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My 87 blazer died, changed fuel pump,rebuilt tbi. I have 1.2 ohms resistance on each injector. I'm getting no power to injector, changed pcm and still no power. Don't know what to check next.

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Before you start self repairing, you really should by a manual with proper diagrams to prevent heading in wrong directions.
\015\012The PCM doesnt control injector POWER. It controls injector GROUND. The POWER comes from the ignition switch and goes thru a fuse in teh fusebox probably marked ECM1 or ECMa. If you have power at both sides of that fuse with the ignition key in the ON position, then you have a broken wire between the fuse and the TBI. If you have no power to that fuse, you may have a broken wire, blown fuse, or defective ignition switch.
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My 87 blazer died, changed fuel pump,rebuilt tbi. I have 1.2 ohms resistance on each injector. I'm getting no power to injector, changed pcm and still no power. Don't know what to check next.

Before you start self repairing, you really should by a manual with proper diagrams to prevent heading in wrong directions. \015\012The PCM doesnt control injector POWER. It controls injector GROUND. The POWER comes from the ignition switch and ... 1987 Chevrolet S-10 Pickup

I need help with my 98 dakota that wont start. It has a 3.9 ltr in it. I have fuel pressure and it turns over but I have no power at the coil or at the injectors. I cant seem to find out where the issue is. If i patch wire to the ignition coil it still wont fire cause I get no ground from the pcm. Mitchell only shows one power wire at the pcm and it has 12volts. I really dont know what else to look at. Does anyone have any ideas.

If yours is similar to my 92 shop manual (I have a 92-5.2 V8)\015\012\015\012The 3.9&5.2 use a ASL-Auto Shutdown Relay,you will find, in my case under the hood on the driver side fender. If the computer, we'll call it,doesn't see the ... 1998 Dodge Dakota

No power to the fuel pump the chilton manuel i bought did not help at all does not even show the relays i found the one under the hood changed it it did no good still no power i hear there is another under the dash i havn't found it yet to change it thats next are there any other fuses or relays to check the fuse box cover was missing when we bought it so i dont know what fuse does what


2000 dodge status 2.4 it had an internment run and not run problem and then threw a code ( ignition no signal form the crank or cam sensor) forgot witch one so I scanned it again and no code so I changed them both and nothing checked for spark anew nothing so I changed the coil and still nothing checked all fuses all good and have power change all relays to the pcm and computer nothing so I changed the pcm thinking its getting power but not putting out still nothing and I did the timing belt a

I think it could be the wiring between the crankshaft and/or camshaft sensors. Check for reference voltage at the sensors. ... 2004 Dodge Stratus

After replacing the fuel injector 3 times, im still getting fuel in the regulator side of the plenum chamber. idles fine, starts fine, i only get 175 miles on 3/4 tank of gas. PCM possibly, i dont wanna guess anymore its gettn exspensive, check eng lite is on also drives fine, but does lack power... little help!!!! please

You will need to pull the engine error codes to knwot he answer. Certainly not a fuel injector, it seems. ... 1995 Chevrolet Blazer

93 new yorker salon 3.3 was just sitting at idle car stalled so i wnet to start it up and it ran for like 5 seconds and stalled again now it just turns over i was not getting spark injector pulse or power to the fuel pump also my check engine light does not come on anymore as i start like most of the instrument lights do now it dont changed ecm computer and still just turns over the computer i changed is the one located inside drivers fender beside battery can someone plz help i did not see any

You need to check all the fuses in the power distribution box near the battery. Look for a large maxi-fuse that has blown. If your car has fusible links rather than maxi-fuses, they should be checked also. The ecm will also have a fuse for power to ... 1993 Chrysler New Yorker

My 1990 cadillac seville is running rough changed spark plugs cap and rotor i changed the cat still run rough dont wanna spend more money if i step lightly on the gas its goes the more i step on it it gets slower and run really rough and loss of power i need to know what else to check unless the cat i put on is bad

I have had this problem. if the spluttering start at a certain point on the fuel gauge. and when you fill it up it goes ok. then the fuel pump in the tank is breaking down. because when it gets to a level the pump has to work harder to pull up the fu ... 1990 Cadillac Deville

My 1999 Grand Vitara stalled and dash fuse blew also check engine light doen't come on at all anymore, also the fuel pump is not getting power anymore. I changed the fuel pump and it still doesn't work. Ive checked all fuses and grounds. I dont know how to chk relays, any Ideas?

