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Transmission fluid level

\015 Where, on the dipstick, is the proper fluid level indicated?\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

Answers :

On some dipsticks there is a notch on the side that indicates the proper level. on others there is a series of x's or hash marks looks kind of like a file and the top of that area is the proper level
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Transmission fluid i was changing the oil on my wifes car and took out the wrong plug draining about 1-2 quarts of transmission fluid before i could get the plug back in. i cant figure out where i would add transmission fluid nor is there a dipstick to check the level of fluid. is it ok to drive to the dealership? will driving the car with less transmission fluid damage it? where do i add fluid at? new car with only 5,500 miles.

... 2009 Kia Borrego

Transmission problem transmission leaks but not from transmission.. its leaking at the vaccum hose on top of the engine (i believe).. there is significant "fluid" around the hoses but i'm unable to distingush the fluid. my transmission fluid is gone in a month. HOWEVER i changed my oil and put the exact amout of quarts in as perscribed by ford and a month later my oil level is WAY above where it was. Is it possible that is where my transmission fluid is going due to a vaccum hose? another thing

The vacuum modulator that the vacuum hose connectes to at the transmission has a ruptured rubber diaphram, replace the vacuum modulator and the vacuum hose. ... 1992 Ford Explorer

Transmission Fluid I can not find the gauge or the dipstick so I can check my transmission fluid level in my 1993 Eagle Talon. Can you please tell me where to look for it. I have looked close to the firewall, and all throughout the engine, I have even looked under the car, and I can not find where to check the fluid level anywhere.

On my '90 4 cyl. auto talon it's right up by the front of the car on the passenger's side. Look down underneath where your air filter is and you'll see the white dipstick handle right close to the gound. ... 1993 Eagle Talon

Is there a ''stick'' to check on the level of transmission fluid in vehicle? Where's is the level stick for the transmission fluid? is there one? When Do we change the Transmission Oil on Car and Where is the Fuel fillter at and when to we change it? thanks

1st off your trans doesn't have a dip stick, it is a sealed transmission, to check level you need to have the dealer hook up a scan tool and then verify trans fluid temperature is at at least 175-185 degrees for correct level check, then ... 2005 Chevrolet Cavalier

The service engine soon light is on. The check engine light had come on several times the day before. The check fluid light had come on & went off. Added 2 qts. of oil to the engine and it is fine. radiator fluid level is fine. Brake fluid level a little low. Not sure about transmission fluid level because it is all over the stick after wiping off and dipping it again. The car has jerked very hard a few times while excelerating but not actually shifting gears.

Have the computer scanned if you want a quick scan have Auto Zone or the like scan it for free , they also will give you a printout of the problem code, if any, that may be stored in the computer system.\015\012Trans. fluid is only checked on a ... 1999 GMC Yukon

OK I have a 2005 Cadillac CTS with the six speed automatic transmission (3.6 liter V6). What is the proper way to fill the transmission after the fluid is drained and the filter was replaced? How much fluid should it take? Do I check and fill the transmission while it is running? What is the proper way to check the fluid level seeing how there is no dipstick? I have changed the trans fluid about 6 times seeing how a trans cooler line went bad at the radiator and flooded the tranny with anti-free

Hi, there is a fill plug on the driver's side of the transmission. When the fluid is at the level of the fill plug, the level is correct. The fill plug is half way up the transmission and looks just like a manual trans or differential fill plug, wi ... 2005 Cadillac CTS

Transmission fluid levels on my 98 Chrysler Concorde are out of whack. It was at a normal level, and no fluid was added. My car began buzzing at highway speeds, and I realized that I was in 3rd gear the whole time. I checked the fluid, and it was well past the curved part of the dip stick. Assuming someone sabotaged my car so that I would have to pay for more services, I siphoned some of the fluid out (about a quart to a quart and a half), and the level read where it should have been. I just che

... 1998 Chrysler Concorde

I have a 2001 F-150 Super Crewcab 4.6L engine. The transmission will not shift from 2nd up. It shifts from 1st to 2nd smoothly. If I place in 1st, and 2nd manually it works fine, but will not work in drive. When I place in Drive transmission shifts from 1st to 2nd, then will not go up, makes noise, and stops. I checked fluid level seems fine, but fluid has a wierd smell to it. It has been some time since transmission fluid, and filter were changed. I have been told that I need transmission by no

... 2001 Ford F150 Styleside SuperCrew

2010 Chrysler T & C making a whine noise from under the hood. All fluid levels are fine, sounds like it is coming from transmission. Had the dealership check transmission fluid level, it was good. Have an appointment for next Wed. for it to be checked out but want to see if this is a major problem and what it could be to prepare my wallet.

