Having problems with your 1985 Mazda RX-7 ?

Car still won't turn over

\015 I have an 85' rx7 GS with the 12a and a 5 spd tran. I posted earlier that it wouldn't start, since then I have replaced the starter, (+) and (-) battery cables and clamps, distributor cap, plugs, wires and battery and still nothing. I have been told that its the ignition switch and I tried to get one off ebay but somebody out bid me but still not sure what it is, PLEASE HELP!!!!!!\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

Answers :

OK can you turn it over by hand at the fan or bottom pully if yes thats ok....Have you got a spark when starting..Take off plug lead put old plug in H TCable
\015\012rest plug on engine spin engine over Did you get a spark if yed then its either Timing or petrol to carby or carby ...but if no spark then its either coil or condencer.. And if you want to check the ign switch
\015\012use a test light on the coil and put it to sw on coil and turn on to start if light up its ok
\015\012LET ME KNOW how you get on Ron
I would also get a spare ignitor in case on goes out cast the car will run really crappy and its really hard to start they are right on you distributor and i i would reccomend ebay
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It sounds like you may have a bad crank sensor.Before you replace it I would test it first.Any electrical part can be tested for proper operation.I would let a service station test the sensor and replace it if it is bad.Im sorry I don't ... 1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse

1991 cadillac eldorado, car wont turn over and makes clicking noises. How do I know if its the starter or a specific part on the starter going out? When you turn the key the headlights and dash lights, radio will come on. Jumped the car and car still wouldnt start, still just clicking noises and smelled a slight burnt smell once after trying to start it with no luck. Couldnt tell where smell was coming from though, but it only happened the one time.

1st make sure your connections at battery and starter are clean and tight. Next pull the battery out and have a parts store check it's condition. Even though the lights and radio work, it may be too weak to crank the engine over. If the battery ch ... 1991 Cadillac Eldorado

My key will start the car but it wont turn the car off i have to unplulg the distributor to kill theh car. Also the ignition switch in the car rotates all the way around but it has always done that it just recently started not working to turn the car off.the key will turn but the car will still be on. what could be the problem i took it to a mechanic with a new ignition switch and he said that wasn't the problem

The ignition switch is an electrical part. The lock cylinder is whre the key goes and it activates the ignition switch. If you pulled the lock cylinder out, you could operate the car with a screwdriver.\015\012Either you have damaged the igniti ... 1992 Mercury Sable

When i turn the key the lights come on but the car wont start why is that? i tried to get a boost and while the boost is occuring car lights come on but car still wont start and when the boost is off car wont start

Sounds like you have a bad starter. If you can see the starter have someone bang on it while you turn the key. it might start. if it does you still need to replace the starter. Make sure the cables going to the starter are clean and tight. ... 1997 Mercury Villager

I recently bought a 2008 cadillac cts, i went to the movies and left one of the lights on. When i came back my car battery had died so i jump started it. The car worked fine after except for the radio it did not want to turn on any more. The lights on the dashboard and radio and ac still turn off but they wont turn off, causing my car battery to die over and over again. please help! i just got my car.

Check your fuses under dashboard.. ... 2008 Cadillac Cts

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I changed the egnition switch n my car still wont start. I have power goin to head lights dome lights but no juice to my dash w the key turned both foward or backwards when i try to start it.the car wont start when i turn the key.

This is a VERY common problem in GM vehicles. There is an anti theft security system installed in your car. When there is a communication break in this system, the computer switches off the starter thinking that somebody is trying to steal the car. I ... Pontiac Fiero

Transmission went out all of the sudden, i went to reverse the other day and it just wouldent, then i turned the car around and headed home, it kept slamming into gears, revving really loud, and the rpm dial was going crazy! it wasnt low on fluid and it just did this out of the blue no warning, we changed the sensor on it and it still wont reverse so havent drove it yet but if it wont reverse im pritty sure it is still doing the same thing which sucks because i just got this car 3 months ago and

Def sounds like ur trans is finished,coming apart, best advice to keep looking for a used one online and at some salvage yards near u. its a shame some of these rebuilds can run up to an over 3000 dollars and some of us have no choice but to go w a ... Hyundai Tiburon

The car ran fine then engine light started flashing ran it for a 5 min started running really rough cut car off tried to start it but it only clicked like the starter was stuck all lights good thou ,got a jump still nothing so i got a wrench turned the crankshaft a lttle then it turned over but still wont start

Thanks for choosing FixYa and welcome. A flashing light means there is major engine damage. You need to get your computer scanned asap to find out what is wrong. ... 1997 Buick LeSabre

Hi my mitsubishi car doent start and its not on.i bought a new battery but still it could not start.so i went to the mechanic and it was check and the car was on and started.after overnite stay i the car start the next morning.but it refused to turn on or start after one hour rest. what might be the cause of the problem and at times it turns off in the middle of a journey and wont turn on ,charge and worst start. so what should i do please help.

Have the charging system checked. If the alternator is bad, It can actually drain the battery, even a new one, in a relatively short time. ... 2003 Mitsubishi Lancer
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