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My new ac unit isnt blowing out cold enough

\015 Just got a new ac unit installed and the air still isnt coming out cold enough. i believe that most of the cold air has to be getting lost behind the dash somewhere??\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

Answers :

What's the temp been out side? If its over 95 degrees only expect you air to blow at about 75. It's an air conditioner not a cold air maker.
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My new ac unit isnt blowing out cold enough

What's the temp been out side? If its over 95 degrees only expect you air to blow at about 75. It's an air conditioner not a cold air maker. ... 1986 Toyota Corolla 2 Door

Ac unit just got new ac unit installed and it still doesnt blow out cold enough

... 1986 Toyota Corolla 2 Door

My 2001 chevy cavalier was serviced last year for over heating and the a/c unit not blowing cool air. It has a new radiator but the fan has stopped turning and the a/c blows hot only. Ive tried re-charging the unit it seemed to be full or clogged it blew cold for a couple days now back to hot again. Ive had a new coolant reservoir air filter put in and a new head gasket and thermostate put in not to long ago could I have blown something out again by the fan not working

Might just be a bad engine coolant temp sensor , it tells car computer engine temperature and computer controls fans , as for recharging a/c , did you pull system under vacuum ? to check for leaks ? vacuum also helps remove air to get a better charge ... Cars & Trucks

Intermittent air coming from vents switching from cold air to hot air like something is going out but been to the mechanic several times had ground wires checked, accumulator replaced, condenser replaced, complete compressor flush, new orifice tube, hose manifold replaced, new springlock seals, o-ring and a complete evacuation and recharge of a/c unit why does the air conditioning still go from blowing nice cold air for a few miles and then blow hot air continuously

OK, the vacuum motor behind the dash has an 'actuator' that flips the plastic door up or down depending on whether the system calls for cold or hot air. There's something wrong with this system.\015\012\015\012All of the things you replac ... 2005 Ford Escape

Not enough heat comeing out . not looseing antifreeze, not leaking on floor boards , not blowing on windshield , blows warm air on low but when on high blows cold air , have new thermostat and water pump

Check that the hoses running from the cooling system to the dashboard / firewall are not bent / creased in a position to impair the flow of hot water into the heater core in the dashboard. Disconnect these hoses at both ends, and inspect for mineral ... 2000 Mercury Sable

2001 Cavalier A/C compressor keeps running when I shut the dash controls off. I just replaced a leaking compressor with a brand new original unit, had the system charged and it has been blowing ice cold air since. The problem I have is that the compressor seems to be running or engaged at all times. I can shut all the controls on the dash off, but the compressor still runs and the icy cold air still trickles out of the vents. What could be keeping the system ''on'' at all times?

Has the ac system wiring been by passed or rerouted?You need to ask who ever installed compressor if they did ant thing like that.If for sure they didn`t,then it would have to be in the ac control.Does it have automatic ac control?Push button,digital ... 2001 Chevrolet Cavalier

1980 mercedes 300cd. The heater blows cold. It has a brand new servo unit. The recirculation pump is works when hot wired. All new hoses and clamps.The vacuum heater valve is operational. I am ready to have it crushed

Check you have coolant flow to the heater core - feel the inlet and outlet coolant hose as near as possible to the heater core- they should be both be hot and approx equal in temperature. \015\012If the outlet hose is noticably colder you may h ... Mercedes-Benz 300-Class

Have a 2000 Ford Ranger SuperCab, 4.0 4x4 AirConditioner isnt blowing air. Compressor seems as if it is coming on and working properly. Airconditioning unit inside truck sounds Normal (ie: turn fan on, sounds correct, sounds louder (normal)when turned to high) Can feel cold infront of vent but there just isnt air flow flowing out of vents

I had a problem with my 2000 ranger when I bought it. Air was coming out of defroster vents. Check for a vacuum hose that may be off under the hood. It uses vacuum to open the vents. ... 2000 Ford Ranger SuperCab

The heater on my A6 1.8 petrol doesnt get warm just constantly blowing cold air,I've bled the cooling system recently had a new water pump and thermostat fitted and still no heat. the heater control unit is the digital type all the other functions work on it so im doubtful that its the problem but im not 100% sure.Is there a valve in the heater system that could be the problem??? Any suggestions gratefully recived!!!

There is a heater core valve on vehicles that have a dual zone, ( climate control ) systems. The valve is in the area of the heater core.\012\012Something to try. allow the engine to run for 6 to 8 minutes with the heater wide open, then, ... 1996 Audi A4

The air conditioner is blowing out hot air instead of cold air and it's a brand new unit

You might have a leak in one of the lines to or from the ac unit double check to make sure it has kept a good charge ... 2000 GMC Sierra

I have a 1997 Checy Express Van and the A/C was working great. All.of a sudden the front A/C was not blowing cold air but the back is. I took it to 2 diff shops and both told me I need a new compressor A/C unit. What do I do are they telling me the truth.

A mechanic would check to see what the gauge readings are to see if the system is pumping freon.You should have one hot and one cold line to each evaporator. Its possible the front a/c has a blockage in one of the lines, or the blend door has st ... Cars & Trucks

Honda odyssey This is something new about my Odyssey. I have seen it three times when the air conditioner is turned on it blows hot air and the LED indicators on the control buttons for the air conditioner go off and a few seconds later you feel cold air coming out of the unit and it fixes itself.