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I have a 1999 Gmc jimmy it acted like it wasn't getting any fuel so i checked the fuel pressure it was between 55 and 60 and holding. I heard that they were having problems with the spider injector so I changed that but I am still having the same problem. It won't start. I put a scanner on the truck and it is reading no codes. I am out of options and don't know what to do next.

The injectors have to have a signal to pulse them,this is doe from the cam sensor,and the crank sensor,spray starting fluid in the intake,if it starts,and runs,then the cam sensor is the problem,if it does not,generally the crankshaft sensor would be ... 1999 GMC Jimmy

My 94 pathfinder has been idling roughly lately. The check engine light is on and im getting a code 51 witch is something to do with the injector cicuit. I changed the spark plugs, but that didnt change anything. It still idles the same. If i change the fuel filter it seems to do better for a short time but always goes back to idling erraticly. How can i clear the check engine code (inspection comming up soon lol). the car runs fine while on the road. i bet its a bad injector just dont want to r

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When trying to change from panel to floor to defrost, it will not change.. even if it is off, it is still blowing air. How to fix? How do you check and see if actuator is getting power? Took it off and can move blend door by hand and it works. Don't know if actuator is getting power or not, but it is not turning the blend door.

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I was driving my car it started jerking then died waited a few minutes then cranked up drove it to my mecanic he changed yhe crank sensor but no spark he went to autozone to get the ignition coil tested it was good i have no spark and no fuel on fuel pump i got a multimeter to trace wires i have power going to the coils but i dont know if i have ground i have power to fuel pump but i dont know if i have good ground some tech said it was my computer so i got a used one from a junk yard but still

... Cars & Trucks

I have a 1995 dodge neon and it has been out of commision for a yr. Went to go and start it up and nothing. engine turns over, but no power to the coils and no power to the fuel pump. I checked the relays and I have power to the hot side of the dist block, I dont have a signal from the pcm to the auto shut down relay. I also checked to see if I was getting a signal to the fuel injectors and that is also dead. tracked that back to the auto shutdown relay. I have no other ideas, Have a elec. schma

It could be a crank sensor but you should have it on a scan tool to see if there is a signal being put out by the crank sensor before throwing parts at it ... 1995 Dodge Neon

I am trying to get my '06 HHR inspected. I have been getting the same "misfire on cylinder 3" message after replacing the coil pack, plugs, and wires, and I'm running out of patience and money. I know the injector is the next thing to replace but I'd like to know what determines the location of cylinder 3. Is it counted 1,2,3,4 from the drivers side? Also, what are other possible problems that could cause this message. The check engine light comes on and goes off at intervals. I have changed the

If the code is intermittent but is always a 303, make sure the high voltage wire is not routed close to a strong ground point. If that's good, then yes, the injector is the next consideration. Another possibility is a burned valve. You may want to ... Chevrolet HHR

I shorted out my CRNK fuse while hooking up a horn to that fuse, it gave a big spark and melt the fuse and power never come back there. after I could not start any more i check and the injector did not spray any more. I poured some gas in the throttle body it tries to start but it wont stay long. I spent $80 on a secnod hand ECM which they say come out of a crash car it should be good but I still did not get started. ad like to know how can I get power back to that CRNK fuse?

... 1988 Chevrolet K1500

POWER LOST hello, i have a 2004 toyota corolla s problem maybe or just needs maint. car has 158000 miles on it get oil change every 5000 miles ok if i leave he air and radion on it seem that the battery is dying out. if i don't it has a little more power. i check the battery and the little color code on top is green still. i am going to take it in next week for maint. filter change trans fluid maint. also the works maybe but if its the battery i will do that myself. i have always owned a toyota.

