Having problems with your 1987 Toyota Corolla 2 Door ?

Hi i have a 4afc i have repalaced the water pump removed thermostat flushed radiator and block with garden hose and it is still over heating what could be left to do

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Answers :

Possible blown head gasket and head repairs is in order.
\015\012combustion is leaking into cooling system
\015\012can do a few checks
\015\012T.K. head check
\015\012remove spark plugs when engine is warm with cooling system under pressure (radiator pressure tester)
\015\012leave for 10-20 minutes inspect for pressure loss
\015\012if so pressurise system and crank over with plugs removed and check for water (mist) commong out of cylinders
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Hi i have a 4afc i have repalaced the water pump removed thermostat flushed radiator and block with garden hose and it is still over heating what could be left to do

Possible blown head gasket and head repairs is in order.\015\012combustion is leaking into cooling system\015\012can do a few checks\015\012T.K. head check \015\012remove spark plugs when engine is warm with cooling system und ... 1987 Toyota Corolla 2 Door

Only thing left that could cause overheating of my 97' Chevy Cavalier is the engine block restricting flow and boiling the coolant because i now have a new pump, thermostat(put heat to it and it works at proper temp) flushed the radiator and hoses checked everything else up to the block and all passageways are clear so the only thing left thats possible is the passageways through the engine itself. just not entirely sure how(apprears to have a fairly new head) and my dad bought the car in florid

Do a combustion test at the radiator\015\012\015\012I bet the head gasket is failing ... 1997 Chevrolet Cavalier

Toyota Corolla 2003 CE. Car started overheating, Pulled over and steam was coming from engine. Found out radiator seemed to be leaking. poured antifreeze into radiator and heard liquid splashing on ground else where near radiator. Towed vehicle to house and next day pulled radiator out and found one hose that led to engine block seemed to have become detached. Re-attached hose and radiator. filled with antifreeze and this time no Splashing sound, but first test run car still over heated after ab

... 2003 Toyota Corolla

Motor will not heat up at all, it runs fine but will not reach operating temp. and of course not heat. I have changed thermostat, checked hose's drained and refilled radiator. still will not heat up. I have even used cardboard to block half of radiator while driving to heat motor up no luck.

No one has used cardboard to block a radiatorsince the 1960'sWhat is the actual coolant temp,oil temp,etcThat can be found using a scan toolYou can use a IR Gun also on radiator ... 1998 Lincoln Navigator

My heat started blowing out warm air. I reversed and forward flushed the system several times, still the same. I bought a Heat Control Valve and replaced the vacuum hose, still the same. I bought a Climate control Head, still the same. I took it to a mechanic and put a new radiator, cap, thermostat and heater core, still the same. He said that the Climate Control Cable could be stretched and not allowing the door to work properly. I took the cable off the Head & held the case while pulling on th

Hello, my name is Ben. Since you stated it got a little hotter when you manually pulled on the cable, it is possible that the plastic where the cable ends hook could be worn excessively. Have you tried to manipulate the door by hand, totally eliminat ... 1995 Plymouth Grand Voyager

I replaced the radiator,hoses,thermostat ,radiator cap,fans r both working well,there is no water in my oil so I don't think its a cracked gasket, I bled the the air from the system but it still keeps over heating and is getting costly and frustrating. Don't know what else it could b please give me more ideas of what it could b need this car 4 work and financially can't buy another car right now. I greatly appreciate it. Charlie

Since all the above checks point to the fact that your car cooling system is in order the fault remains that the engine overheats due to poor settings.\012So it is important to have your engine tuned up. This means that the timing is most impor ... 1991 Acura Legend

I have a 1991 toyota 4 runner and i am having problems with overheating, i have replaced the water pump,fan clutch, 3 radiators,2 radiator caps,the upper and lower radiatior hoses,2 thermostats and the temp, sending unit, the gauge on the instrument pannel reads it is only half way, but it will never go above that, so i was told it could be a clogged block, or a fan relay switch, my question is where it that fan relay switch located? or do you know of any other reasons why i could still be havin

Most comun problem on those cars is the HEAD GASKET there was a recall for that. but not enymore i think. ok the problem is the head gasket on cylinder #6. it breaks they say couse the head is made out of aluminium and the block is iron. You should h ... 1991 Toyota 4Runner

My 1998 subaru forester keeps heating up. We have changed the thermostat, put new head gaskets on, and a new water pump. The cap still heats up. The gage goes the whole way up. We have checked for air in the radiator hoses many times and there is no carbon coming back up the radiator so we don't think the head gaskets are blown again. We have put less than 50 miles on the new head gaskets. What could be wrong?

