Having problems with your 1987 Toyota Camry ?

The car will not start and the batterie is fully charged will not turn over and the lights will not come on

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Answers :

Check your fuses 1 st sounds as if the starter itself is either bad or the terminals are corroded check them and clean them thoroughly sounds like a grounding issue
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Battery is fully charged lights come on but power to dash and turning the key wont turn the engine over. not clicks no sound car intidacator lights come on along with the ding ding when the door is open. key will lock and unlock but wont start the car at all!

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Hi I just bought a 2004 Mazda 323 and I had to turn the key twice to start it. The next day it wouldnt start at all until I charged the battery with jumper cables. The third day it wouldnt start again even after I used jumper cambles, however the lights did come on. I checked the battery and it is fully charged. I am so frustrated due to the fact I just bought the car!!! If anyone has any suggestions it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Cheryl

If you go by the green light on the top of the battery that is a false indicator it only shows the one cell of the battery it is in,so that cell could be good and the rest could be bad.how bright were the lights when turned on,I would take the batter ... 1993 Mazda 323

Car will not start occasionally. When you turn key on, nothing. battery is fully charged. lights come on and everthing. try to start it a couple of hours later, starts right up. turn it off, and try again, starts right up. It's like it has a mind of it's own. Any suggestions?

Hello! One of several defects can cause this fault...Tell me, do you hear a click on those occasions when the vehicle will not start? Send a comment with an answer to this question...It is a main branch to troubleshoot further...Guru...Saailer ... 1998 Ford Taurus

My 2007 Nissan Maxima won't start. When you try to turn it on it makes a faint sound that sounds like a weak attempt to start. It doesn't appear to be the battery as the lights all come on normally, the owner's manual says that the ignition knob won't turn if the battery is "discharged" (although I read a post where they were able to turn it but fixing the battery fixed the problem), and because I tried charging the car battery with a car battery charge (The charger was at 62% and was at 65% af

What can cause the battery to go bad more than once .?? Due to the same symptoms described in the post ... ... 2007 Nissan Maxima 3.5 Sl Sedan

We had very cold conditions in our area (-35) for about a week. I could barely get the car started one day. the next day the car wouldn't start at all. All the interior lights and bussers worked and the battery was fully charged. There was no sound coming from under the hood when i turned on the ignition. The starter is only a year old and was functioning just fine, i'm hoping it just a fuse but which one i don't know. Could it be the starter again? if it is a fuse which one inside or under the

Could be a fuse. cold weather make the starter draw alot of amps. or if the starter selinod is the cold to to kick in the starter. I use a light bulb under the start sometime it helps. ... 1993 Nissan Altima

I turn my key to start the car, lights and radion come on, but the car wont turn over at all. I have already cheked the battery and it is fully charged.

Does it click?\015\012if so then youv got abad battery conection\015\012if not cheak the nutral safty switch, and then the starter\015\012then the ignition switch ... 2004 Chrysler Crossfire

I have a 1995 MB SL500. I went to start the car and nothing happened. All dash lights are on, the battery is fully charged, remote locks are woring,etc. I drove the car one hour earlier with no problem. When I turn the ignition to on, there is a clicking sound coming from behind the dash on the passenger side.Could the cars anti-theft system have disable the starter?

Did your chat session result in a solution? If not, I'd like to try to help you. Please advise. ... 1995 Mercedes-Benz SL-Class

Automobile troubleshooting 94 Chrysler Concorde... Engine would not start after pulling in to a parking space for 3 minutes, battery is new and fully charged, lights are bright and strong, both dim and bright, battery terminals clean. Attempted to start the car and it turned one turn and then was dead.... turning the key causes the dash lights and radio dial to dim to black. Fuses check out OK Checked the Starter relay, and seems to be OK... Car will sometimes "miss" or "lurch" when driving o

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Battery fully charged just replaced the main fuse. Now no interior lights and the car won't start. Recently bought 89 mazda mx6. Was warned the door was possibly running the battery down no problems until a few weeks ago I had to get a jump start for it to turn over no problems there. Now there's no reponse at all inside no interior lights no radio of course won't turn over. I'd like to at least get it started to go have tests done on the car. Just need some idea where the problem might be

Main fuse beside battery terminals might be your problem ... 1996 Mazda MX-6

My 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4.0 l won't start. When I turn the ignition, no clicks, starter won't turn over but the display panel lights illuminate randomly...some of the idiot lights just go on and off randomly....starter doesn't engage. The headlights and interior light come on strong so there seems to be electrical power....I charged the battery anyway. When I jumped the car's battery, I could get the car to start and it seemed to run ok including the display screen but I had to keep my f

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WEIRD PROBLEM I have a 2000 Saturn Sl1 that was running fine and then it would not start. The lights in the car come on and so does the radio. The head lights do not come on. While I have the key turned to where the lights and radio come on, when I push my brake everything turns off, and when I release the brake everything turns back on. I have charged the battery and it still will not start. Is this an electrical problem, the starter, alternator?

My car did the same thing.... we cleaned the battery cables... makes no since ?? my lights and radio came on too but would not start.... i would could high beam lights, everything.... and when i took the key out my low beams would stay on??? we clea ... 2000 Saturn SL

When I start the car the cooling fan turns on and the charge battery light and airbag light come on. The airbag light flashes and when I rev the car the dash lights go brighter as well as the head lights i am wondering what would cause this and if i have to replace the wiring in the whole car or if it is just a relay for the alt. that is causing the battery to over charge and put out to much power. please answer this with as much information as possible thank you very much and I really hope tha

Sounds like you might have a overcharging regulator in the alternator,they will overcharge aswell as undercharge,have your charging system checked and if it's putting out more than 13.2 replace.\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012 ... Mazda MX-6

I left my car lights on and drained the battery. After charging the battery I turn the ignition key to start the car all the lights on the dash come on as they are supposed to but the car will not turn over. There is a red light to the left of the stearing wheel that keeps on blinking. Do you know what this is and how do I reset it?