Well i fixed it and you will have to pay me 19.95 for my answer so you will give the answer to other people. i guess somethings in life are not free\015\012by the way \015\012if it makes a difference i am a woman. ... 2004 Toyota Corolla

Hi I have a 2004 escalade 6.0 engine 4x4 and I asked a question last week regarding the enjectors having no power and you guys responded that to check the crankshift sensor and I had that changed and it looked like it was going to start but it didn't the injectors still have no power could you please let me know what else I can check to find The problem

The Crank and Cam shaft sensors are used by the ECM to calculate when to fire and inject.If there is a problem with all 8 firing, the ECM may be at fault.Swap it with a known working one to test (junkyards have them available to swa ... Cadillac Escalade ESV

Hi, I have a 96 windstar. One of the wires on the brake light switch down at the brake pedal has broke at the plug and then when I went to repair it touched the steering bar and sparks flew. Once I repaired the wire I still had no brake lights and couldnt shift out of park. I then checked all the fuses and changed two blown ones, I dont know what they were because the cover is missing and none of the fuses are marked. But still same problem. I then checked the power to switch and there is none.

Fuse #7 - 15 amp , Fuse #21 - 10 amp.\012\012Maybe you blew solid state module. There is a manual bypass.\012\012Shift Interlock System \012\012A shift interlock mechanism prevents shifting the transaxle out of the PARK posit ... 1996 Ford Windstar

No spark I was driving down the road the other day and all of a sudden I had my truck went dead on me. 1994 Chevy Silverado 350 5.7 liter. I thought it was the battery with a bad connection but the next day bought new battery new terminals. I also didn't think I was getting any fuel. I notice that my fuel pump fuse was blown. checked all my fuel lines and replaced filter I have lots of flow to the injectors. Now I have no spare and i still dont think I am getting any fuel in my injectors. Replac

Are you getting any spark from the coil? The first thing you need to narrow down is the spark. The ignition system on this truck will run without the computer. It cranks over just fine right? ... 1994 Chevrolet S-10 Blazer

94 Plymouth sundance coolant fan relay which terminals are supposed to have what power values I know the grey wire is Hot 12v constant and light green is to the fan and one to the AC relay are the other two wires supposed to be powered or negative and when and why? the fan only runs when the AC is turned on I have replaced both the coolant temp switch and the relay neither fixed the fact that the fan wont turn on when the engine gets hot i dont know what to check next.

Cooling fan does not come on at all ... 1994 Plymouth Sundance

I have 2000 dodge grand caravan 3.3. It ran fine then all of a sudden it had a major loss of power and sputtering with a popping noise. We checked it and it said multiple misfires. So we changed spark plugs and wires and ciol pak. It still spits and sputters but alot more power. Had it to garage and still dont know what the problem is please help.

Has anyone checked the fuel pressure ? ... Cars & Trucks

1989 cherokee will turn over but will not fire. i pulled the coil wire off the distributor and checked for spark there and still get nothing. i changed the icm and checked the coil but still no fire. i don't know where to go next.

Crank angle sensor needs to put out pulses as the engine spins... accordianman ... Jeep Cherokee

92 buick century blower motor replace? I have a 92 century that im trying to replace the blower motor on. the problem im having is that i cannot get it to slide out because it hits the power steering pump. do i have to take off the power steering pump too? i pulled out every bolt that i could see to disconnect the power steering pump just to move it out of the way. but it still feels solid. i dont know why id have to take off that much stuff just to change a stupid blower motor. any help would b

... 1992 Buick Century

I have a 1995 toyota 4runner it died on me i have no spark i have changed distributor,coil,ignighter,spark plugs,and wires,ecm box checked all fueses still no spark i have checked all i dont have power coming out of ecm to distributor what should i check next

Well the two reasons for no spark are the crank shaft psotion sensor anda failed computer. If you dont have 12 volts at the distributor then you have a popped fuse or a failed PCM. If you have 12v at the distributor then you have failed crank sensor ... Toyota 4Runner

The check engien light comes on once in ahwile and when that happenes the car looses power, i had it checked out and it was the knock sen....so i had it replaced, about two years ago ...yet the problem reserfaced about a month or so later??? and when i had it checked again it was still codeing as P0325 knock sen...so now i dont know what wrong...any help? and where is the knock sen on the car? how do i get to it?

It is most likely a bad knock sensor location. You can sometimes find repositioning kits for the sensors because they tend to be too senitive. It is usually on the back under or on intake manifold by fuel rails ... 2004 Kia Rio
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