Having problems with your 1987 Chevrolet S-10 Pickup ?

Need to repalce gas line - 1987 Chevrolet S-10 Pickup

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I don't know what part of the fuel line but it can all be replaced with 5/16 rubber line and hose clamps,the quick connect fittings can also be purchased at a parts store and they have barbs on them so that you can attach the steel line with rubber line.Then you can put things back in place with plastic ties.
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Need to repalce gas line - 1987 Chevrolet S-10 Pickup

I don't know what part of the fuel line but it can all be replaced with 5/16 rubber line and hose clamps,the quick connect fittings can also be purchased at a parts store and they have barbs on them so that you can attach the steel line with rubber l ... 1987 Chevrolet S-10 Pickup

I need to find the wiring that goes to the oil pressure sensor on a 1993 Chevrolet Silverado diesel pickup that has been converted to gas. Where do I find a schematic of this? When the pickup was converted to gas someone clipped a lot of wires in the engine compartment. Now we are attempting to put it back together as a gas. We have traced all the wires except the oil sensor. Thanks.

Take all remaining wires and "flash" them to a good ground with the ignition on. when you find the one that makes the oil pressure gauge move, that's your wire. Do not make a solid connection when doing this or you can damage systems served by the "w ... 1991 Chevrolet Silverado 2500

I need to know the best way to drop the gas tank out of an 89 chevy 3/4 ton pickup, it is drippin a little bit of gas every time i drive it and i need to check the lines for leaks.

Its easy. just do it with it as empty as possible. One jack under, release the straps. lower a little, unplug the fuel harness and the two lines. Lower the rest of the way if needed,. ... 1989 Chevrolet C/K 2500

I am replacing a radiator for a 1994 chevrolet c1500 silverado pickup 5.7l engine. what do i need to plug the oil and transmission coolant lines (what size plug do i need and what can i use)?

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Wondering what else we need to try: Our truck runs very rough-cuts out and cannot go very fast (maybe 25- tops). We have had a few different people work on it and they have put on new parts. We have put on a new pick-up assembly, new spark plugs & wires (whole tune-up kit), replaced gas lines, changed oil, and most recently replaced coil and wiring to the coil. They also checked the timing, and compression, and adjusted dist. pickup syn. sensor. We have also tried "Heet" in the gas tank. A

Check the catalytic converter on the exhaust. They are bad about getting clogged up on a dodge. If they clog it will make your engine run poorly and have no power due to little or no exhaust flow. Its a pretty common problem. ... 1993 Dodge Dakota

I have a 94 Isuzu pickup 4 cylinder 2.3 n it ran rough when tryin to ease on the gas but if I stomped on the gas it wouldnt miss a beat Then it started missing real bad n now it wont start also some of the vaccum-vent line are leaking oil. Also mine is carburated not fuel injected and need to know about this charcoal filter. How can i bypass it.

Oil ring need to be replace ... 1994 Isuzu Pickup

Need a diagram that is big and clear enough to actually see and resolve a Vacuum Lines Problem for a Chevrolet 1995 S10 2.2 Pickup Truck.

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I need a brake line diagram for a 1964 chevrolet pickup truck

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F100 pickup stalls out when coming to a stop. It restarts and drives fine. I've rebuilt the carb., changed the fuel filters and line, and replaced the gas tank and sending unit. What am I missing or do i need to check the carb. float?

It might be the float but if you don't have any trouble getting the truck up to speed then it's likely fine. The trouble is more likely to be in the idle circuit. The curb idle should be 500 to 750 RPM depending on if it's standard or automatic ( hig ... Ford F-100

1977 F100 pickup stalls out when coming to a stop. It restarts and drives fine. I've rebuilt the carb., changed the fuel filters and line, and replaced the gas tank and sending unit. What am I missing or do i need to check the carb. float?

I'd check for a vacuum leak, the idle mixture. Also the check valve on the brake booster. ... Ford F-100

I let my truck run really low on gas in the cold and I think it may be frozen gas lines, the truck turns over but is not getting it's fire just thinking it might not be getting it's gas could I thaw it out with a hair dryer on the fuel lines, I tried adding more gas but it isn't working, the truck is a 99 chevrolet s-10 4.3 vortec.please help, thanks.

Well, you need to check for spark and for fuel. To avoid wearing down your battery, I would put a charger or jumper cables on the battery as you do these tests.You can test for spark this way. Pull a spark plug wire, and then insert eit ... Chevrolet S 10

I have a 1984 Buick regal that need a fuel line from the gas tank to the middle of the driver side where the brake off is.. the problem is I cant followed the lines because it go into the frame of the car in the rear than two lines come out and go into the gas tank. Is there a of the fuel lines

The larger one is fuel supply the mid size one is the return ... Cars & Trucks

1993 Ford Escort wagon LX replacing the Large Fueler line from the where fill tank from gas cap to fueler line needs replacing leaking gas ?? This part at ford in 260.00 dollars wow ,yes thats right w

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When replacing three modules I noticed one was missing. Don't know what it's for...having some electrical problems...Need the diagram for the panel for the modules, top and bottom. Replaced rotor inside dist. cap, it fused. Car runs hot, too. Do I need a DME module possibly? The ignition turns it but it sounds like no gas to turn it over but it has gas in the line, I checked it. Also checked spark to coil, yes....new plugs, too. Girl in Mission Viejo needs wheels going...........