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2002 Jag x-type 3.0 automatic: When I turn the key to start all of the warning lights turn on but the engine doesn't start. There are no clicking noises just a light hum. The radio works and the lights turn on as well. The car will start after trying about 5-7 times or after a jump start. Once it is running no warning lights are on. The battery is fully charged and the mechanics can't figure out why this is happening.. Any suggestions?

... 2002 Jaguar X-Type

I have a 2004 Hyundai elantra. When driving all my gauges turn off including my odometer and speedometer. My car loses power and the automatic trans. has trouble shifting. My battery completely dies, however if I let the car sit about 45 minutes the battery seems to charge up and the car starts. My alternator light never comes on. I have slow charged the battery overnight but same problem occurs while driving. Can this be the alternator or the battery heating up and losing it's charge?

I am having the same problem with my 2004 Elantra. I have had the alternator tested twice and did replace the battery. This morning I had it running ad put a volt meter on it ( red to the battery pos black to the engine block) I did get a reading of ... 2004 Hyundai Elantra

I have a mercury sable 2001. Lost the only key I had. I paid 200 dollars for a locksmith to come out and fix it since it needed a chip. After the key was made we noticed the battery was dead. I brought the battery to the store and they charged it. Now car lights go on fine but when I turn the key to start the car it acts like it wants to start but won't. The battery light and exclamation point stays on with the key forward as well. Is it the key?

... Cars & Trucks

Our 2004 Chrysler Sebring has not been driven in a while, maybe about a year. Apparently, the battery died (it is the original battery...5 yrs old) and the computer reset itself. We charged the battery, to the point where the charger said it was fully charged, and tried to start the car. There was a click, followed by one attempt for the engine to turn over...then an electrified smell in the air. Check Engine light is one while trying to start the car, but the engine is in good condition. A

I think your friend is right ... Chrysler Sebring

Hey Chief. I have a mazda mx6. It has been sitting for a month and I tried to start it. I jumped it with my wench battery (not fully charged either), but the car started. Everything was fine until I went to an idle then the car shut off. It was weird the head lights were on but the switch was off. Now nothing comes on except head lights. We put a good battery from another car on it, but not even a click from the starter.

Suggest you check the fuses under the hood in black box. you most likely have one that's blown. hope this helps!! ... Mazda MX-6

My 2005 Chevy Malibu Maxx has a computer problem and it wont start, nor will all the ignition lights come on. My battery is fully charged but when i turn the key it only makes a small clicking sound. It also has has a small car and Pad-lock icon on the dash. Please help me soon... Thank You!!

... 2005 Chevrolet Malibu Maxx

The car will not start and the batterie is fully charged will not turn over and the lights will not come on

Check your fuses 1 st sounds as if the starter itself is either bad or the terminals are corroded check them and clean them thoroughly sounds like a grounding issue ... 1987 Toyota Camry

Battery is only chargeing intermittently I think. Both lights and battery warning dashboard warnings come on, and stay on when I start the car. I believe the lights icon is only to alert you to a failed light in the system,. Both of these go off if the voltge regulater decides to work and turns on the alternater to charge the system. Is the voltage regulater an integral part of the alternater???Do I need to replace both??? Is there some other problem>????Battery seems good...

You need to measure the charging voltage and current using a multimeter while Rev'ing the engine. If there is no clean flow to the battery then you need to start from the alternator, the output ac and the charging regulator section which rectifies an ... 1991 Toyota Camry

Steering wheel was turned in process to locate battery prior to knowing that positive and negative prongs where located under the hood for more convient jump start. after recieving an intional charge and attempting to start car, the ignition refused to turn forward and let the car start. however, the key was able to be turned backwards, so that the stero and luxurie lights would come on. so we are stumped as to if whether or not we need to reset the computer or if we are facing a differnt pro

Pull the wheel hard in the direction you had turned it when it locked, that should free the lock mechanism enough to turn the key. What's happened is that the wheel trying to go back to center had jammed the locking mechanism. Remember to turn the ... 2001 Chrysler Concorde

Volts Light I started my car one morning and it wouldn't start and then i charged the batter and it started. I kept it running with out the battery charger then I turned it off then back on it started to i turned the car off so the battery can charge. I tried the same thing when the battery was charged and it wouldn't start. So i put the battery cahrger on the next day and let it charge for a while and took off the positive jumper cable off and it stayed on so i bought a new batter. My car start

If the light is on the charging system is not charging properly.. it should be over 13v running the most likely reason is a bad alternator.. ... 1996 Chevrolet Lumina Mini

We just bought a used suburban with a remote ignition system. It does not work, however, when you atempt to use it the car will not start for some time there after, I assume this is an anti theft system gone awry. In general to start the car, you must turn the keyto the first click and wait for all the engine lights to come on and then fully turn the key to make it start. However this morning, it wont start at all. It is not the battery or cables or sparkplugs.

I HATE those things. I had one in a f150 I bought .Had the exact same symptoms you describe. Made by Bulldog. Ended up removing it. No more problems after that. ... GMC Suburban

My 1996 Saturn would not start tonight when I went to leave work All of the inside & outside lights come on, radio plays, horn honks & we tried charging the battery for several munutes but nothing. When i turn the key to start my car all lights come on but it wont start and its not making any noise like it generally would when starter is going out??

\012\012\012The\012following are the general instructions on the start of diagnosing any\012electronically controlled engine or transmission problem.\012The\012engine and the automatic transmission (transmission cont ... Cars & Trucks
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