Having problems with your 1987 Buick Century ?

My Buick Century with a 2.5L is stalling at lights and stop signs. when restarted and put in drive it stalls and won't stay running? Any help?

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Answers :

The TCC solenoid in the transmission needs to be replaced. This is a common problem that requires removal of the side cover of the transmission. You can unplug the wires at the front of the transmission and drive it until you get it fixed but you will not have over- drive lock- up convertor. This will result a drop in fuel mileage,
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My Buick Century with a 2.5L is stalling at lights and stop signs. when restarted and put in drive it stalls and won't stay running? Any help?

The TCC solenoid in the transmission needs to be replaced. This is a common problem that requires removal of the side cover of the transmission. You can unplug the wires at the front of the transmission and drive it until you get it fixed but you wil ... 1987 Buick Century

Go out in AM, car is cold, starts and runs fine. Drive short distance, stop and restart, runs fine, idles fine. Drive about 8 miles at 50-55 mph, pull up at a red light, when speed gets down to ~25-30 mph, car stalls. Carburetor has been rebuilt. Put car in neutral or park right after it stalls - it starts right up and will run until you slow down to 30 mph or slower, stalls, As long as choke is closed enough, it seems to run fine. We really appreciate your help. It has been

The EGR valve is unserviceable which causes a bad or insufficient fuel control for em-missions......Hope this helps you out........EGR valves are not very expensive. ... 1985 AMC American Motors Eagle

Car starts and runs great, once you drive it awhile it will stall out and when you restart it and put it in drive the car just dies... once the car cools down the car will start and drive normally until it warms up and then stalls again. i was told it could be the TPS sensor.. can someone help

First try changing the coollant temp sensor ... Chevrolet Corsica

Car stalls i have a 1990 ford tempo... i replaced the alternator and battery, I also replaced the neg battery cable and selonoid and car wants to drive however she stalls out, so i took the atlternator out and had it tested and its good... When we drove it, my husband had to put it in neutral hen commin to a stop so she wouldn't.. She doesn't have a problem starting just staying running. HELP ME

Do the rpm's seem higher when at idle than they used to? is your gas mileage worse than it used to be or than you think it should be? sounds like an idle air problem. when you go to idle, like at a stop, the computer has to modify the fuel and air ... 1990 Ford Tempo

I bought this car 3 weeks ago. now it smokes alot (exhaust) upon 1st start uo each day. Clears up upon driving but idle runs rough in park or stopped. It also will stall upon 2nd or 3rd restart of the day (intermittently)when put into drive. The SES light came on and I got a code 41 when checked. Please help

Hi\015\012\015\012Code 41 indicates a fault with camshaft position sensor circuit. The ignition module uses the Cam Sensor signal for timing the spark firing. The ignition module also passes this signal to the ECM ... 1992 Buick LeSabre

I have a 1993 chevrolet suburban k1500 4wd it run for 5 minutes and then shut off, it will restart and run until you put it in drive and it will shut right off, but it will restart and run until you put it in drive. I have replaced coil, enjectors, pcm, IAC, rotor, cap, ignition module all no help

... 1993 Chevrolet K1500

I have a 1990 civic si with a intermittant start and stall shut off warm put fuel in it go to start and stalls do this two or three times and stays running may not happen for a week or two or will happen cold start and stall a few times and than stays running replaced distributor and still has same problem today died while driving ,pulled over started and stalled 20 times thanstayed running for a minute than died cranked 20 times started drove home car is still running where do i go

Replace your faulty coil.That gives the same symtoms ur saying. ... 1990 Honda Civic

1993 Ford E-350 Starts and runs for about 45 seconds then stalls and wont restart for hours. Put computer on it and get code 542 fuel pump secondary. I have new fuel pump and have checked and re attatched pump wiring and battery grounds. Any help??

Regulator most likely. Need to check fuel pressure both when running and after a stall. My guess is 20 lbs when it starts, 0 after it stalls. Replace that fuel filter also. ... 1993 Ford Club Extended

1997 Chevy Cavalier engine light is on and it runs like it wants to stall i drive it for about 30 mins and when i stop and state to go it i can put my foot to the floor and not go any place and it will back fire and start to go but if i got to stop again it will die i got to restart it and go again after it cools for a long time i can go again for 30 more mins please help please

Coil may be weak ... 1997 Chevrolet Cavalier

I have a 2000 f150, while driving at 60mph it stalled. Fuel filter has been changed, pump is working. My truck wont stay running. Please help

Try wiggling the relays in the power distribution box under the hood, you may have a poor connection to the fuel pump relay. Also you should check fuel pressure. Also check the ignition, when your truck dies do you lose spark? ... Ford F-150

I start my van and put it into reverse or drive and it stalls out sometimes while i'l driving and then it wont start agan... HELP

If you knock gently under the fuel tank for about 5-6 times and then start your vehicle. If it starts, then 100% it is time to replace the fuel pump. Good luck. ... 1996 Plymouth Voyager

1990 Holden rodeo, Isuzu ute wont start when cold, but when the weather warms up it will start, run for a few seconds then stalls. Once it stalls it wont start as easily. Cannot drive down the road without it stalling at the first set of lights. I have replaced the electronic temperature sensor and thermostate but that didnt do anything. Really frustrated and have no car to drive HELP any suggestions are greatly appriciated

Its coss the motor is frozen , so put anti freeze in the radiator ... 1988 Isuzu Trooper 2 Door

I have a 99 escort zx2 2.0 dual overhead cam. Ran great. Yesterday it stalled while driving. Could get it to restart, when put in gear stalled again. Thought had water in gas, put treatment in and more gas. Runs at rough idle. Husband tried to start, backfire then stalled. Then would not restart again. Could it be timing belt? Has 173,000 miles not sure it has ever been replaced.