Hello there\015\012i would like to help but what porsche do you have and what is module you are talking about?\015\012What are you trying to fix?\015\012proporsch ... Porsche 944

I have a strong odor of gas. I can not see any gas leaking out anywhere. Dealer checked it and said it needs to have the fuel bundle replaced. I have been looking on line at parts and I can not find a part with that description? Is there a different name for the part I need to replace. They also said it is like a fine mist type of leak and in back of engine I guess it evaporates so you don't see the leak. I want to know what part I need to replace?

When they say bundle, they may well mean the injectors, rail, and circuitry. Go back and ask them what bundle means. ... 2004 Dodge Ram 1500

Need diagram of gas lines for a 1998 oldsmobil bravado can you tell me how to replace the gas line to the gas tank of a 1998 oldsmobile bravoda?

Gas tank drop to replace rear lines. Pretty major job all around. If you want a good deal on used lines sets look at ebay "stores" for "s10warehouse". He has several good used line sets cheap. ... 1998 Oldsmobile Bravada

I need a gas line thats connected from the gas tank to the engine

Have you tried your local auto parts stores they usually have stuff like that on hand. ... 2008 Isuzu I 290

Just need to find which line is the pressure line on the fuel rail. trying to syphone the gas outta my car without putting a hole in the gas tank. it is a 92 dodge dayton with a 2.5l

Just take off line at fuel filter under car ... Dodge Daytona

1996 chevy 1500 pickup 4.3L vortec.v6 .wont start on its own needs starting fluid when i get it to run have to constantly give it gas till it runs on its own. Heard it was an oil pressure sending unit that could be the problem. any advice will help. where is the osu located and could that be the problem. truck used to just need starting fluid now its getting worse and wont stay running until i give it a bunch of gas till the rpms ketch up.

I had a problem with fuel pressure due to a bad ground ******** the back of the engine block. This ground connects the battery to the frame through the engine block. The fuel pump is grounded to frame near the gas tank so it needs this ground strap ... 1996 Chevrolet C1500

My wife rented an Hyundai Accent 2010 for a trip to PEI. A squirel ate through the gas line at a camp site and she needed to replace that rental with another from the same company. (The part has to be ordered and will take 10 days to arrive). Now, with abandonment fees etc. this could cost us over 2000.00. (We live in Gatineau Que). I've heard of rodents eating engine wiring but to use the same yummy plastic on gas lines... Are they kidding? This should be illegal. Have you heard of other cas

Hate to tell you but most manufacturers are going to plastic lines, because of extended warrantees and corrosion, its called progress ... 2000 Hyundai Accent

Gas leak Hi Guys, I just bought myself a beautiful 1997 olds royale. It rides like a dream, I feel safe, my girls and I love it and they've even named her "Daisy", she also kicks ****....the only issue is that the gas line at the top of the tank is swollen and needs to be replaced. Now the question I have is this....do I need to drop the tank....or can I gain access to the tank by removing the back seat?

Hi,sorry but you have to remove tank to get to fuel lines.GM was sleeping when they designed it....Good Luck!!! ... 1997 Oldsmobile 88

About a gallon of water was mistakenly put in my tank when extremely low. It ran for about a mile and died. I have since put gas treatment and about 3 gallons of 93 octane gas but need to bleed the water out of the line. The fuel filter is nearly impossible to remove, so I was wondering if it can be purged out using the two line under the back seat at the fuel pump/tank?

Remove fuel line from fuel rail end and put switch to on position let some fuel come out from line, then replace fuel filter, check oil if any water marks in oil if not fix fuel rail line back you are readu to use it normal. ... Nissan Maxima

I was driving my 2004 chevrolet cavalier it stop run and i can not trun it back on check gas line and no gas is coming up thou fuel line what can be wrong?

It sounds like you have a bad fuel pump, a bad fuse to the fuel system, or the cut-off switch was tripped to the fuel pump. Check you owner's manual to check the cut-off switch reset. If this doesn't fix the problem and you have replaced the fuse t ... 2004 Chevrolet Cavalier

Charcoal canister leaks on 1992 toyota pickup whenever i tighten the gas cap down. it goes thru fuel pumps like crazy and ive checked all vaccum lines and the fuel line running back to the tank from the canister and it wasnt clogged. the only way i can get it to not leak is drill a hole in the already vented gas cap. i have also changed canisters and still nothing is working. please help im lost

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I had to get a new gas tank on my car because someone had put flour in my tank messing everything up. now my problem is the new gas tank i got from a used part store cut off the hose that i needed to connect to the car and already got rid of my old tank. i need to know what i am looking for. the measurement is one inch on one side and one and a half on the other and about a foot long. can i just get any kind of fuel line from a part store. any help would help.

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