A whine from under the hood could possibly be a power steering pump. It can whine even when it's full of fluid if the pump is bad. If you're car is a 2010, won't it be covered under the warranty?\015\012\015\012~Brandon ... 2010 Chrysler Town and Country

Tdi transmission i have a 2001 jetta tdi. runs great just need to know how to change the fluid and the filter on the transmission. I am very mechanically inclined but havent tried the jetta tdi transmission before. thought i would get some pointers before i tear my commuter car apart. I would imagine i get the fluid and filter from vw dealer. How do I add it once i pull the pan and change the filter. the service guy at york vw told me there was a dipstick to check the fluid level, but unless im

There is a plastic plug over rhe filler neck,there is no dipstick if its an auto,if its a manual there is a filler plug either half way up the box rad side or a filler above the diff get proper oil fron v dub dealer..... ... 2000 Volkswagen Jetta TDI

2001 jeep grand cherokee leaking transmission fluid. It's not gushing out, just barely dripping when stopped and the tranny fluid level seems fine when checked (hot). It seems to be coming from the rear side of the pan around where it meets the transfer case. I'm thinking it's the gasket but just wanted some input. Also, the fluid looks fine (pink) and doesn't smell burnt. Also, if it is the seal is it okay to keep driving it for a while as long as I'm checking the fluid level periodically?

Clean off entire area near where you suspect the leak is coming from, then look carefully to locate it. Try slightly tightening any bolts near the leak area after it's located If at the pan gasket do not overtighten or you will crush the gasket and i ... 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Dear Sir, I have a 2001 C-70 convertable and it shifts hard. I want to check the transmission fluid and possible add some if needed but I don't know what type of fluid to put in or where to put it.I don't see a transmission level stick anywhere.How do I check the fluid and where do I add fluid if needed

Access to the transmission dip stick is not easy. It is hidden deep under tube and wiring beneath the air intake tube near the battery, it has a yellow top labelled 'Trans' and has a clip that secures the top in place. Check the fluid level when the ... 2007 Volvo C70

Transmission My 2000 Ranger 4X4 (85000 easy miles) has developed a clanging sound when slowing down to stop. It doesn't happen all the time. I'm guessing it's coming from the transmission (automatic) as it down shifts. I have checked the transmission fluid which was at it's proper level. The fluid dosen't smell burnt and looks ok. From stop to 50mph the transmission shifts properly and seems normal. Its only when slowing to a stop. Any ideas? Thank you

... 2000 Ford Ranger SuperCab

2005 LT Equinox 3.4L has transmission bearing noise on passenger side of transmission. Drivers side does not make noise. Noise is apparent35 mph and above. no increase in noise level with increase in speed. Already changed the intermediate shaft without any change in bearing noise. Since this model has not got a transmission dip stick, could it just be low on fluid? I understand there is a level check plug under the car in side of transmission case. Any thoughts?

How many miles does it have? ... 2005 Chevrolet Equinox

Transmission problem i have 2003 ford windstar v-6 automatic transmission. the car will start and the gear shift lever will ingage to all drives. howerever the car will not move in any gear. i have checked the fluid level and it seems ok. the link looks like it is working order. the metal rod moves the selector level under the hood. i do not know what the problem is. would it be something electrical or is it with the transmission? thanks for the help. jake eicher email: [email protected]

Sorry to say i had the same problem. the spline between the engine and the trans sheared. I complained to Ford customer service and they were able to help with the cost but it still cost about 1500 ... 2003 Ford Windstar

N the road and all of a sudden the truck acted like I shifted into nuetral. It just quit. What could be the problem? It was rebuilt about a year ago. The transmission fluid level is normal. The transmission fluid doesn't smell burnt. No warning lights came on. The warning lights are still not on. Is it something minor or am I going to have to get a new transmission?

