Having problems with your 1986 Volkswagen Wagon Camper ?

Westfalia 89 when I turn my faucet the water is not pumping to the sink, there is no noise of the pump even working. I looked at all the connections and they all seem fine, I tried all the fuses and reset buttons but no change, what else should I look at or try?

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Answers :

Take the screw out of the top off the faucet knob.
Inside, you'll find electrical contacts that get corroded.
That's what was wrong with mine.
Shutoff valve in the lines
\015\012blocked lines
\015\012voltmeter to test the wiring
\015\012not a solution, just a thought
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Westfalia 89 when I turn my faucet the water is not pumping to the sink, there is no noise of the pump even working. I looked at all the connections and they all seem fine, I tried all the fuses and reset buttons but no change, what else should I look at or try?

Take the screw out of the top off the faucet knob.Inside, you'll find electrical contacts that get corroded.That's what was wrong with mine. ... 1986 Volkswagen Wagon Camper

Ford probe seems to have fuel problem. Reset Fuel cut off swithch the fuel cutout light just came on while i was driving my car started to over heat my guages all dropped started losing power windows and radio, i got it home and tried to reset the button but not sure if i hit the button is it alittle black somewhat looking button on the left side in the trunk and is everything i list because of the fuel cut out or worse any advice would be great thx

The hit from behind avtivated the fuel cut off switch, its in the boot left side above the water resivouar. it has a black rubber cover just push it down to restart the fuel pump ... 1995 Ford Probe

I am troubleshooting brake light issues I am having. All three brake lights do not turn on when brakes are pressed. I have already changed the fuse and brake lights, still nothing. The reverse and signal lights work fine. Now, I am trying to locate the brake switch, but not real sure what I am looking for. I tried following the shaft of the brake pedal, and there doesn't seem to be a switch there? Where could it possibly be or even look like?

Yes the brake light switch is down on the steering colum.A square looking box.Easy to do once you see it.Will allso afect your cruise control when you brake wont shut off.Brake real hard and it will think its going up hill and accelerate you will hav ... 1994 Chevrolet Suburban

I have problem with a Bentley Continental GTC and that is that the driver information panel says 'Roof Fault' the error occured after not fully completing a roof opening cycle in one press of a button but I did fully open it before I started driving again. The roof top seems to open and close just fine, and I therefore think that I just have to reset the error. I've tried keeping the ' Trip' button held while starting the car but this doesn't help and I've also tried to turn the ignition 10 time

If all else fails disconnect the battery for 30 min it will erase all codes on the vehicle for free instead of taking it to a service station and paying them to do it ... Cars & Trucks

2005 2500HD odometer is not showing up nor any of the other options like oil life, etc. I have changed the buttons on steering wheel and checked the wiring harness. There is power getting to the buttons on the steering wheel because the lights on the button light up. Is there a fuse, bulb, or something I am missing. The top buttons that run the stereo are working fine. Buttons on bottom seem to work, just nothing showing up. I have held the reset button for 10 seconds and that did not help eit

Check the fuses lights are lights controlls are contrloos 2 different thingss ... Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD

My 2003 chevrolet silverado 4x4 overdrive is not working. I dont know exactly when it ent out. Ill push the overdrive button and nothing happens. The light that tells you o/d is engaged does not turn on. The truck seems to shift just fine otherwise. I cant find a fuse or anything simple to look at. Any suggestions as to what look look at? Im hoping to look at the small things first. thanks

... Chevrolet Silverado 1500

2000Chev. Venture when stopped SOME times will not start, just Silently DEAD. I keep blowing out the PCM/ABS fuse. Seems to happen after auto warmed up, then shut off and left for few minutes, try to restart and cannot. Last time this happened blew out 3 fuses in a row. Local mechanic has looked for a short, has the wiring diagram, has check wiring and wiggled the wiring to each compnent with ign on to see if he could duplicate blowing of the fuse. Inserted new fuse, everything works fine. Th

Dear sir/madam,They are bad to blow this fuse when the fuel pump is going out. When\015\012you get on the gas pedal, the demand rises, and the pressure drops to a\015\012level to make the pump run more often, so if its going bad, the pump ... Chevrolet Chevy

I started my car this morning and the check engine light came on and stayed on. I drove the 3 miles to work, shut the car off, and now when I try to start it all the lights and everything seem to work fine but it won't turn over or so much as click. Tried to reset it pulling the negative cable for a while, tried to jump it and tried to find any loose connections. I'm stuck on a secured facility and cant get it out to have someone look at it without a towtruck... Any Ideas?