Have Timing Belt replaced and then go from there. ... Ford Escort

My 89 camaro rs with a 305 has been sitting for a year i put clean gas and a new battery but it wont stay running i sprayed carb clean in the tb and it runs but wont stay running any help

The carburetor cleaner in the throttle body effectively bypasses the entire\015\012fuel system. The fact that the engine runs on it until it is used up indicates that the\015\012fuel system is the problem.Check your fuel pressure. If the ... Chevrolet Camaro

Every time i put a new muffler on my 1997 jeep grand cherokee the motor bakfires and blows the muffler compleatly apart it dosent do it right away it runs fine for a few miles then boom then it starts to sputter and stalls and wont start until about 10 min. later after the muffler is blown and im driving around loud it dose not backfire no more but every few miles it stalls and wont start and run right for about 10 min. then it starts and runs fine for a while longer beside the noise from having

What a funny set of events.Of course the tail pipe is clear(you would have checked that)The only other thing it might be is the cat/converter is blocked.New muffler is allowing a heap of air through and it suddenly clears and the bang.They do block u ... 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee

I have a 95 Aurora v8 4.0 liter engine, Today it stalled on me while i was driving down the roda, I got the car over to the side of the road, Started it back up, With no problems, Put it in drive went to go again, The car made it about 3 feet, Before stalling again, Now the car will only stay running for about five minutes while in park, Then it will stall, If i try to drive it, It stalls right out..Any thoughts what could be causing this problem?

Sounds like a fuel problem,lack of it more like .Suggest you get your renewel plan cash and trade it in for a 1000cc type car and save a fortune on gas ... 1995 Oldsmobile Aurora

I have a 1993 Saturn SL2. I replaced the EGR valve and since then every time i start the car the rpms rev up to 3000 for about 10 sec the go back down around 1000 rpm. Now, when engine is warm when you start it, it dies when put into drive. Have to restart and put in drive a couple of times before it stays running. Once it goes it runs fine. Any clues?

... 1993 Saturn SL2

My GMC has 311632 miles on it. I just changed the 4L60E transmission a few months ago and now it wont shift out of first unless I manually put it in second gear. all the gears from park rev. nuetral works on Q, but drive and over drive stay in first unless phsicaly put in second.everything was fine for months after trans swap. one morning nothing and my parking light stayed on permenently which make me think electrickal issues are the cause please help

The transmission may be in Limp mode. The transmission is on the same fuse as the MAF, O2 sensors and at\015\012least one other sensor - if an O2 shorts out, it will blow the fuse and\015\012the trans will go into limp-home mode. Be sure ... 1994 GMC Sierra

My 1987 nissan maxima starts but wont stay running there is fuel pressure and the fuel filter is clean after 5 minutes it will stay running but when I put it into drive it will drive but dies immediately and continues to have the same problem

The MAF sensor is just about dead. Replace it and it should be fine again. ... 1987 Nissan Maxima

My 1974 corvette wont start,Choke is fine. Car last ran in nov & while driving started to bog,it didnt run over the winter when I started it in the spring it started untill hot then stalled soon as I stept on gas to drive, now it wont run at all used start fluid starts for a second so thers spark, fuel is squirting in carb, won't star cold either, so choke is fine HELP!!!!!!!!!!!

... Chevrolet Corvette

My truck wont start unless i prime the carborator first, then it wont stay running unless i rev it high just before i put it in gear, or im accellerating...

Disconnect the Mass Air Flow sensor and see if it will straighten up when the service engine light illuminates. Once the PCM sees the MAF fault, it will default to run without it. If the vehicle runs better with it disconnected, it could indicate a ... Chevrolet Silverado 1500

1997 buick lesabre idles high (about 2900-3000) when started stone cold. Lately, you have to feather the throttle pedal to make it stay running. Let it run for five minutes, shut it off, restart, and it idles fine (850-1000), but when driving it will intermittantly stall when letting off the throttle. Then once you drive it somewhere for five miles or so, if you shut the engine off, it won't restart until it cools completely down. Have replaced CRPS, TPS, and IAC module with not much dif

... Buick LeSabre

2002ford truck explorer when i frist start my truck it will stall out a few times then wiil run good for awhile then for some reason stall out 3 or 4 times some times i can drive for 150 miles with no stalling and other times it will stall every few miles I can start it right back up by putting it in newtroll and sometime if it ready to stall and you pump the gas it will keep running help

It sounds to me that you idle controll valve isnt responding (could be dirty) get a can of carb cleaner and clean the thottle body inside and with the engine running. squirt just a little and the engine will start to stall and the idle air controll w ... Ford Explorer

Will start I. Morning wont stay running runs rough wont idle when in drive with foot on break car moves back and forth runs ok on interstate put new o2sensors in only runs rough in temperature below 60

... 2000 Mercury Cougar

1998 Oldsmobile Intrigue. Car almost died at intersection. Did want to stay running. Then slowly gained momentum. Drove home. turned it off. Restarted it no problem. Next day car won't start. Put in new battery, still wont start. Put in new starter, and tried to start. Broke of the little bell housing on top. Checked old starter. is fine. put in and loosened fly wheel to restart attempt and rule out transmission. Broke of bell housing again. Could I be putting the starter in wrong

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