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Won't start I parked my S10 blazer for a couple months, went to drive it and it hesitated a ccouple times then quit, now I cant get it running. Changed the ignition module and the coil, everything seems to be fine, I'm just not getting fire. I'm a new single mom of 4 and I really need help. Please I've checked everything I can think of. Any ideas?

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Answers :

Did you check to see if your getting spark? there could be a couple of reasons for your perticular problem. i need more info to pinpoint the problem. check to see if your pump relay kicks in. then get back to me ok. also lift the distributer cap and crank engine make sure the rotor is turning
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Won't start I parked my S10 blazer for a couple months, went to drive it and it hesitated a ccouple times then quit, now I cant get it running. Changed the ignition module and the coil, everything seems to be fine, I'm just not getting fire. I'm a new single mom of 4 and I really need help. Please I've checked everything I can think of. Any ideas?

Did you check to see if your getting spark? there could be a couple of reasons for your perticular problem. i need more info to pinpoint the problem. check to see if your pump relay kicks in. then get back to me ok. also lift the distributer cap and ... 1987 Chevrolet S-10 Pickup

Driving normal, at 80 kms, car seems to studder a bit, (gas wise) engine light comes on. Stop car, re-start, everything fine, no engine light, at 60 kms, fine, get up to 80 km, engine light comes on and stays on. Going up hill appears to be weak. Hard to get it up to 80 kms??? Bought vehicle 2 weeks ago, previous owner had done everything at 95,000 km, now at 98,000 km. Land Rover Freelander 2002. I mean everything, new throttle body, new timing belt, new water pump, vehicle was driving beautifu

First try replacing air filter if not done recently $30, next consider bad fuel put in fuel from major oil company from station with many patrons.Then you need to look at fuel delivery system including fuel filter and furl pump. But first try the 2 t ... Land Rover Freelander

A few days ago my 03 murano died as I was pulling in the parking lot. I got a jump but it died as soon as we took the cables off the battery. I then went to get a new battery and installed. Everything seemed to be fine until last night. It started fine but as I was cruising through the neighborhood it cut out like it was going to die but never did until I got a mile down the road then it bit the dust. I had to get a jump with my new battery. What could be wrong? Fuel pump?, altenator?

An alternator can cause this, usually all dash lights come on if this is the case. when running., voltage at battery should be at least 14 to 14.5, when off at battery it should be at least 13 or a bit higher. I would start by checking alternator. be ... 2003 Nissan Murano

I seem to be having a simlar problem to several 406 owners, but none seems quite the same - any advice appreciated! 2002 406 L 90 HDI Remote key fob fails to work at all, even with new battery in fob. Doors lock and unlock 'manually', battery seems fine (did 400 miles at weekend, and internal light works) and fuses etc ok. Putting key in ignition gets *no* response at all from car - engine turns over but does not fire, get no display on central console (eg 'immboliser fault') or mileometer etc (

Check for fuel and spark, For fuel it's as simple as removing your air filter and spraying carb cleaner while cranking. If still no start, then carefully remove a plug wire, insert screwdriver into wire (make sure you are not touching any metal or w ... 2005 Peugeot 405

My 83 Chevrolet runs great, (brand new 350) and starts great but if it idles to long (with no sounds of any problems) and I get truck up to 20-30 mph it either bogs down real bad or dies. Once it seems to cool off everything is fine. As long as truck don't idle very long everything is fine. What can this be? I've replaced fuel tank and all hoses as well as fuel pump. Could it be vapor lock??

Mine did that and it was vapor lock. I wrapped a 3/8th piece of copper tubing around a 3" iece of pipe and made a coil and slipped it up onto my a/c dryer and put insulating foam tape over it. connected my fuel line from fuel pump and to carb and whe ... 1983 Chevrolet C1500

Toyota Camry 96. Won't start the engine turns over but doesn't start. The alternator and starter are working fine the coil sparks there are new spark plugs and the ignition module tested fine so I'm at a lost for ideas now. The car is getting fuel and there's a new fuel pump. The filter is clean and everything seems to check out. Can you help???