Is battery charge ok? Try to replace battery or charge it from other car. ... 2000 Mazda Millenia

My tail lights, dash lights, and tag light on my 1987 Nissan Sentra do not work. I checked the fuse, and it is fine. I've tried following the wires, and they seem fine as well. I cannot tell if they are going to a relay, but it doesn't look like it because none of the titles for the relays- horn, inhibit, etc have issues (i.e. the horn is fine). Anyone have any better ideas?

It is possible that your problem is in the combination switch at your steering wheel. try getting a haines manual from pepboys or advance auto so you could figure out the color code of the wire once you know it you could get a jumper from the + of t ... 1987 Nissan Sentra Wagon

My 2006 Pontiac Grand Prix won't start. The lights/battery is working. I can hear the fuel pump ingaging. I've checked the fuses & they seem to be fine. I'm use to looking at manuals that aren't so electronically ran. I hear a clicking noise when I try to turn it over. DO I have to get a new starter or is there something else I should look at first?

My 2006 dodge grand caravan wont start , according to the dealers no power is getting to the computer help???wont turn over nothing ... Pontiac Grand Prix

No response for automatic climate control.Everything on display looks fine . outside temp listed as 68 degrees (-8 degrees outside yesterday in Pa.) will not activate fan . tested fan and it is ok. tried to communicate with ac using my Snap-on Modis .it only says no communication. I can scan all other computers.(engine trans ect.. )., I have no owners manual and no fuse box covers to uas as a referance. all fuses in car teated good. Disconnected the battery for a hard reset and had no luck......

What year and model is your Mitsubihi? I'll try and see if I can get you some information on your system. ... Mitsubishi Diamante

I got a f250 97 powerstroke it died like it just ran out of fuel and would not start. After looking I found that I was not getting fuel to the engine. Now I have two tanks with a pump in both. Dont think both pumps would fail at same time. So I checked the selector switch on dash it seems to be working fine. Checked the transfer box from one tank to another it is working. Also checked all fuses good there. I tried beating on tank to get fuel pump to run did nopt help. Tried changing selonoids ar

Pump is not in the tank. ... 1997 Ford F250 SuperCab

My 1994 Honda Accord LX engine cut out while driving on highway. I have found no spark at plugs, distributor or coils. Fuses all look good. I "tested" the main relay by watching the check engine light come on and off, listening for clicks and also listening for the fuel pump. It does not seem to be an issue with the relay. It turns over fine, but will not fire when I try to start it. Any ideas where to look next?

... 1994 Honda Accord

Hello I have a 2002 daewoo lagenza. Its check engine light came on and I tried going to auto zone and Advanced Auto to have the engine read but my OBDII not scanning and I checked the fuses and they all seem to be fine. I need to pass emissions and that the only part that isnt reading. Is there another way to check this? or am I looking at wrong fuses? I dont have an owners manual. Please help

... 2002 Daewoo Leganza

The convertible top of my 2003 z4 won't retract. The light for retraction went on, blinked several times and then stopped. Now no light is coming on and the raise and lower buttons are non-responsive. Fuses are fine... everything else seems to be working. We've never had a problem before with this but it did stick last time we ran it through the car wash (the blower put too much pressure on it I think). We recently ran it though the car wash and now the top seems to be really stuck. We tried to

I have this same vehicle and have had some problems with my top as well. Apparently, it is pretty common as I was recently talking to a shop owner with the same model and I were comparing notes.\015\012\015\012First thing to check is that the two "no ... 2003 BMW Z4

I have a 97 Monte Carlo LS and the fuel pump isn't seeming to get power. I'm trying to check all of the easy/cheap possible solutions before resulting to a new fuel pump. I checked the fuel pump relay, and that seems to be fine. Is there an actual fuel pump fuse along with the relay that I could check? Are there any othe solutions I could look into?

