Having problems with your 1987 Ford Tempo ?

I have a 1987 Ford Tempo 2.3 Liter that has a high Idle problem. Would the cuse be diagnosed electronically before I replace piece by poece?

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Answers :

Two simple ways to quick check. One is to pour cup full amounts of water over the vacuum lines and vacuum connectors and listen for hissing, thus locating a vacuum leak. The other way is to tap on the idle air control motor to see if it brings down the idle.
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I have a 1987 Ford Tempo 2.3 Liter that has a high Idle problem. Would the cuse be diagnosed electronically before I replace piece by poece?

Two simple ways to quick check. One is to pour cup full amounts of water over the vacuum lines and vacuum connectors and listen for hissing, thus locating a vacuum leak. The other way is to tap on the idle air control motor to see if it brings down t ... 1987 Ford Tempo

Does the 2002 Volvo S80 have history of issues/problems with transmission after it is rebuilt/replaced, or is it generally a good investment? Volvo dealer says transmission must be replaced ($5700), that newer transmissions cannot be repaired. I did check with local transmission company who said max to replace transmission would be $3500, and that they may be able to repair/rebuild transmission, but would need to diagnose problem first.

The transmission on 6 cylinder has problems the best way is to replace from volvo to rebuild the trans is only short fix or no fix at all only way the right way is to get trans from volvo dealer all parts are new inside ... 2002 Volvo S80

My 2004 Ford Explorer 4.0 v6 will start but won't idle. Replaced the Throttle Position Sensor. It would idle great, but would not accelerate. Replaced the Electronic Throttle. Now we're back to original problem-will start but immediately dies. Any help is greatly appreciated.

... 2004 Ford Explorer

Our 2006 jetta tdi sometimes will not start. 12 months after purchasing new, car would not start.Dealer replaced battery. 12 months later, same problem. this time electronic control module.since then, replaced more batteries and ecm, with no seemingly long standing resolution to the problem. Unhooked positive battery cable and used volt meter between cable and positive of battery. 12.6 volts on meter. Pulled every fuse one at a time with no drop in voltage draw. unhooked alternator wires

... 2006 Volkswagen Jetta

Car will crank but not start,would run good for 2 or 3 days before problem would happen,now it will crank but not start at all.reman engine was installed 8months ago,iv'e replaced the fuel pump,oil pressure switch,a piece in the dist.,rottor button,cap,wires,plugs and a piece that the coil wire hooks to

This is a fuel system related issue.1. Check that the rating of the fuel pump is same as the replaced one. If not replace with the same rating.2. Check the fuel filters for possible dirts. Else replace the fuel filters. ... 1999 Oldsmobile Bravada

On my 1995 ford f350. I started my truck the other day and it would not shut off. the key tumbler would just turn freely between the start position and off. I replaced the key tumbler because it felt like it was sticking a bit. but when i reconnected the battery. everything was still live. the plastic push rod seems to be in one piece, but I did not go as far as to remove it. could that be the problem? or is there a different electrical problem?

Seems like the key is not activating the electric switch the best way to make sure and not spend money on some wrong item wold be to remove the switch from the steering column is under dash and you probably need to loosen the column to drop it down a ... 1994 Ford F350 Crew Cab

I have a 92 accord lx, which had a bad tcm,sometimes i had 1st and 3rd gear or 2nd and 4th. also sometimes my car would not start it would flash a d4, when i would turn the key off and then on again if the d4 light dissappeared it would start. the other night while driving home my car just stopped and would not start again. i removed the tcm, cover and it was fried. i replaced it, but my car will not start, it keeps flashing that d4 light, i dont know how to diagnose the problem???

Was the TCM a new unit or an EBay/used unit? Have you tried to pull a code from it?\015\012\015\012I question the shift solenoid theory in that you state it's shifting \015\012properly.\015\012I've seen the VSS do this, although it ... Honda Accord

Overheating problem im a mechanic and having problem diagnosing the over heating problem with my mark viii i replaced cooling fan water pump thermostat water is not getting into oil, exhaust, not losing water period also is not pushing compression where a blown gasket would bubble in the fill tank now i have no clue all plugs looked good im confused

If the fans are electric fans, check or replace the fan electrical circuit and fan relay.If fan is driven off the water pump, through a clutch, replace the clutch. Just because it turns, does not mean it has failed. ... 1994 Lincoln Mark VIII

2003 gmc envoy reduced power light on...had it diagnosed as the app sensor...replaced the accelorator pedal assembly...it ran very well for awile and started the same thing... checked it out again same code so it was replaced again....ran for a month and did the same exact thing again...i have been told that the fan clutch would also cause this problem but the fan clutch seems to be ok....help!!! pleeeze!!!

