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I have a 1987 305 chevy scottsdale truck when it is cold it will crank but no start when it is hot it will start but as soon as i hit the gas it looses all power and wants to stal. if i ease into the gas it sounds bad and backfires

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I have a 1987 305 chevy scottsdale truck when it is cold it will crank but no start when it is hot it will start but as soon as i hit the gas it looses all power and wants to stal. if i ease into the gas it sounds bad and backfires

... 1987 Chevrolet V10

2005 ford taurus has bad stutter when its hot outside or when the air condition is on but during the winter it rides normal. It looses power i try giving it gas but the rpm gauge moves but the car want then it catches, if sitting and running momentarly without any gas it stutter and the car shakes like crazy then it cuts off but it starts up with no problem

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My 02 sonata 4 cyl started randomly reving at the light as if the engine wanted to come out when I accelerate it barely moves and when I put it in park it does have a smooth idel (it sounds like a gas golf cart if u know what I mean) the engine light came on at its a P0350 I noticed u had expertise on this. When I got it read it said coil or other electical issue, would a bad coil make the car loose engine power? thanks for your help.

It sounds like you lost a cylinder. This means that one cylinder has probably failed by either bad/worn spark plug, bad coil(which on these uses 2 and 2 wires going to plugs), or something mechanical inside the engine. These are good little cars. You ... Hyundai Sonata

Car overheated, now it want start, I think i bought bad gas recently because wen pressing gas car would make kind of popping sounds like it wanted to backfire or something. At this point I don't know where to start. Can u hlp? Replaced relay that burned out car still did not start so I think now i will try fuel filter/pump and just work way down or up.

If it overheated badly , there may be a head gasket gone, this can also make a popping sound.\015\012check if there is water in the oil( milky white) and if there is oil in the water, A compression test of the engine and a pressure test of the ... 1999 Ford Taurus

Loosing power, 87 s 15 jimmy, after getting warm, tries to die ,can not rev engine, start to backfire, no power,want to die on me, pls. help.

Check the fuel pressure, could be the fuel pump ... 1987 GMC Jimmy

Car was driving fine and started to loose power the more gas i gave it it sounded like it was going to die. Put gas in it at the gas station and it would not start. turns over and sounds like it want to start but wont stay running

Hi sounds like a fuel related problem check the fuel pump or fuel filter ... 1993 Subaru Legacy

Help. 2002 chevy suburban LS flex fuel loosing power. will b driving and come to a stop light or have to slow down and it will die or become very sluggish, like not getting gas to engine. But then wait a few minutes and it starts up and runs. The voltmeter starts out above 14 the more u drive its goes straight up at 14. then when driving say 55 and want to pass it seem to not want to shift to passing gear and voltmeter drops to 12 and it reluctantly speeds up and voltmeter goes back to 14. Also

Most probable cause is a fuel filter is partially clogged. The charging system is ok, when the engine rpm slows down, the charging system will drop in voltage. Some vehicles have a minimum rpm speed required to bring in the charging system.\015 ... 2002 Chevrolet Suburban 2500

1992 nissan maxima, hard start,runs fine until it starts puffing white smoke then its gutles as hell and wants to stall,before when i attempted to start it,it would sound like it would backfire or something.now it wont start and it just clicks.checked fuses and cleaned the engine coolant temp sensor, this car gets terrible gas mileage it runs so rich i didnt think it was coming out of open loop when it warmed up.maybe a clogged cat or bad o2 sensor, im stumped

If it is puffing white smoke,you have lost a piston ring or broke it.the white smoke is coming from oil burning around the piston.your hard strating is due to the fact that you are loosing compreshion in the motor.take it into a mech.and have them ru ... Cars & Trucks

2000 chevy blazer 4x4 is back firing, looses power, shuts off, and over heats but the gauges stay normal, it starts up good but soon it starts shaking and back fires (a lot)and shuts off, this starts happening during the hot day, but after dark, it runs normal, i got the spark plugs and coils, fuel injector, fuel filter, oxygen sensors, and battery replace. the battery keeps dying out too, i think it is bad gas but not sure because it runs good during the night, what could it be??