Ignition timing could be off, the plug wires and firing order may be scrambled, there could be a large air leak into the intake manifold, the EGR could be stuck open, the fuel pressure is too high and flooding the engine through the cold start inject ... 1996 Toyota Camry

I have a 1997 Volkswagen Jetta. It will not start. Cranks over fine. Getting fuel and spark and compression is good. Seems to want to fire as soon as I stop cranking. At other times I get a large amount of backfiring. It was running a little rough, but I drove it to where is parked now. The next day it will not start. New cap and rotor and plugs. Replace distributor and coil. I am new to Volkswagen, and don't know where to go from here.

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I have a 1985 toyota pickup 22r engine the truck runs fine all the way through first and second no problems then in third is good until it hits about 3500 rpm and almost seems like it looses everything then sputters. if i let it go down to 2000 rpm it runs fine until i get back up to 34 to 3600. it gets worse if you try to floor it when problem occurs, does the same in forth. i have put a new fuel pump,filter, cap and router, plugs, checked the plug wires, replaced carb with a good running carb

Check the catalytic convertor,they will plug up and decrease your power due to the fact that the exhaust can't get out as fast as you are trying to put it in.Let me know how you make out. ... Toyota Pickup

Van stalls and will not restart. New electronic Modual, new fuel filter, plugs, wires, cap and rotor, fuel pump, everything I can think of. Compression varies from a low 80 to a high 100. Have overhalled the carborator recently. Is getting spark.... what else. problem seems different on different occasions. Last time got running and 4 min. into running slowly stalled and would not restart. Head gasket seems fine: no indication of coolent in oil, nor in pistons....

Check the ignition coil, it could be overheating and shuting down = by the time you get to test spark it's cooled enough to work. The compression is low but it still should run. You could also check to see if the EGR valve is sticking open as this ... Ford E-150

I have a 1992 hyundai scoupe it is not getting fuel throught the injectors i replaced the electric fuel pump in the tank and it is not getting any fire to the pump i can run a hot wire to the pump and it works but car will not start fuel gets to the fuel rail just fine but seems to not get through the injector. i replaced the fuel pump ,fuel regulator ,ignition control module,and have since purchased a fuel injection relay but i have no idea were it goes i have a new fuel pump relay also but i

Hello\015\012First i would like to say you may be chasing your tail on the fuel pump, the opump doesn't run for more than 1 second if the ignition is turned on unless 1. the engine is cranking to start or 2. the engine ... Hyundai Motor 1992 Scoupe

I just got done changing a 460 motor out of 1992 F-250. The old motor still ran when i took it out. But can't get the new motor to start. It seems like its not getting a strong enough spark but it is getting one and it has fuel.. I can't figure it out so any help would be appeciated. I think it might be something to do with the TFI-IV ignition system. But everything is off of the old motor and it all work fine before. Need help diagnosing the problem

Is the timing correct. go back to basic number 1 cly TDC check rotor button position add some fuel or starting fluid to prove it is electrical ... Cars & Trucks

Changing headlights We have a 95 jeep grand cherokee and we bought new headlights changed them out everything was fine they work, but we can not get the new lights to clamp on the clips. What can I do? Can I change the clips to a different size? They have a little ball on the ends that seem to be to big to clip into the new lights.

Suggest changing the clip fastener, or failing that, find some adaptation.Review this information: ZJ-Secc-8L-Lamps (Page 5 and next) ... 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee

My 1992 honda prelude has a starting problem. When I turn the key to start, once inawhile it will just crank over and over without firing up the engine. Then 30 minutes later, it starts up perfectly. The car runs great and smooth without missing or timing problems so I think the distributor is ok, and i have new spark plugs. If its a fuel issue, I replaced the fuel filter, and starter fluid doesnt seem to help fire it up. Also like I said, the car runs fine, so I imagine its getting sufficient g

If you have the ignition system checked out you may want to have the starter checked if it is not going bad or the starter relay. Have it checked out if it is not working properly. It also has a capacitor in its circuit that may have leaks or may b ... Honda Prelude

Replaced battery checked for short 3.3 amp draw checked charging system 12.5 volt battery with engine running rpm raised still 12.5 volt using continuity light from positive to negative I'm getting a dim light horn dimmer fuse seemed to recreate situation - otherwise everything appears to work fine Just getting no charge out of battery - what would stop alt from charging a new battery? Replaced battery checked for short 3.3 amp draw checked charging system

The alternator may be bad,check the output on the alternator,the large wire,with engine running,it should read 13.65 volts,to 14.25 volts out put,if it is not,replace the alternator,if it is reading this at the back of the alternator,use the same siz ... 1992 Chevrolet S-10 Blazer


Usually when the alarm has a problem it wont let you crank the engine. Have you checked to see if you have fuel pressure? When you turn the key on do you hear the fuel pump come on? Check and see if you have power going to the fuel pump. The best way ... 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee

I have an 89 half ton suburban, 4wd,350. it wont start, getting spark to the plugs, seems to be getting fuel from the two throttle body injectors, turns over fine, replaced plugs, made sure firing order was hooked up right to a new dist. cap, had blown ecmb fuse, replaced it, still nothing, not even a burbp, turns over smooth. any ideas?

