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87 gmc suburban wont pass idle test

\015 Passes all other aspects of emissions test but will not pass co test @ idle speed 350 tbi\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

Answers :

Check vacume pressure at carb. diaphram had sim. prob. with 78 caprice
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87 gmc suburban wont pass idle test

Check vacume pressure at carb. diaphram had sim. prob. with 78 caprice ... 1987 GMC Suburban

I have a 94 GMC Suburban and it wont pass the emission test cause the hydrocarbons are to high reading at 2.50 i changed the EGR valve but still no luck

What are all the reading ??? ALL 5 HC/CO/CO2/NOX/02 ... 1994 GMC Suburban

I have a 1999 gmc suburban k1500 5.7 vortec it has a throttle body injector it has started to miss at about 4000 rpm runs fine throught the rest of the rpm range it misses no matter the temp i have changed the cap rotor wires plugs are less than 1 year old new coil and high flow air filter can any one help as it stands i can not pass because it pretty much wont accel past the 4000 rpm mark just stays there n misses no problems with idle or reving it up in park or neutral and dose the throttle bo

Check the fuel pressure and the fuel filter. You've eliminated the ignition probables. ... Cars & Trucks

Smells flooded? reset the inertia switch and 1988 bronco II v6 2.9 efi would start but will not idle now and smells like its flooding out? Only things i have done or changed is tested the fuel pump relay at the test center on pass fender and reset the inertia switch now wont idle?

If it is getting too much fuel you should be able to pull a vac hose such as the one to the PCV valve and make the engine speed up.If it is too rich could be a fuel pressure regulator or injector problem.Pull the pump relay and see if it star ... Ford Bronco

My 92 GMC 5.7L truck failed Wa State idle emission test HC limit of 220 with 320 reading at 680 rpm,,,,However, It passed cruise emmision at less than 50% of limit.... How do I lower the HC at idle? Is there any mixture adjustment on the down-draft fuel injectors,,,,,Is there an adjustment screw to increase the idle speed so the V8 does not lope? Thanks for any tips! Dave in Spokane

I would go to the pharmacy and buy a half gallon of 75% or better isoprople alcohal the run the vehicle to almost empty,then add the alcohal and put just a few gallons of high test in it then drive to your testing station and get tested again after e ... 1992 GMC G2500

86 gmc suburban c1500 wont pass emissions - C1500 GMC Cars & Trucks

What is it failing? ... GMC C1500

90 Toyota celica wont Pass low idle emission Test

... Cars & Trucks

I recently got a code 32 on my 95 chev suburban 4x4 and changed the egr solenoid (egr valve passed all vacuum tests). Didnt seem to change the way it ran, but then I got a code 54. Truck starts and idles perfectly, but when driving starts (usually around 20 mph) it starts missing. Runs fine when i am deep in the accelerator. Seems gas mileage has really gotten bad. I recently put bosch platinum spark plugs (did not gap them, straight out of box) and accel 9000 high performance wires on truck. Ra

HI. Ok, If the plugs were not gapped, properly. This will be the cause of the horrible gas mileage and occasional missing at low speeds, if originating after the installation of the plugs.This will trip this 32 code, due to poor combusti ... 1995 Chevrolet Suburban

I am still getting the code reading P0171 which in my book says system too lean (bank 1) what does that mean? I have already clean out the mass airlfow and tried the electrical cleaning spray for the sensors. Its funny I am getting the same freakin code on my 1999 GMC Sonoma which wont pass smog test.

171 usually means you have a vacum leak, or vacum hose disconnected, but usually the mass air flow sensor needs to be replaced. ... 2002 Toyota Tacoma

Does a 1993 chevy suburban 2 wheel drive 1500, have more than one o2 sensor? ive taken my truck for e test 3 times and its failed. ive done tune up, spark plugs, cap,rotor oil change and it still wont pass....

You have 3 oxygen sensors.you have one on the left and one on the right banks of v type engine and you have oxygen sensor.you have oxygen sensor at inlet and outlet of the catalytic converter. ... 1993 Chevrolet Suburban

My 2000 (V plate) Ford cougar 2.0L zetec failed its mot today on Exhaust emissions. My readings are as follows Fast idle test co = 0.21% = pass (max 0.30%) hc = 36 ppm = pass (max 200) Natural idle test co = 0.54% = Fail (max 0.50%) the car had a new cat fitted around 6months ago along with new ht leads. Any idea's to get that 0.04% drop in idle would be great!

Give it a good hard run and make sure its hot when taking it for its retest. easy as that ... 2000 Mercury Cougar

2002 chrysler voyager check engine light came on took van to dealership they told us it was the hoses. We bought brand new hoses all three and changed them. The light wont go off it still says that the hoses are bad. Had a smoke test done and no leaks. I was told that this is a problem with these vans and the codes for the hoses. How do we get the codes to reset and not come back up with the same error? We need to smog vehicle and it wont pass if light is on. The van passes all tests except the

On these vans the light will stay on untill it is reset. You need a OBD 2 scanner to reset it. You can take it to the dealer and have them do it but they will probably charge you like $130. The best thing for you to do is check with an auto parts sto ... 2002 Chrysler Voyager

1989 f150 302 V8 fuel injected emissions problem. Installed new engine from Ford, blew SKY HIGH on low and high idle emissions. Emission numbers were 10-20x max legal limit (over 3000). Replaced the catalytic converter and EGR valve and cleaned the idle air valve and took back to emissions. Truck passed the HIGH IDLE test very well, but still failed the low idle test. The low idle numbers were cut exactly in half, but were still 5-10x the max allowable. QUESTION IS, what can cause JUST THE LOW I

