Having problems with your 1986 Chrysler New Yorker ?

Car starts fine, when I push on pedal it lulls or struggles for gas, 1986 new yorker, I can still drive on road but have to pump pedal to keep motor accelerator

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Answers :

Make sure the carburetor is bolted down securely so that no air is leaking in under it. Make sure the screws around the top of the carburetor are secure.

Being careful, get your head down into the engine compartment while the car is idling, listening for an air leak.

Take an unlit propane torch that has the valve open, and pass it along all the intake component mating surfaces. When you get to a leak, fuel from the torch will pass through the leak rather than regular air, and the engine will speed up a little (or a lot). Point it at all vacuum hose ends (both ends of each hose).
Fuel filter needs to be replaced.
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Car starts fine, when I push on pedal it lulls or struggles for gas, 1986 new yorker, I can still drive on road but have to pump pedal to keep motor accelerator

Make sure the carburetor is bolted down securely so that no air is leaking in under it. Make sure the screws around the top of the carburetor are secure.Being careful, get your head down into the engine compartment while the car is idlin ... 1986 Chrysler New Yorker

So im still scratching my head... I am going to go ahead an replace my throttle position sensor an clean the throttle body an replace the gasket. But I have a feeling my problem lies with the accelerator pedal positioned sensor or maybe neither an it's the wiring as I had that burning smell after taking the car for a drive an pumping my accelerator pedal ???? Tho I have only come across one person so far with my probs I can't seem to fine any info really in regards to the app sensor just keeps b

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Change the Fuel filter. It sounds like it is starving for fuel. ... 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee

1999 dodge ram 1500 5.2 4x4 when I drive it down the road it act like it's not getting gas then when I push the gas pedal down sometimes it will take off running fine and other times it will backfire try to stall. The map senser was bad so we replaced it.Now the truck has a hard time starting up and I have to keep my foot on the gas pedal to keep it running. I can not even drive it now and the only vehicleI I have. Is it my fuel pump maybe? The truck has 170,000 miles on it.Please Help!

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You may have two problems here. The idle air controller (I.A.C.) has nothing at all to do with the vehicle's air conditioner. If the A/C is not working, I would look at the compressor to see if it is working. The compressor clutch could be causing a ... 2004 Mercury Sable

My 1994 Cadillac STS car accelerated by it self when I was driving casual, gradually increasing speed, I applied breaks but the car was still fighting to accelerate, going from 30 mph to about 45 mph in a couple seconds without me using the gas pedal. I was getting ready to turn off the ignition while at that speed on the road, but first tapped the gas pedal rapidily a couple times( on a hunch) then the car immediately resumed to normal, with out it speeding by itself. Pretty scarry. This is the

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Dodge 03 My car jerks whenever I press the gas pedal. When I am driving and let off the gas it runs smooth but as soon as I give it a little gas, it jerks again. The check engine lights on and it said something about the sensor cam so i had that replace along with something else i dont remember still no help then they change out the fuel pump still doing the same or maybe even worse please help i thing they keep telling me things are wrong cus im a single mothr of 3 and will to do anything to fi

Check the air flow sensor jack or the sensor itself it may be damaged or broken this causes the car to **** because this affects the fuel to gas mixture. ... Dodge Stratus

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Is the car flashing any codes. I would look for fuel issues possibly fuel filter, injectors etc. Because these items are easier to check. Otherwise it sounds as if the timing is off on the car. If the Hydraulic tensioner is not replaced this coul ... 2004 Kia Optima

01 nissan sentra se 2.0 liter motor automatic. car stalls, have to keep my foot on the gas pedal to keep from dying. have changed wires, plugs. rotor, caps. mass air flow meter. o2 sen. throttle pos. sen. only one history code. knock sensor faulty. have since erased the code but the car still idles poorly, lacks power on acceleration. please advise

Replace the FAULTY Throttle Positioning Sensor mounted on the throttle body ... 2004 Nissan Sentra

I have a Jetta TDI 1993 Model and I have a problem, while driving the I get no response from the accelerator pedal, the car seems to idle but there is no accelerating power. If turn the engine off and on again the accelerator comes back for a short period of time. I sent the car to VW where they told me it was the accelerator pedal itself as it is an electronic devise - they replaced the pedal, but still I have the same problem. While driving I set the cruise control and the car maintains the


Fuel issue I have a 2002 grand prix. Lately when I drive it I lose acceration going up hills when I hit the gas pedal the RPM goes up and I still lose power. Today when I came home I slowed down on to the road and it died I waited several minutes and got it to start. As long as I had my foot on the gas it was ok, once I let up and slowed down it died again? I am assuming a fuel problem, the mass air flow was replaced a year or so ago. Do you think the fuel filter or pump? Thanks Susan

