Having problems with your 1986 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme ?

Want to buy 86 Cutlass V6 for $1000. Car has 98000mi on it. Seller wont let me take it on the highway. Says he took the insurance off it. Drove it around in a very large parking lot for Tractor trailers, it seemed fine but now I'm beginning to wonder!!!

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Most insurance companies will cover a vehicle if the owner calls and says that someone it 'taking a test drive tomorrow'-and companies that I have used don't charge anything, since I already have a policy covering cars on the road. The seller may be trying to hide something, I would just pass if I had doubts about it after the limited test drive he allowed. Just me.
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Want to buy 86 Cutlass V6 for $1000. Car has 98000mi on it. Seller wont let me take it on the highway. Says he took the insurance off it. Drove it around in a very large parking lot for Tractor trailers, it seemed fine but now I'm beginning to wonder!!!

Most insurance companies will cover a vehicle if the owner calls and says that someone it 'taking a test drive tomorrow'-and companies that I have used don't charge anything, since I already have a policy covering cars on the road. The seller may be ... 1986 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme

Yesterday my 2004 Chevy Trailblazer died on me when I pulled out of a parking lot. I had my air on. So I turned it off so I could hear my car when it restarted. I put it in park and started it, but it sounded kind of funny like it didn't really want to start. So I pulled back into the parking lot and drove it around a bit to make sure it would stay running before I drove home. It didn't give me any problems on the way home. My RPM gauge hasn't been working for a couple of months. Every no

As far as the stalling is concerned, you probably should clean the throttle body, the throttle plate and passage area build up grime that prevents the plate from closing completely at idle. The cleaning procedure is fairly easy if you are somewhat ha ... 2004 Chevrolet TrailBlazer

ABS light I have a Peterbilt 386, 2010 I'm sitting at a shippers yard and I hook up to the trailer set my service and emergency brake perform tug test and start my inspection. while sitting I go around the tractor and trailer 2 times before it starts drifting across the lot, prior to that I reported the ABS tractor came on the dash, the the gear box lit up preceeded by pressure applied then released to the brake

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We live in Phoenix Az. We have a 2005 Honda Accord 4dr LX 4 cyl, automatic, AC with factory alarm. The alarm goes off "at will" when parked at home, in parking lots or wherever. It just went off when a large truck passed our house. It goes off at night when nobody is around. We just replaced the car battery but the problem existed for a long time. The warranty is over and lease is almost up. Is there a problem with sensitity in 110 degree heat? Is there a sensitity switch we can adjust or do I h

Do you have a remote for alarm? if yes adjust sensitivity with remote push to arm and hold. if you have a sensor under the hood adjust screw on top of sensor. ... Honda Accord

Hi, Drove my 1973 super beetle to work last friday. No probelm getting there. Leaving that afternoon, was able to backup then pull forward out of the parking lot. After first stop sign, the car would not move forward or backward. I cycled thru all gears in the manual transmission but wouldn't move. I thought it was the clutch, so dropped the engin and replaced the entire clutch package, pressure plate, clutch disc, bearing. No improvement. Now I wonder it something gave out in the

Check any linkage adjustments, air in master cylinder, low pressure, Sounds like all the other parts are new and should not be at fault ... Volkswagen Beetle

Transmission acts as if linkage is disconnected. Park and neutral only. Pulled car forward in driveway then tried to go in reverse and nothing. Now no forward or reverse. Drove a lot this week all around town and no problems. Fluid is red, full, and doesn't smell burnt. Ford Freestar 2004 127,000

You may have broken the shifter cable somehow or it's possible the transmission is just broken internally. ... 2004 Ford Freestar

Cooling problems I have been to 3 different shops and have spent almost $1000 dollars. My car was running alittle hot. Around 215-220 but not in the red. Will start at the beginning. My car was fine and I drove about 45 min and when I parked the car the reservoir boiled over but wasnt running hot. Did this twice so I changed the cap. Stopped boiling over but still ran to warm. Had antifreeze smell inside the car so had heater core replaced, it did have a leak. Thought maybe thats why it ran warm

There could be some air still in the system...Sometimes when the head gasket starts to go it will put a small amount of combustion into the system...Hard to detect at first...A good test to see if this is happening is when the engine is cold and you ... 1996 Chevrolet Cavalier

My 1994 camry stop while driving down the road. It cranked up, but would not move forward when gas pedal was pressed. The car just shook really bad! I had the car towed back home and cranked up to days later and drove it around my parking lot just fine. Any thoughts on what caused the problem in the first place and what I should get fixed?? FYI, the check engine light stays on also...