Check to see if there is a fuel pump fuse and you might what to get tehe wiring digram for the fuel pump it could even be the computer that sends the signal to the pump and if it is getting power get a gas pressure gauge to hook up to the fuel rail o ... 1997 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

Ignition switch So the wire to the ignition switch seem to be shorting or something, when I try to turn on the car on all the dashboard lights dont work, neither does the radio auto headlights, heater or the fuel pump. So I took the radio out to take a look at the ignition switch. And when I move the wires around it turns on just fine. I checked fuses and have no blown fuses so im at a lose on what else to do.

My bet is the ignition switch itself or the connector on the switch is bad.You say things seem to work when you move the wires. This is classic indication that the switch is bad. Let us know if this fixes the problem. Robert ... 2001 Chevrolet Malibu

All of a sudden the A/C just died. The temp controls wont even light up when I try to turn it on.checked to make sure the off button wasnt stuck. No A/C, just a constant hot air blowing at my foot, i cant drive for too long cause the heat is unbearable. Any suggestions? I checked the fuse and it seemed fine


My starter selenoid was buzzing when I turned the ignition on. Then I tried to repeat the proceedure and noticed I had no power the vehicle at all. The battery was fine so I replaced the selenoid and noticed that it now turned the starter, but still no power to the vehicle, to include the ignition and all lights. Looked in the fuse box under the dash, seems to be ok. Truck is a 1990 f150.

In this truck the problem you have is many times caused by a defective Ignition Stater Switch, this switch is what is operated by the key via a long rod, the switch is located at the bottom top of the steering column, it sits on two studs and is held ... Ford F-150

Overhead console not working on 2001 Expedition. Checked the fuses they all look okay. Recently changed the battery, could a reset be required? Everything else seems to work fine. Could it just be a bulb?

This is a very common problem with many of the mid 2000 Ford truck and SUV overhead consoles. The console is very prone to internal failure. I offer a reasonable repair service with a lifetime guarantee, check it out: www.autoclockrepair.com Th ... 2001 Ford Expedition

My 1994 New Yorker seems to have a heater/air conditioner problem. It will be working fine, then the display shuts down, and full heat and high speed fan goes to the defroster. All the buttons on the control panel are non-functional, including the rear window defrost, etc. It can work like that for days, then the display lights up again, and everything works. I have to pull the fuse and have no air in the car to survive the summer. I have removed the covers and looked for loose wires, all wi

Sounds like you've got climate control and it has gone berserk. my Cadillac has that and there is a separate module that controls the sort of the things aside from the car's computer itself. You may be able to replace this with the use part from a ... 1994 Chrysler New Yorker

2002 Ford T-Bird will not start. Engine will crank but will not start. Looked for fuel shut-off reset button but could not find. Fuel pump does NOT seem to be pumping. Replaced fuel pump 15A fuse in trunk. Plenty of gas in the tank.

... 2002 Ford Thunderbird

1990 ford f150. Lost headlights, interior lights, dome light, elc radio control buttons, cigar lighter. Running fine otherwise. I notice the headlight switch feels a bit stiff or odd when I push back in on it, but no lights come on at all, also when the door opens no interior lights. the radio comes on, but that is all, no elc controls, and the cig lighter and horn also seem to have lost power. All fuses under the dash are good. I'm not sure where to start looking to find what has blown or short

There are fusible links (about 3) that come off the power side of the solenoid and run behind the battery. It you had a short or something these links burn out. You must replace the wire. ... 1990 Ford F150

My emergency hazards will not turn off when I push the button. It seems like an electrical problem. What should I do? I tried looking at the fuse box, both in glove compartment and back, not sure what to do.

Sounds as if the switch itself has the tiny part that holds it when depressed and you may be able to temporarily lower it until it goes out and use a toothpick to wedge it { temporarily but make sure that if you do before heading out that the turn si ... 2007 BMW X5 3.0si SAV

Check engine light went on while starting. Car is running fine. 2002 Accent, 26k miles How do reset the light? Tried disconnecting battery, but no joy. If I have to pull the ECU fuse, where is it located and what doe it look like?

You could go to your local auto zone to have them clear the code, but if it comes right back on it has a constant problem that will not go away until it is fixed. ... 2002 Hyundai Accent
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