Subarus tend to block their radiators. Often there is only 10% or less flow. The radiator needs to be taken out and have a radiator shop strip and rod out the core tubes or fit a new or recored radiator. ... 1998 Subaru Forester


Sounds like a bad heater core usually located under the dash and stereo ... 1994 GMC Sonoma

Overheated motor I had replaced piston rings and piston bearings and had the head skimmed and valves seated after over heating but the problem is when the engine is cooled down, the radiator hoses sqeeze closed as if there is a vacuum in the radiator. The temperature is normal on short distance and the starting is no problem although I lose about 100 - 200ml of radiator water.The engine had no piston ridge so was not needed to rebore. could the block or head be cracked as this was not checked? B

Hi\015\012Have you replaced the radiator cap and if you have a expansion tank fitted check that also. As the water temp rises to normal temp it send water to the expansion tank and when it cools down it sucks it back. Check that yo ... 1994 Toyota Corolla

1997 buick century 3.1, temperature gage says overheating, lose heat in car, turn it off and wait 15 to 20 minutes, start it up, heat works and temperature goes just above half. Changed out radiator cap, water pump, thermostat, large heater hose within last two weeks and it's still giving high temperature indications. Does not appear to be actually overheating. Also have no milage or gear indications on instrument panel. Could it be the instrument panel cluster? Can I swap it with another junk y

Temp sensor or air pocket near the temp sensor. replace the temp sensor and follow correct fill procedures for the coolant. ... 1997 Buick Century

1996 chevy corsica 2.2 liter engine. Coolant temp never reaches above one-quarter hot, therefore no heat. I've put in four thermostats, installed new radiator, disconnected the cooling fan, still no heat. Am I correct in installing the thermostat with the spring facing inward towards the engine block? What else could be the problem?

You may have a stopped-up heater core. It's a little radiator inside your dash; it's where the heat comes from. I don't understand why the temp gauge isn't reading any higher than that... ... 1990 Chevrolet Corsica

I have a 2005 Chevy Cobalt, 2.2L. I am loosing coolant. There are no leaks from the overflow to the radiator, to the block, nor to the heater hoses. I can smell coolant while driving with the heat on. Defrost and heater still work well. Also not over heating while driving. While searching noticed a drain coming out of the Firewall on the passenger side, looks to be where the coolant is coming from. Im guessing it has something to do with the heater core, which I know nothing about. If so

You can buy the replacement heater core at Auto Zone for around $90.00 and they can give you the step by step instructions for you to get the job done with common tools. In the mean time you can add about 3 table spoon of common kitchen Black Pepper ... 2005 Chevrolet Cobalt

My trooper keeps over heating, I have changed the fan clutch,the radiator, the radiator cap. I have even taken the thermostat out. and it still runs hot. no crack in the block, could the heater core be clogged? Only 20,000 miles on new motor. Its got a 5 speed manual transmission

Are you sure the engine is running hot. How are you determining this. does it boil over or are you going by the light on the dash or the temp gauge. You may have a bad temp sensor. With the engine running and the radiator cap removed, can you see flo ... 1989 Isuzu Trooper

Its coming from a house from the left side of the car in between the wheel well and the block, could it be a heater hose or bottom radiator hose?

