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Air Intake Hose temporary-fix or part recommendation.

\015 I own a 1987 Chevrolet Celebrity, with a 2.8L 6-cyl fuel-injected engine. There is a large hole in a tube between the engine and the air filter housing. There is another line (there are no visible holes or breakages in this line) coming from this tube, and some research may indicate this is a mass air-flow sensor, and helps to monitor air-flow into the engine, and sends data back to the ECU for air-fuel mixture.\015\012\015\012The vehicle stutters and usually stalls when idle for more than five seconds. The engine tends to rev somewhat randomly.\015\012\015\012I am pretty sure the hose is the problem, in fact I am almost certain, but what is this hose called (air intake hose?) and what can I do to temporarily fix this problem?\015\012\015\012I cannot find an air intake hose anywhere for a 1987 Chevy Celebrity. The part number I have been given is 96094, although I am not sure if this is store-specific or not.\015
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Answers :

You need to confirm if this has a MAF sensor or not. I can't remember offhand. It may just use a MAP sensor, in which case the hose is only critical in keeping out dirty unfiltered air. If it does have a MAF sensor you could try temporarily taping up the hose with duct or electrical tape. Or, the dealer may be able to sell you a "speed density update". GM had a lot of problems with theIr early MAF systems on the 2.8l engines and released a new prom chip that plugs into the computer and runs the engine without the MAF signal. You have to leave it in because the air temperature signal from the MAF is still used but airflow is calculated from MAP and TPS with the new prom. In fact, I would bet the conversion has already been done, even if you do have a MAF, you could check the prom ID with a scan tool. The idle problem may just be a vacuum leak, either way, the hose should be repaired or replaced to keep the dirt out of the engine. You could try the auto dismantlers, but I think most of these cars have been squished by now.
You can cover the holes in the hose with authentic (read the label) duct tape -- this sould be good as a new one.
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Air Intake Hose temporary-fix or part recommendation.

You need to confirm if this has a MAF sensor or not. I can't remember offhand. It may just use a MAP sensor, in which case the hose is only critical in keeping out dirty unfiltered air. If it does have a MAF sensor you could try temporarily taping ... 1987 Chevrolet Celebrity

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You really need to get the correct part. Try a scrapyard first. It is critical that there are no air leaks between the air flow meter and the intake manifold. I would not recommend a coupler,they can leak. ... 1992 Toyota Celica

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Have a look at the water pump. there are "weep" holes in the front of it and that's usually the first indication it is failing. ... 2001 Daewoo Leganza

Trying to find a part name so I can replace a hose. It is a round,black plastic piece that is on top of the valve cover. It has a connection to the air intake, the valve cover,and to a tube coming from the engine block. Sorry, best I can do.

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