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Can turning steering wheel side to side about 15-20 times while car is stationary in drive gear cause any damage to the car. I know it's not very good for the tires, and puts slightly more strain on the power steering. But is there any components of the car that can be damaged by doing this, particularly the transmission. I was just messing around in a parking lot one day not really thinking about it, but it seems since then that the car has been running kinda rough lately, so i'm just wondering

The answer is no. you cannot damage any transmission components by doing this. ... 2004 Honda Accord

My 2003 chevy silverado 1500 stalls when i go around courners or turn into a parking lot. It does not stall however when I'm pushing the gas petal going around turns or into a parking lot

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Installed new battery yesterday, drove fine. Sat in parking lot while at work. After work drove home, car stalled and died in very cold weather. Restarted after 10 min. Drove home another 2 minutes. Two hours later noticed the side driving lights were still on. Not the headlights or parking lights. Just the tail lights and the side lights. Won't turn off!

All lights are supposed to turn off when a subaru key is off right? No! There is a switch on top of the steering wheel column that will turn on lights for warning when parked. You somehow have hit that switch. ... 1991 Subaru Legacy

2005 nissan sentra battery went dead. got jumped w/ immediate start. I drove it around for about 15 minutes and parked it my car in the garaqe. I tried to start it again but it had very little power and no turnover. do I need to let it run for a specific amount of time to get a full charge or could there be a underlying problem? I I had to get it jumped(left headlites on when pumping gas) a week and a half ago and I drove for about five minutes, parked it, and it it started up fine the next day.

Check to make sure the alternator is charging the battery.crank engine while idling the alternator out put should be 13.5 volts to 14.5 volts. if not alternator is not charging the battery.if alternator is charging battery.the battery is weak.if its ... 2005 Nissan Sentra

Hey i have a 95 honda civic ex coup. the car has been idleing funny and when i push the clutch in it seems to want to die some times. then one night i drove around and it seemed to drive fine i parked and went out to start it the next day and it started and idled really bad jumping from around normal and 1.5 rpm. arter i let it worm up i drove down the road about 2 miles and went to slow down to pill in a drive way and it died and would not start back up. and it doesnt sound the same when i turn

Sounds like the timing belt may have broke. You can check by opening the oil cap on the valve cover and watching the valves while someone cranks the engine. If the valves do not move, your timing belt has snapped. Please let us know if this is not ... 1995 Honda Civic

My 2007 Hyundai Sonata lost power while turning into a parking lot. The car still moved but at a slow pace. I pulled into the back parking lot and turned off the car. It cranked up fine an drove as normal. I have been noticing for about a week it loses power for about a second and then picks back up again while driving. Not sure what could be causing the problem?

You need to run a diag some of your sensor are gone.\012modern cars do not run like older versions they are on electric sensor that read what you want and relay them to the ECU \012that is where you prob lies ... 2007 Hyundai Sonata Limited Sedan

I just purchased a 2007 Nissan Altima with 70K miles. I test drove it several times during the day and night and it seems to be in perfect working order. The next morning I started it and a large amount of white smoke/exhaust came out the exhaust pipes (dual). I'm talking a cloud of smoke! After a few minutes it went away. I drove around it it ran just fine. I let it sit for several hours and started it again and it smoked excessively again. The weather outside is around 25 to 30 degrees.

If it smokes for more then ten minutes after you start it up then you may have a problem with your head gasket but since your car has low mileage I would say this is just excess condensation built up in the exh ... Nissan Altima

I own a 2002 saturn L100. When I drove the car this afternoon the the airbag light came on. After the warning buzzer chimed 4 times I placed the vehicle in park. When I went to start it again the shifter will now move from park and is stuck (locked) in the park position. Could this be because of the security mechanism or is it a mechanical defect? The car is located now in a parking lot so I will have to have it towed to the mechanics soon.