Cracked cylinder head or blown gasket ... 2000 Chevrolet Blazer

1990 buick reatta I was driving back home from a trip I took with my Buick, and it decided it didn't want to go home. About 25 miles away from my driveway after accelerating from a stop light going abut 60 it started to hesitate really badly, almost like it was running out of gas. I let off the gas and coasted a bit and then tried giving it gas again with the same results. At that point I heard like a popping noise or a backfire of some sorts and immediately smelt what could only be described as

Hi there, No go and stinks. I bet the odor is like sulphur or rotten eggs. I win! Your catalyctic converter appears to need a physical.. Actually it sounds dead and the body is restricting your exhaust. So it's not he cars fault, it just had a vi ... 1990 Buick Reatta

1999 Crown Victoria.Codes P0174-P0171 It's reactions are the following.I have to try 2 or 3 times the ignition before it start's, press gas when it starts to heat up and keep running.The most crucial is when going up hill for quite a while it looses power till it dies, even worst when AC is on? Changed spark plugs only, I want to be accurate on what to fix.Please help as soon as possible.After it dies it takes a very long time to start again.

Something is wrong with fuel delivery system ,this could be anything from a mass air flow sensor to a fuel delivery pressure problem even a blocked fuel filter ,best advice is to ask a local mechanic to have a look ... 1999 Ford Crown Victoria

I have a 94 explorer every time i press the gas it will just loose all of its power and start to backfire if i shut it off and start it bak up it will drive fine for a minit and do it again

Hi, sounds like not enough fuel pressure, I'd check the fuel filter for blockages, if not blocked I'd check for fuel pressure while it's running. You can do a simple check on this at the rubber hoses that connect the fuel ststem on the motor to the b ... Ford Explorer

I put a 93 cherokee H.O motor in my 97. Every time i start it, it idels off. tack bounces alittle when reving. past 3k RPMS it backfires. goes into R, 2, and 1 gear buy not drive. (acts like drive isnt there) and When i took it down the road. it was craving power and wouldnt do anything when i gave it more gas and running rough. (shaking, bogging down, backfire every now and then. it also wants to die at stops. do you have any solutions?

You did replace computer also, the engine you put in will need the computer for it,also get all connections. ... 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee

I have a1998 Grand Am 2.4 liter. It will start but it idles reall rough and when I give it gas it spits, sputters and will backfire sometimes then smooth out as long as I dont take my foot off the gas. When i put it in gear it spits and sputters and acts like it doesnt want to go. It has no power but will get up to speed eventually and will hold it. I have changed the fuel pressure sensor, MAP sensor, fuel filter, spark plugs,and fuel regulator. Could this be a timing issue?

... 1998 Pontiac Grand Am

Running rough have a 93 mx6 2.5ltr it starts and runs fine when cold. is a manual and can shift up and down through all gears and runs fine when cold, however when it warms up and the engine is put under load it seems to starve for fuel and dramatically looses power, backfires and looses speed. Is particularly bad if pulling in third or above. Mazda have had two goes at it...any ideas? Adrian

Most likelly when your fuel pump gets hot it looses the pressure going to engine replace fuel filter and if this dont help then have the fuel pressure test done when problem is present \015\012and if not good replace fuel pump ... 1993 Mazda MX-6

I have a 1997 mirage 1.8 when i start it, it wants to backfire and i have no power. i put new spark plugs in it because three of them where white and the last one is black. when i started it up after that it still ran like bad and i made sure the spark plud wires where on good and when i touch the last wire i got shocked

Check firing order. if okay possible timing belt jump timing.. ... 1997 Mitsubishi Mirage

95 tahoe 5.7 liter engine. I ran out of gas twice with it but did a plug change after and it ran fine but then about two or three weeks passed and this started... runs rough (first 1/2 hour in the beginning but now it is constant), has no power especially on hills and now has started to backfire. it is getting worse with each trip. When u put pedal to the floor it sputters and spits and wants to die doesn't die but lets u think its going to. I can no longer get on the highway as it just wont

Did you replace distributor cap and rotor? These are common on these engines. If you pull the cap, look at the contacts on the cap. You will probably find a lot of build up on them. ... 1995 Chevrolet Tahoe

