Having problems with your 1986 Alfa Romeo Spider ?

Low Oil Pressure and rough idle

\015 I have a 1986 Spider Graduate, recently bought from online seller. I'm also new at restoring cars. So far, I've just cleaned and re-oiled the K&N air filter, and put new gas in the tank. The oil needs changed I'm sure, but the oil pressure guage indicates a pretty low pressure, and it idles very rough, threatening to die if I let off the gas. The oil dipstick seems to indicate the oil is full. What might cause the low oil pressure, if the gauge is correct, and I am reading the dipstick correctly?Also, the car has rust damage on the underside. What is the best way to fix this?Thanks\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

Answers :

Please understand, all I can offer you are suggestions, since I don't have access to hands on testing. You might first change oil and filter.
\015\012 If going by the oil pressure guage, low oil pressure can mean worn crankshaft bearings, as the clearance between bearings and crankshaft is what determines oil pressure.
\015\012 Of course a worn oil pump can cause the same problem.
\015\012 You might want to connect an external oil pressure guage to the engine to verify the pressure reading.
\015\012The rough running at this point would be hard to pin poit.
\015\012Because I do not know the extent of the rust, I can suggest that you consider having it undercoated.
\015\012Again, I can only make suggestion because you need an absoluate diagnosis.
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Low Oil Pressure and rough idle

Please understand, all I can offer you are suggestions, since I don't have access to hands on testing. You might first change oil and filter.\015\012 If going by the oil pressure guage, low oil pressure can mean worn crankshaft bearings, as the ... 1986 Alfa Romeo Spider

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