Normally when a vehicle is stuck in park position, it is due to a faulty neutral/park safety switch located on the tranny. A faulty brake swich above the brake pedal could also cause this but not as common ... Saturn L-Series

My 1986 BMW 735i, the other day I drove the car around fine. I went to park it in the street and later went to park it into my driveway. Out of the blue, the transmissions seems to shift with totally no friction and despite my dash reading the car in Drive (or reverse,3) it will not budge. It's as if im reving the engine in park? Can someone please give me an idea of what problem it may be??? I really, really appreciate the help! With thanks, Andrew

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Shifter just yesterday i was trying to reverse out of a parking lot when i realized my shifter wouldnt go out of park, so i took the outer casing off and there was a safety there that was supposed to allow you to shift out of park when the car is off, i tried it didnt work so finally i messed with it some more and pushed in a certain switch that im guessing the brake is supposed to engage itself and it shifted out just fine as long as i press in this switch, im just wondering if a fuse or someth

You know the little change thing next to the shifter, the outer casing should pop right off and there will be an inner shell, with a hole on the left side, inside the hole there is a switch ... 2005 Dodge Magnum

I have a 1998 Ford Explorer. It sounds like something is clanging on the drive shaft when i accelerate, esp from starting out. It happens also when I turn the wheel sharply ( like when parking in a parking lot). When the car is on the highway I don't notice it until i begin to drive on an upgrade.

Hi! Ok there are few things to look at. First please replace your automatic transmission fluid. Teh atf may be burnt that it may cause unusual sounds. The second will be your gear oil. Please replace your gear oil for it can create annoying noise whe ... 1998 Ford Explorer

Got home parked the car in the driveway and attempted to turn the key off and it won't turn. Car is running. It is in PARK (tried it in neutral too). Drove it around the block and tried again. I don't have power locks or windows but do have power steering . Car is 2 years old.


I've got a 1994 Saturn SL 4 door and the other day we drove it uphill in it's "Performance" mode. We got where we were going, parked it for like an hour, came back and started it. Noticed a strange clanking coming from under the hood. We thought nothing of it until it started to get louder and louder the farther we drove it. It kind of disappears at about 35mph, but comes back around 45mpg. Very annoying. Had someone else listen to it today because it was having issues getting uphill, or ev

Sounds like a connecting rod bearing, I had a 95 SC2 with the same problem. You can pull the valve cover and look at everything on top. ... 1994 Saturn Sl

We own a 2006 Chrysler 300C. The front air dam below the grille drags on almost every parking stall curb and is beginning to crack. Is there anything I can do to prevent this? (Other than stopping before the curb, which sticks my rear end out in the parking lot.) Are there any after market products out there that are made to protect that fiberglass bumper/air dam?

Sorry there is no after market products that you can put on the car to stop it from hitting the parking blocks. The only thing that you can do is put front air bags on to raise the car when you park then release the air when you are on t ... Chrysler 300C

I have a 2006 jeep commander, V-8, 5.7L, hemi.....it has 58k miles on it and a few days ago, the vehicle was parked and the lights starts blinking. When i tried to start it up, it wont turn over. I jumped the battery and it started right up. I drove it around and then parked it, attempt to start it up again...to no avail...I jumped it again and then disconnect the negative termanal and the vehicle died out. Pls help

Don't pull the negative terminal off the battery to test the alternator. That was old school and can not be done anymore. It can damage the cars electrical system.It sounds like your battery is junk but you need to run diagnostics on your charging sy ... 2006 Jeep Commander

My 2004 Saab 93Tid 1.9 manual Vector suddenly showed the warning: 'Not charging, stop where it's safe and call for help'. Luckily I was a few hundred metres from home after a 40 mile trip in the evening. So I parked it safely in my yard. This morning I started the car and saw no warning. Test drove around the block and sure the warning reappeared. I quickly parked the car. What has gone worng with my Car?

Hi.If warning appeared there have been a problem , even if this happened only temporarily.I suggest going to the nearest garage and having a look, or at least going to Autozone and doing a free code reading to see if any erro ... Saab 9 3

After changing the starter and alternator and installed a new ignition switch my 1997 Nissan p/u started up fine. Drove it around town, stopped, turned off the engine and it started again right away. Drove it home, parked and turned off the engine then started it up again. No problem. However, the very next day the truck wouldn't start; not even a click. Installed a new battery still won't start. Removed the starter and got a new one and still won't start; not even a click. Checked the fuse box

Replace the starter wire going to the battery ... 1997 Nissan Pickup
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