This may sound dumb, but check to make sure the bolts that hold the torque converter to the flywheel are present- if not- no drive.. A few things are potential sources of problem. It is possible part of the torque converter internally faile ... 1999 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

1994 Buick Skylark, 138,000 mi.,V-6, auto trans. Car won't engage in gear until engine is warm. Engine must run 4-8 minutes until shifting successfully. Shift lever can be moved to all gears, but transmission doesn't actually engage until engine is warm. Once transmission engages there are no problems driving. If I shut engine off, then restart, transmission will engage as long as engine has not cooled down. I checked fluid level with engine idling and warm and levels were okay. Problem h

One thing ive warned my friends to never do and that is to never have your trans flushed cause you may have new fluids but what about the trans filter its old and iots there for that reason to keep dirt and metal; shavings from the bands so try havin ... 1994 Buick Skylark

My transmission wont shift, the speedometer quit working at the same time in my 1999 plymoth breeze. It is an automatic transmission.Before the problem happened the transmission gave a **** and the speedometer quit and the transmission seems to be stuck in second gear. The fluid level is at its correct level.

Most likely your speed sensors are bad, this causes the transmission to seem like its "stuck" in second gear or in "limp" mode. I can also be your TCM (transmission control module). But from your description, it's most likely the speed sensors locate ... 1999 Plymouth Breeze

Adding transmission fluid to the correct level on 2007 Saturn Vue Hybrid. I know that there is not a dip stick to check for the correct level. I would assume I would add fluid by removing the cap that is under the hood. But is there a bolt I would remove and add fluid until it come out of the bolt hole? Like on a rear end differential?

... 2007 Saturn VUE Green Line

I have a 2002 Honda Passport EX and I'm having issues with the transmission. First, of all, I don't know where the dipstick for the fluid is so I can't check the level. Second, I don't know where to pour the fluid because I can't find the area. I've been having issues with the transmission when I hit 75mph. The transmission would lightly **** and then the "check trans" light blinks on/off until I turn off the engine. Also, when that happens, my RPM would not go past 3000rpm, it would jump b

The transmission fluid dipstick is under the hood,probably back within a foot of the firewall.To check it,you run your car for about 10 minutes,leave it running,then pull the dipstick out,wipe it off,and put it back in and out to get a good level.I u ... 2002 Honda Passport

2005 hyundai Elentra 4 cyclinder 74000K miles manual transmission 5 spd The car has suddenly had problems accelerating. When you shift gears the motor will rev up to 4 or 6 rpms and you will not pick up speed, if u let off the gas then accelerate usually the motor will not rev and u will pick up speed. Is it a transmission problem of Clutch going out. Transmission fluid is at correct level and motor oil has been recently changed and is at correct level.

Clutch is slipping you will need to replace the whole unit,plate/bearing/friction . ... Hyundai Elantra

My 1995 Chevy 1500 2WD Pickup auto transmission jerks when shifting from first to second gear. Had transmission fluid changed 3000 miles ago. Fluid level is normal? Truck has 180,000 miles, never had transmission issue before.

About time to rebuild it. ... 1995 Chevrolet K1500

Transmission leak 1996 GMC Jimmy Transmission fluid leaking out of breather tube and Tran fluid level is high although I haven't added any fluid.

... 1996 GMC Jimmy

My transmission on my 2001 Jimmy is leaking, but I cannot locate from where. The fluid in the transmission had been replaced several weeks to a couple of months ago, when another leak was happening because of a faulty "O" ring. The current leak does not appear to be in that same place -- I can find no wetness there or anywhere else. When I did check this time, the fluid level BARELY was tipping the very end of the dipstick and required about 1 and 1/2 quarts of fluid to bring it up to minimal op

Hi!!\015\012\015\012After the vehicle has been driven for at least 15 min. place a piece of cardboard or news paper on the floor under vehicle, wait 15 to 30 min. and check for oil drips on the cardboard/newspaper without removing it from under ... 2001 GMC Jimmy

I can not find the gauge or the dipstick so I can check my transmission fluid level in my 1993 Eagle Talon. Can you please tell me where to look for it. I have looked close to the firewall, and all throughout the engine, I have even looked under the car, and I can not find where to check the fluid level anywhere.

Hello, I have a very dumb issue now with my 91 MPV: I removed the oil dipstick and now I can't find where to put it back :(I can't find any documentation on this. ... 1993 Eagle Talon
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