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Im not getting fire on my 2001 jeep cherokee. coil rail is good and the cam position sensor is new and still no fire. im getting fuel but i think there is no fire. any idea as to what im overlooking? jeep has 148,389miles and was parked one night . when we came out to start it the next day all it does is crank over but no start. have checked for fire , fuel , and all connections. they all seem good! have put new cam position sensor, and checked the coil rail (seems good), and also checked to see

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Gfs car was lacking power big time seemed like an electrical or timinmg issue so i yanked off one plug wire from the coil no change in sound,yanked the one behind that same thing(right hand side of coil looking aft.tryed the same thing on the left side and either wire pulled killed the engine so i go buy a new coil from ford thinking its defective but it does the same thing so i pull the plugs they are fine.Im not getting fire on two cylinders and my coil and plugs/wires are fine....what is my p

It does sound like you have a plug lead out take one off the spark plug and plug another spark plug in to it place the plug to earth and crank the engine over there should be a spark there\015\012also get a compression test done because if ther ... 2001 Ford Focus

Nissan pulsar 91 n13, wants to start but just wont, its firing, got new leads, tested each spark plug and they all spark, changed dizzy, brought a fuel pump. it all started from leaving my roof light on and battery went dead so i charged it then it started, i ran it for 2mins shut it off put coolant in then it wouldnt start. had a mate put a test light on everything and it all seems like its fine.

I must convey a respect for ones generosity promoting people who really \012need help with this a analyze. A dedication to finding a principles \012all-around have been incredibly effective and has now unquestionably \012influenced most people much l ... 1987 Nissan Pulsar

My 1991 F-150 ever since I blew a fusible link for the eec computer I have been getting miss fires on cylinders 2 and 5 it at times seems to run fine all new wires, plugs, distributer, and coil

Replace the coil packs ... 1991 Ford F150

I am driving from philly to georgia then to miami everything seems fine but should i get a new battery i got the truck in december don't know if battery has been replaced plus my kids will be charging tv's/phones from lighter

Not unless you just want to buy one, if not having problems then I would'nt sweat it. ... 2000 Ford Expedition

My 98 Audi a4 quattro has sat for about a year after the transmission went bad in it. I charged the battery to see if it would start about a month ago and it did and it seemed fine. I had it towed to a shop to get a new transmission put in it and now it wont fire or start. What could be the problem?

The Engine Control Module (ECM) and Transmission Control Module (TCM) can only be accessed using diagnostic equipment (e.g.: VAS, VAG-COM, Bosch KTS, Texa, ...) connected to the data link connector of the car, in order to pull out all DTC (Diagnos ... 1998 Audi A4

I. Have a 2003 Nissan interstar van which shows all the symptoms of needing a new alternator. The battery light comes on when I use wipers, radio, heater etc. However I'm experiencing problems starting . The engine tries to turn fine but doesn't seem to fire on the first attempt. The problems getting worse and I was wondering if this could be linked to the alternator ?

... Nissan Minivan

1999 Toyota Camry V-6. No Start. Checked coil packs, enstalled new plugs. Checked timing, mass air flow, cam sensor and crank sensor, fuel injectors, ignitor. everything seems to work but will not start. If I do get it to start 15 seconds at best. It will back fire which leads me back to timing. Put timing light on it and even checked timing marks on crank and cams Any suggestion. Thank You

When starting push gas, if runs\015\012idle valve (IAC) stuck,replace or disassemble and clean the burrs\015\012has two time this promblem ... Toyota Camry

On a 94 Camry v6 the battery terminals got put on backwards but then put on the right way and now car want fire up. Everything else on the car works and it will spin and getting gas. Checked all the fuses and relays and all seem to b checking fine. Any help to what it might be? Any info will b greatly appreciated thanks.

... 1994 Toyota Camry
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