Sputtering-missing-vibrating-knocking-backfire-bucking Sometimes my 2.3L runs great. Then for no apparent reason it will start vibrating and bucking, along with a huge loss of power, even backfiring. I have to mash the gas to maintain 45mph. Its almost like one of the coil packs stops working. I can smell fuel while this is happening. At idle it will still sputter and vibrate and want to die. Plugs/wires are new (thought it might have been a shorted wire) Sometimes it will buck a few times then

I'm having the same problem with my 90 2.3L Ranger. I replaced the EGR Valve back in August and the truck ran fine (but the gas mileage was bad) until late December . I knew it needed an O2 Sensor back in August but didn't replace it until last Satur ... 1993 Ford Ranger SuperCab

My van will sputter and loose power while accelerating but will idle very well.. when you are driving and it starts to sputter the speed hand drops like it is dieing but if you let go of the gas the speed hand will go back up to the speed limit of which you are doin.. when idleing it runs perfect but if you give it gas it will sputter and backfire. do you know what it could be? i tried fuel filter, both computers, plugs,distributer,cadalac converter,and injectors.

It sounds more like the fuel pump itself ... 1996 Dodge Caravan

P1545 code I will start with the first problem. It started with random misfires now and then. I pulled the codes and got. P10303. I checked the coil and there was no spark on #2. I then changed #2-coil pack with a spare and there still was no spark. Changed the ICM and now all the cylinders are working. Now the car runs but it hesitates badly at about 2000 to 3000 rpm and has no power, When I rev it past 3000 rpm it will run smooth but when you let off the gas it sound like it wants to stall but

You are going to need to have the throttle adapted to the computer. it is common after replacing the ignition module to clear up a misfire. ... 1999 Volkswagen Passat

I have a 1965 6 cylinder mustang and it was running well and recently I was driving and the car started to loose power. It seems like it does not have power i would press the gas and there was no response. I took it to the mechanic and they told me it was the carburator and I had the carburator rebuild by a professional and nothing. the car starts and when you press the gas it idles well then all of a sedden it starts to loose power and shakes. Once I take it out for a drive it drives well but

What needs to be checked and verified is the point gap. And if it is adjusted to the correct dwell, the timing will need to be set again also. Oil inside the ditributor and contaminating the points as well as the condensor is not good. You probably h ... 1966 Ford Mustang

I think i might have gottn a bad tank of gas. 5 min after getting gas, my EPC light came on, and the car has approx 50% power. It starts and idles fine, but it does not have power. I have had 3 tanks of gas thru it since, but is still does not have it's power back. (the gas might not have been related- unless the fuel filter is clogged, but i wouldn't think that would turn a light on). In the morining it starts fine and the epc light is off and it has it's power, but after driving for 30 min

You should take it in and have it erase the codes from the compouter ... Volkswagen New Passat

Smoke problem started to give smoke, when I drive fast no smoke power is ok, no loosing oil, no loosing water BUT when stop and leave the engine running, after 15 minuts the grey smoke starts to build up very badly, Now after two months I was driving down, first time she started to loose the power then the engine cut off, then I called AA , he checked the wire plug feeding to fule pump, he found no power going to fule pump. Can any body let me know that what this problem could be and the best so

Heythere are couple of smoke type.blue smoke is oil, black smoke is fuel, and white smoke is \015\012water, if it clears after starting and running a few minutes it's probably your \015\012valve guide seals leaking oil down on top of your pisto ... Peugeot Liberte

My 2003 impala has been very good to me up untill this point. It has about 130000 miles on it and the engine hqs began to loose power and sputter. I have tried a number of things. At first my mecanic thought it was a bad fuel injector. One was replaced and it was okay for about a week. They we replaced plugs and wires and one of the coil packs. Again it started sputtering. The car drives but misfires and gets terrable gas mileage. Any thoughts? It is a 2003 impala with the 3.4L v6

The fuel is not igniting properly. Your spark plugs need to be checked out immediately. If it is not that, I cannot think of anything else. ... 2003 Chevrolet Impala

I've got a 1986 300 ZX that has combustion problems,I changed spark plugs,put Lucas fuel stabilizer,always using supreme gasoline,changed the fuel filter,the fuel pressure regulator,the engine temperature sensor and still backfires and rough iddle sometimes,when you press the gas suddenly starts loosing power,does anybody have a clue?

... 1986 Nissan 300ZX
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