... Honda Odyssey

Fan switch dial control dosent work 99 grand prix gt.if any one can tell me how to fix it.thank you.also ac unit is making a weird grinding sound.might be low on freeon.switch dosent work so i dont no if it blows cold air or not.if it needs recharged can a person still do that.or do you have to change it over to the new freeon.thanks...

I had a 97 and the knobs broke from time to time. Dealer part.The compressor could be low on freon and/or oil but only if there is a leak in the system which would need to be repaired at some point.A DIY can add oil or freon with a gauge kit ... 1999 Pontiac Grand Prix

A/C will not blow enough cold air just had it repaired, new compressor, evalve replaced

... 1996 Pontiac Firebird

The A/C unit is not blowing cold air in the front. The back is blowing cold and we have re-filled the unit. Still is blowing HOT air?

Your split manifold located on the firewall that sends and directs the refrigerant from the front and rear depending on your setting on the dash is plugged or the climate control on the dash is not responding and there could be a fuse,relay,broken wi ... 2003 GMC Yukon XL

Hi the heater on my Ford KA is only blowing out cold air even when turned to hot on the control knob. I recently had problems with it blowing out only hot air all the time and had a new solanoid fitted but now just blows cold. I was lead to believe it needs a new heater control panel? does this sound about right? i am at my tether with this as there are so many possibilities. Can anyone help?

Sounds like whoever did the repair work did not install the solenoid correctly or did not reassemble everything properly. If you had heat prior to the repair, the heater control panel must have been working. The mechanic must make a better diagnosis ... 2001 Ford Focus

I have a Jimmy, the ac is charged, The heater blows hot. I know the moter that drives the air mix door is stripped. I can not install the replacement motor because the selector will not go to cold. Even when I hook up the new one it goes to hot. I can physicaly pinch off the heater hose and get the air to blow cold. have replaced the selector switches, the brain and need an idea on were to look next..how to get the thing to go to the cold setting so the new moter can be installed. C

Im not 100 % sure of what you are saying or what is actualy wrong but i do have the factory manual for this vehicle and the brake down is extensive as well as getting to some of these compounts is not easy . But if you want i will scan the pages and ... 1999 GMC Jimmy

I have a 1995 Honda Odyssey that has a problem with the ac. The ac always blows cold in the back, ceiling unit, but the front vents blow cold intermittently. If the ac starts out blowing cold air in the front then it may just stop and start blowing warm air. Other times when starting the ac it may not work at all in the front. Again, it always works in the back. Thank you.

... 2001 Honda Odyssey

My ac in m 2001 mits eclipse hasn't been blowing cold and they said i needed a new compressor. so i paid for them to fix it and it blowed really cold for a few days but now its not blowing cold anymore? It just blows luke warm air. what do i need to do now?

If they warrentied their work, that would be my first move. you can get an a/c freon recharge kit that has a guage from most auto parts stores. ... 2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse

2000 isuzu rodeo, ac blows outside air temp, i tried to recharge. when i connected unit the gauge read 70 psi. i let out psi to 50. put the charge in and it took 90% of can and read 55 psi. it still blows outside temp air. (if the temp is on hot and while running switch to cold ac, i get a brief 1/2 second spurt of cold air) which unit might be bad; compressor or condenser?


A/c problems A/c stopped blowing cold air so i went and bought a recharge kit it was low so i recharged the system back to about 35 psi but the air is still blowing hot.the compressor is cycling but the line that runs between the compressor and the evaporator isnt cold or sweating. is a orfice stoped up or maybe the low pressure valve isnt working? can you help?

Check the dryer maybe its blocked ... 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee

1994 Acura Integra LS- 2.0 lt B20 I have the AC installed and working with no leaks and the clutch works perfectly fine along with the compressor. The AC blows "Cool" , but not cold. What would I need to do/replace in order to make it blow cold like a newer car. I was thinking a new condensor or perhaps a new evaporator, but I don't know for sure. I don't want to go out and spend a few hundred dollars on parts and it still just not work. Also, I used a leak detector so I know I don't have

Quick and easy cheap fix. Go to walmart, get an 18 oz can of freon with the sealer and oil in it, pump up the low pressure side of the ac with 35 lbs of go juice, problem solved. I have a 94 rodeo, hasn't had a compressor in it for 5 years, I finally ... 1995 Acura Integra Coupe

My 04 dodge stratus heater/defrost doesn't work very good. You can take the dash control unit out and mess with the wires on the back of it and it will blow hot air for a little while. I use to do this to get the ac to work and now the heater. but nothing works on it now. it just blows cold air. Even if you select something else on the hot or cold selection or the one that moves it from defrost to florr to whatever, it doesn't work. may it's the dash control unit or something else? I don't

... 2004 Dodge Stratus

Wk Caprice heater blowing cold air? Fitted new heater tap and still blows cold a

Sounds like you may need to replace the thermostat and also check fluid level....hope this helps ....good luck ... Holden Caprice

Heater blowing cold air replaced thermastat next day heater blowed hot then it started blowing cold again has a new radiator and the water is not low

Flush coolant system out first with prestone or peak coolant flush if problem still exist replace heater core. ... 2001 Chevrolet Blazer
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