Hi! Have you checked the MAF (mass air flow) sensor? Just a tip and nothing to loose. They can be interconnected in some way. For the MAF responds when pedal is pushed. Hope this helps and have a good one! ... 2002 Chevrolet TrailBlazer

Transmission slipping, or not engaging into a gear at all from stop, especially when warm. A similar problem happened last year, it was diagnosed and found to be a sensor (tells vehicle what gear it's in),we replaced that & it was o.k. for about a year, with this new problem a mechanic said Transmission was damaged and it would have to be opened to investigate . $ 1500 - 2500.00...wow. * A friend looked at it (back yard mechanic)and disconnected a plug-in attachment at the top of the transmissio

... 1999 Ford Taurus

This is my father's car. Car stalls while driving, then has usually been able to be restarted after repeated cranking. Dealer diagnosed and replaced PCM and Coil, but problem persists even after returning to dealer 3 or 4 times over the last six months. Problem occurring more frequently now, almost daily. Am about to go back to dealer but would like input from someone else.

Make sure they are checking for codes.Also I found a service bulletin you can show them.This is the number,18-14-97 rev. A.They should be checking this out.This is for the crankshaft sensor.Could be loosing it`s signal.Hope this helps and let me know ... 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Just bought a 2005 Ford Taurus with 68,000 miles on it and it sent 3 codes until the seller replaced two O2 sensors and turned off the check engine light. After about 3 cranks, the check engine light came on again with the code PO430 Catalyst efficiency low-bank 2. 1) What do you think the problem is? If you do not know, what things would you check in what order to diagnose the problem. I'm sure the seller doesn't want to hear that it's a bad catalytic converter and I sense will dodge that o

Sorry for the bad news-it is most likely a bad catalytic converter. You would have to have the car inspected with the owner of the car at a repair shop to get a estimate before handing money over to purchase this car. The engine light comes on too so ... 2005 Ford Taurus

Window repare i opened the care door to fix a window clip to find out that it wasnt the window clip that broke but the piece(dont know the name) that holds the wire in order for the window to move broke and so i bought a new one now my problem is im having trouble getting to it to replace it. whats the easiest way to get to it and replace it and picktures of how they both have to look put in correctly would help because i believe the other one came off and needs to be snapped in.

Either window in my 1996 pontiac grand am will roll up or down properly the fromt of the window seems to drop. there is no hole for a window clip to hold the window on track. do you have any suggestions? please help. ... 1996 Pontiac Grand Am

2003 toyota avalon GLS I was having problems with the on board electronic compass not working Toyota stated it would be several hundred dollars to fix. Recently the battery went out, so I had it replaced now the compass partly works with the exception of the direction south and in the mean time the milage indicator is no longer working. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

... Toyota Avalon

I removed the Jet Power Control Module # 90002 from my son's jeep last year to diagnose a problem. I would like to replace it. Which port on the ECM does it plug into on a 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee 5.9 Limited. Installation instructions would be appreciated.

Try looking here:http://images.autoanything.com/images/info/jet/VFORCE_install.pdfSee if this helps!! ... 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Fuel problem I tried using a code reader to diagnose a possible fuel problem on my 1997 firebird,but it wouldnt read my car,so i tried it on my other car and it work,which fuse would i need to replace to fix the code reader port?

Most GM vehicles use the cigarette lighter fuse to power the data link connector. Better way to test a fuel problem is with a fuel pressure gauge. Code reader may give you a rich or lean cose but won't tell you why. ... 1997 Pontiac Firebird

2005 mpv lx check engine light on car idle rough and would die off when at a stop. starts up again fine but problem still exist. had it diagnose and was told all four 02 sensors were bad, had it replaced but problem hasn't changed, idle still rough and car still dies off.