Thats the first place I would check ... 1991 Chevrolet Camaro

No heat from the heater in 1999 dodge caravan. So I Replaced thermostat, water pump, radiator cap. flushed out the heater cores (front and back) New coolant added (removed 2 plugs so air could escape while adding. Still no heat front and back. Engine temp 195. Hoses to heater core are not warm...no circulation? Can you help? Thanks Dale

Check this site out !! http://www.automotix.net/partshotline-do...your heater control valve might be faulty al ... 1999 Dodge Grand Caravan

I have a 97 cavalier with a 2.2L. It is over heating and the low coolant light will not go out. I have replaced the thermostat, radiator, radiator cap, serpentine belt, water pump, and transmission cooling lines to the radiator. But it is still over heating. I noticed that the upper hose is warm/hot to the touch, but the lower hose is still cool. I took out the thermostat and tested it in boiling water and it opens up. I drove my car without the thermostat and it doesn't over heat. I cann

The low coolant light is a sensor on the side of the radiator with a wire plug to it you can disconnect it and the light will go out and youll be back to having to check the coolant level,as for overheating, tack the thermostat back and replace with ... Chevrolet Cavalier

Ex450 hitachi excavator, 6rb1t isuzu engine. radiator is new , new thermostat, new water pump, flushed the block out sealed around the radiator for heat return, still gets hot, 76 degree thermostat and the radiator is 76 degrees (checked with a laser heat gauge) . but the rear of the block still gets 95 + degrees. and that is just in the yard no buck moving the dipper arm in and out and boom up and down. has anyone else had similar troubles or is there a common fault or something? any help woul

... Cars & Trucks

1999 4.7 v8 Engine cooling problem!! I have replaced radiator due to small leak, both fans work, system is full of coolant as visible thru coolant bleed port. Top hose gets hot indicating flow. However, she still overheats. Is there a way to test water pump output pressure to ensure that the flow I'm sensing is sufficient? I have heard that the coolant sustem bleeding process is key to maintaing temp? The system is full, could there be air pockets in block? I'm stuck!!!! thanks, curt

Replace the waterpump and thermostat ... 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Heater stoped working so i changed thermostat and flushed radiator and i opened the air escape valve left it overnight so that any air pockets could escape. Still no heat and trying to run hot. there is no sign of heater coil damage as i know of. what to do?

I just had this problem. Loosen radiator cap and drive should get the air out. That fixed mine. ... 1998 Pontiac Firebird

Overheating...temporarily...Temp keeps going up high, then comes back down again. Has New thermostat, coolant level is good, new temp sensor. Heat seems to be working and serp. belt is good. Any thoughts...water pump is not leaking at weep hope and no play in the bearing, could it still be weak ? The radiator is only hot on the sides and top, feels cold if I tough the front or back and both upper and lower hoses are hot....... Help please

That would be air in the system bleed the system ... 1991 Ford Explorer

The engine over heated, because the fans were not working. I installed a new fan. A few days later, there was a major engine Knock that seems to be high up in the intake manifold area....I removed the right valve cover, and it seems ok there, the car still runs, but it sounds like a major component because it is very loud, and there is no power. could it be the water pump? it isnt leaking water. Is the water pump at the end of the lower radiator hose? where is the thermostat?

If my engine was making a strange sound after it overheated I would be extremely concerned. You need to have someone qualified look at this before you end up destroying the engine. All anyone sight unseen can do is guess. Your guess is ... 1990 Subaru Legacy

My kid has a 96 neon i've replaced the radiator and themostat and the is still running hot there's only two things left heater core but there's no antifreeze on the passenger side (2) i thought it was the water pump but when the car runs hot i turn on the heat in the car it's cool air so could it be the heater core plus the water pump

If you're not losing coolant, it's much more likely to be the water pump. Most heater cores leak when they go so although it's not impossible, I'd be very surprised if the heater core was even partly to blame for your overheating problem. ... 1996 Dodge Neon

I just replaced 3 radiator hoses but i still hear a hissing and my car is over heating, what could it be?

Could be a water pump, look for tell-tale puddles of antifreeze (yellowish-green) under the front-center of the engine. There is also at least one short bypass hose (kinda below the distributor) that deteriorates & leaks. ... 1991 Lincoln Mark VII

I have a 95 honda civic dx and it keeps over heating - i changed the thermostat but the problem is that it doesn't seem to be circulating through the engine - the bottom hose is still cold for the radiator - do you think i need a new water pump or could it be something else?

... 1995 Honda Civic
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