while revving the motor it died and now won't restart. Any ideas? Fuel filter, EGR or something else? Thanks for your time.

Hello! A device called the Mass Air Flow sensor (MAF)is the #1 culprit...#2 is a stuck throttle body flapper valve...The MAF is bolted to the air filter housing outlet, it has a connector plugged into it, and a hose which goes to th ... Toyota Camry

I have a 1994 Toyota Paseo that if it sets over night its like the fuel bleeds back. I have put a fuel pump and a fuel pressure regulator on it and it still takes 3 or 4 cranks to get it started. But one thing after you get it started and let it warmed up it runs great and for the rest one the day it starts right up. thanks Bob

When you turn your key to the accessories position just before you turn it over, you should be able to hear your fuel pump humming. Let it him until it stops, turn key off. Then do this again. If you try this two or three times it should start right ... 1994 Toyota Paseo

2002 Toyota Camry 4cyl 4spd auto slow/uncrisp shifting when cold2002 Toyota Camry 4cyl with Aisin U241E 4 spd automatic 150k miles. When the tranny is cold it shifts slowly (i.e. the shifts are not crisp). As the tranny warms up the shifting improves until it starts to shift normally. I was told that the seals are going out and the transmission needs to be More2002 Toyota Camry 4cyl with Aisin U241E 4 spd automatic 150k miles. When the tranny is cold it shifts slowly (i.e. the shifts are not cri

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Toyota emina when warms up it won't start

Do you mean the starter wont turn the engine over ... 1995 Toyota Previa

1994 Toyota Corolla hard to start when warm

Does it have a cold start injector seperate from the other injectors usually on the upper intake somewhere with a fuel line going to it ... 1994 Toyota Corolla

During winter time, my Toyota Camry '96 takes too long for the heat to warm up the interior but when it finally starts to warm up, it sure does not feel hot enough. Any suggestions what to do o h

I would say it is the the thermostat. it makes the engine heat up to i am pretty sure 195 degrees at a fairly quick rate then opens to cool the engine once to running temperature and opens and closes as needed to keep ... 1996 Toyota Camry
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