... 2005 Mazda MPV

Hello, The fuse that works the cd player/radio has blown and I need to replace it. I went to Jay Car Electronics howver they said I would need to show them the fuse that needs to be replaced so I get the right one - only problem is that I have now lost the fuse! It is the fuse that is on the top right hand corner, from my memory it was light blue. Do you happen to know the name of the fuse that I need to ask for? Thanks, Vanessa

Don't know it toyota puts the fuse info on the fuse box access door,but the fuses are all different colors for all the different amps.10AMP=RED 25AMP=WHITE so on and so forth.There are two different sizes as well Regular and mini.You could go to wall ... 2003 Toyota ECHO

Working on a 90 GMC Sierra 1500 4x4 with a 5.7. When I got my hands on it the idle waved really bad after it warmed up. To the point of dying. Driving or parked it would do this. I found that the throttle body gasket had a good size piece missing. Replaced it. When I had the throttle body off it was clogged where the pcv valve comes in. Cleaned up the entire throttle body and replaced the valve. Still had the problem. Changed the map sensor. No change. Had the ignition control module

IAC either dirty or bad ... 1990 GMC C1500

2001 forester 2.0 turbo s problem is hesitation when hard accelerating and intermittent poor idling.High emission CO output when warm = 5 or 6.0.Spark plugs replaced,lambda sensor also.cataclean used.Next would be engine coolant sensor. no fault codes found when diagnosed and no warning lights on. Anyone any ideas please?

Normally what I would say is: Yes, shot gun a coolant sensor into it as they are relatively cheap and it would narrow down your options. Next I would say look at the MAF or airflow sensor, whichever it has. However, I just did a quick search throug ... 2004 Subaru Forester

Have 2004 isuzu rodeo 3.5 L 2 wd 82,000 miles ,.. firing order 1L 2R 3L 4R 5L 6R check engine light came on,. diagnostic said misfire on cyl 4,.. had mechanic replace all plugs,. they needed it,.. he chose to switch 2 and 4 as a pre diagnostic measure in case check engine light came back on, and if it said cyl 2 ,.. the problem would be easier to diagnose,.. 2 weeks later check engine light comes back on... at first flashing then turning off, now 24 hrs later it stays on,..

No. The ignition coils most of the time when you get a misfire, are not the problem. Most of the time it is the plugs, or wires. Usually when a coil goes out then it is out. Or will quit firing when the engine is warm. Then fire again when the engine ... 2004 Isuzu Rodeo

Hi and thank you for your time I have a 1995 olsdmobile cutlass ciera and I took my battery in to get a new one, it was replaced and now my interior and exterior lights do not work as well as my power locks , radio and etc... I do not know how to fix this or what the problem is from, what caused this ? Please if you know the diagnoses or even a possibility, please would love the help thanks again Michelle

Dear sir i am considering that you have fix both +ve and -ve terminal at Right place, if not then place it proper and some fuse may blown replace that fuse. OR\015\012 There is pos ... 1995 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera

07 Ford Focus Arm Rest replace..... has been broken for a while from leaning on it....Did not know the round caps were actually "removeable" even tho there pretty fragile......My problem is the "swivel bar" that would make the arm rest move up and down properly......On each end should be two knobs, like nuts, to hold it in. One side broke. So now I'm trying to remove the whole armrest piece, but the knob is holding it.....Do the knons twist off like nuts or something.....This is making no sense

... Ford Focus

Needed to replace both CV joints on a 95 Camry. Passenger side would not come loose. The CV joint comes all in one piece, although my step Dad seemed to think that it could have been pressed into the engine mount brace that the bearing and race are set in. I removed the snap ring and also the bolt that is supposed to release the whole shaft and it wouldn't budge. Is there an easy fix and answer to this problem?

Circlip in back of cv on the end of the shaft ,cut boot away and look inside on end of shaft their should be a cut away on cv and that is the access to get the circlip loose whilst you wack the cv with a mallet ... 1995 Toyota Camry

When braking/slowing/coming to a stop, vehicle stalls/runs extremely rough, after running the AC. If vehicle sits for a day or two, w/o AC use, everything seems OK, again, but service engine light is on. Had similar problem on a '93, and IIRC, Saturn replaced a small vacuum hose. Sold '93 and no longer have maint. records, or I would use them to help diagnose. Thank you for your infromative response. Michael

Sounds to be the Mass Air Flow sensor. Remove and clean. ... Saturn SL2
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