On this on, begin by running a simple compression check on each cylinders, this comparison would tell if there is any mechanical damage to pistons, piston rings, cylinder walls, just to name a few items.Just from the facts you have provided, I wo ... 2002 Pontiac Grand Prix

My 1988 Ford ranger 2.9fi 4x4 will start flooding while driving down the road. I can push the pedal to the floor and it will clear out and rapidly accelerate. I have new pumps and filters, oxygen sensor has been cleaned, map sensor is fine, and so are plugs and wires. I'm open to any suggestions

... Cars & Trucks

2010 Mercury Milan hybrid. Off road a month for left side body work, until yesterday. Now on driving at highway speeds for a while the throttle control warning light goes on, and when gas pedal is pressed the accelerator seems to pulse on and off. Collision shop spoke with dealer, they said probably a dirty throttle body. If so, I think it may be from sitting too long. Can I just put injector cleaner in tank or similar product for throttle body, and keep going?

Injector cleaner is a waste of money and\015\012doesn't repair or resolve anything\015\012\015\012Think about 10 oz in an 18 gallon tank\015\012Won't do much\015\012\015\012It is new & under warrantee,let the deale ... 2010 Mercury Milan Hybrid

I was driving my car when the gas pedal stoped working, I stoped the car on the side of the road, the engine was still running but i could not move. (there were no weard sounds or movments in the car) I turned off the car and it would not restart (it dose turn over). I though it was the fuel pump, but that is working fine, as well as, the fuel filter. Any ideas what could have happend?

Sounds like your throttle cable is unhooked ... 2001 Daewoo Lanos

I have a 1996 Chevrolet c1500 with a 5.7 Vortex motor. When I drive down the road it dies periodically, it starts back up pretty easy. I have done a complete tune up (oil change, new spark plugs and spark plug wires, new air filter, new fuel filter, and new fuel pump). It still cuts out and dies on me periodically. I have also changed the ignition control module. After changing the module it ran good for a few minutes and then started doing the cutting out and dying thing again. How do I fix thi


My car was running great. i ran over something off road that made the exaust leak near the motor. i continued to drive it . then it began to run low in water and if i didnt keep a close eye on it, it would over heat .then the water pump went bad i replaced it. now it runs real slugish when i first start it and it uses about a liter of water in 100 miles. any sugjestions ? please help thanks

Exhaust and coolant problems are two separate things. It's possible the donut that connects your exhaust manifold to the pipe came loose or the exhaust manifold or pipe has a hole from rust. You obviously still have a coolant leak somewhere. Start th ... Geo Tracker

Rumbling noise when accelerating.. coming from under driver side... I feel it in the pedal.. sound comes off the start and then it goes away once I go faster. I have changed tie rods, rack and pinion, wheel bearings, rotors, breaks, shocks are new. What could it be? Is driving me crazy. Could it be a bushing? Ball joint? Control arms? I don't want to keep spending money and still have the problem.

... 1991 Honda Accord

1985 mercury grand marquis. Starts then stall, usually more then once. Once started motor surges and then may stall again when put in reverse. Motor surge continues as you begin to accelerate and proceed down the road. When stepping on the accelerator, no response for a few seconds, lift foot and press again, might respond. When stopped with foot on brake, motor continues to serge and must keep foot on accelerator and brake at the same time to keep running. Then sometimes, it runs like a t

Maps sensor ... 1985 Mercury Grand Marquis

Hi I have a problem with my Ford Tauras 1996 Ghia model , when i drive in D drive , the motor revs up and down at speed of 110km/Hr, at 3500 rpm but when I drive in 2nd, it drive well over the 110 km/Hr,and keep going over the 3500 rpm.I change the spark plug, the motor oil and oil filter, the fuel filter but nothing changes. I do have problem when I press the accelerator all the way for full acceleration, it does as it chuckles. Please help me.

... 1996 Ford Taurus

Brakes i've had a brake problem now for a while and car is off the road all brake calipors have been replaced to start with but system sat dry for a while on trying to bleed the system is which is 100% air free but still couldn't get a pedal. car NOT running you can pump the pedal and goes hard but once released it is lost? whilest running can not be pumped up at all. we have since tryed everything fitted new master cylinder incase seals had dryed n failed but still no joy and there is 100% no l

Hi, from what you say you have done all the obvious things, it seems like your vacuum tank is leaking, I have changed one out in the car, it is awkward but not impossible.Alf ... 1996 Ford Probe

2004 kia sorento 2.5 diesel automatic started this morning engine raced into red line I had no control accelerator pedal made no difference. switched off key. Tried again same thing. Eventually put it into drive this brought the revs down but still I had no control, then suddenly revs dropped and I had very little drive no response from accelerator pedal. Limped about 4 miles with either over revving or very low revs. Did return journey this evening exactly the same. Any ideas?

... 2007 Kia Sorento 4x4
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