Did you install new spark plugs? Definitely replace the O2 sensor. ... 1995 GMC Sierra

SMOG issue. 1991 Chevrolet K5 Blazer, 142,000, failed smog, Prior to the test it had 1/4 tank of premium fule and a half a bottle of pass smog test. The truck overheated at the smog test prior to the actual test. I had accidently severed the hot wire to the dual electric fans that cool the motor and idn't realize it. So after about 90 minutes the vehicle had cooled, the engine temp at about 210, the test began, Hydro carbons at low idle were 209, high idle or 25 mph were 509. teh 509 they said

I doubt is premium or any additive was a good idea.The engine is not likely high compression.It would help to know thingsl like what the spark plug were like.If any were discolored, that would be a sign of a bad plug, plug wir ... 1991 Chevrolet S-10 Blazer

1989 f150 302 V8 fuel injected emissions problem. Installed new engine from Ford, blew SKY HIGH on low and high idle emissions. Emission numbers were 10-20x max legal limit (over 3000). Replaced the catalytic converter and EGR valve and cleaned the idle air valve and took back to emissions. Truck passed the HIGH IDLE test very well, but still failed the low idle test. The low idle numbers were cut exactly in half, but were still 5-10x the max allowable. QUESTION IS, what can cause JUST THE LOW I

... 1989 Ford F 150

Idles fine cold/ when it wamrs up it dies 1986 4x4 gmc suburban

This is only a suggestion because it worked for me. With a cool engine, use a can of store brand carb cleaner and spray the heck out of it. Get it into the linkage well and let it sit for up to and hour or so....stuff some rags on the intake manifold ... 1986 Chevrolet Suburban

On my car, emmisions. Everything is OK, apart from CO is way high. It passes tests for MOT ok for all (jusy about on CO) at idle test, but fast idle all is OK except CO is way high. The Cat is apparently working correctly according to the CAT stability test, its had new thermostat, air filter, MAF fuel pressure regulator but still CO is high. Is there anything that could be causing the co to be high?

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My 2001 dodge intrepid wont start it turns over but wont start, it sounds like the flywheel isnt catching the starter but when we took the starter in, it passed all tests but the solinoid test which they said they couldnt test.

Try turning the engine by hand and giving it another try...if able as the starter is out of the way look at the teeth on the flywheel make sure they are not chewed up. if so there is your problem and a big job to replace that...if not just buy anothe ... Dodge Intrepid

93 GMC Suburban Wont Turn Over

I may not be all the way in park or the safety neutral switch in not working. Did you try and start it in Neutral? Also move your shifter around while the key is engauged and see if it will start. ... 1993 GMC Suburban

How to adjust idle on 1999 GMC Suburban - 1999 GMC Suburban

If the issue you are havng is a low idle,then there is a fix for it. Unfortunatley you are pnly going tto be able to do part of it yourself. Get yourself a can of carb cleaner and a steel brush. remove the air ***. to the throttle plate and open the ... 1999 GMC Suburban

Wont start at first it would not stay running unless my foot was on the gas i changed the idle sensor and it ran but didnt idle high enough now it just wont start at all it is getting spark and the spark plugs tested good so did the battery but not sure if battery is holding charge

I suspect that your problem lies in the fuel system. You said that it would run with your foot on the gas at first but now it won't run at all. You need to make sure the motor is getting fuel. I worked at a Chryler dealership and we used to have alot ... 1999 Dodge Durango

'96 Chevy Suburban K1500 ASM Emission Test Results were high in CO(%) at 15mph, engine not running long and luke warm, everything else passed and no problems at 25mph. What could be problem/replaced to get SMOG test passed?

... 1996 Chevrolet Suburban

90 lincoln was running hot 3 yrs ago,and no heat just replaced head gasket,heads pass pressure test,no cracks in heads, head gasket was bad,still no heat,heater hoses hot, pressure test cooling system holds pressure,top hose collaspes sometime when rev up,did have heat on idle yesterday no heat today on idle or rev up, any tips?

Have you even considered the heater core? Have the heater core checked/replaced. As for the top hose collapsing...that is not good. Have the entire system checked out by a qualified mechanic. ... 1997 Lincoln Continental

It's a 92 Plymouth laser 1.8 none turbo, wont start when cold..will only idle. Once it gets some heat in it, it runs and starts fine. It threw 3 codes, volume Air Flow senor, intake air temperature sensor, and idle speed control motor. I checked or replaced all 3 and they are all fine. I tested fuel pressure before the filter and after the pressure regulator, it test fine...checked all vaccume lines and injectors and they are all fine..Any ideas? Thanks, Jim

Hello! system dropped our chat... probe onto the Gray/White and - probe on the Gray/black...Meter set to read 5 volts...start engine...Meter must read less than 1 volt (.85)...Slowly increase throttle...Meter must read 4 volts at full throttle...Vol ... 1992 Plymouth Laser

My 95 gmc suburban wont start when it rains - 1995 GMC Suburban

Ignition wires, cap, rotor and coil are all sensitive to humidity. When buying new ones look for parts with a high dielectric number...they tend to resist arcing better than ones with lower ratings. Wire sets with high silicone content not only resis ... 1995 GMC Suburban
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