Having problems with your 1985 Ford Crown Victoria ?

Its not shifting right it'll start and all that but its not shifting the coil or modual went bad and we replaced them then we put the distributer back on and the timing was off HELP!!!!

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Answers :

4 speed auto? Check the linkage from the transmission to the throttle body. See if the plastic clip broke that holds the linkage to the throttle body.
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Its not shifting right it'll start and all that but its not shifting the coil or modual went bad and we replaced them then we put the distributer back on and the timing was off HELP!!!!

4 speed auto? Check the linkage from the transmission to the throttle body. See if the plastic clip broke that holds the linkage to the throttle body. ... 1985 Ford Crown Victoria

My suburban with 4l60e wont shift out of 2nd gear. when you put it in drive, it does fine til time to go into 3rd. it seems to just go into neutral, letting the rpms fly so i just put it in 2nd gear and got it home. changed the fluid and filter but it didnt help any. was told it could be a shift solenoid by one person but my friend whos the manager at the oreillys said he doesnt think there is one on this transmission. please help!

I had a similar problem with a Dodge Caravan - On the Dodge, it's called limp mode, designed to protect the engine and tranny. If you can get the OBD-2 engine codes and look them up online you may find that the problem is elsewhere in the drivetrain ... 1999 GMC Suburban


Your brake switch is failing.The brake switch is mounted above the brake pedal. When you press the brake pedal, it moves away from the switch, closing the switch. When this happens, your brake lights come on, and if you are in Park or D ... 1998 Volkswagen Beetle

92 tercel, automatic, 1.5 liter.runs pretty good but hesitates to shift from 2nd to 3rd. if i let off the gas and drop the rpms alittle it will shift fine.other times i have to let off the gas a couple times before it will shift up.fluid was a little high so i drained a little , didnt seam to change though. also, i can hear the band slip a little when i put it in reverse and give it a little gas, usually when its hot.we've only had this car a couple of days, any help would be appreciated.

I would first change the transmission fluid since it may be burnt. If this does not work you need to have the transmission checked out. ... 1984 Toyota Tercel

I have a 2003 Pontiac Grand Am Gt Sedan and when I try to turn the key it won't turn. I tried turning the steering wheel, Moving the gear shift and turning it at the same time and it still won't turn. But when I pushed the switch on the gear shift so many times and try to hear the sound, it worked. I can start the engine. But when I take out the key and put it back on, the key won't get turn again. Is there something else i can do or do i need a new ignition. Your help is highly appreciated, thx

How do I adjust the shifter because that is were the problem is. ... 2003 Pontiac Grand Am

Hi, here's my problem..my jimmy (1992) was back firing so we put new wires, spark plugs, distributer cap on (which the distributer cap was burnt up inside)...starts up ok but after going down the road it will stall out...I deliver the mail part time (every saturday) and it stalled out on me no lie...about 40 times that day...Can you help with any suggestions. Thank you so much in advance. Lynda

Hi, \015\012You said you changed the spark plugs, spark plug wires and distributer cap (it was burnt inside). Here I list some of possibilities that could still cause a stall on your car's engine:\015\012\015\012\015\012 ... GMC Jimmy

I have a 1992 Oldsmobile Delta 88, and it has the following strange problem. when it is shifted out of park, into gear it acts like it is still in park. It can be felt going into reverse,and all forward gears firmly. To get the car to move, it has to be rocked back and forth several times, then it can be put in gear,and it will move as normal. When I helped a friend drive it off a dealers lot to his place before I bought it from him, we rocked it several times, I put it in drive, and it took off

One of three things. Inside the trans are clutches, bands, sprags and planetaries. I believe that either a set of clutches is sticking together or the input sparg is not free wheeling when it is suppose to or th ... 1992 Oldsmobile Eighty Eight

Runs bad when i start my car it cuts off and takes some time to get it started. when it gets started it idials bad, i have to put one foot on the brakes and gas it up to shift and it some times still cuts off.but if it stays start it funs bad when i accellerate the runs good for 5 seconds then runs bsd again. when i changed the crank sensor it runs smooth for a week then goes again, and i have changed the crank sensor three times already. please help me fix this problem

Check fuel line ... 1992 Buick LeSabre

I have a 1997 Chevy 1500 with a 4L60e trans . It quit shifting out of first only has third and overdrive . Unless I put it in first and shift it out and then will not go to over. At the same time my speed,tack,and shift indicators quit .. help please

... Cars & Trucks

I had a small amount of sugar put in my gas tank again I think I caught the person doing this so not a whole lot got put in, I was told to put dry gas in. The last time this happened the engine light went on and it wasn't shifting. I am hoping that the dry gas might of helped and I won't have any problem. Is there something I can do without having to drain the gas tank again

Another thi8ng to prevent it is to get a locking gas cap at your car parts store. they cost about 10 or 15 dollars... ... 2003 Dodge Stratus

Occasionally when fist starting off after putting the car in drive the engine will stumble and from there the car is stuck in 2nd gear. I have to drive a bit then turn the car off and start it again. From there it will shift. This happens numerous times every day but not every time. I have had the car to an AAMCO dealer and they show no problems with the transmission and no codes on the computer. I have replaced the TCM and TPS. Please help.

Hello there can you please go back and end the session and give me the rating ... 1995 Chrysler Concorde

Tranny trouble some times when i put the truck into reverse it doesn't fully engage the gear , makes a loud whining noise, i put in P orN and switch back and it works fine. this doesn't happen in any other gears and it shifts fine when driving, thanks in advance for your help

If you are handy with a wrench. you may want to check the filter for the Tranny. its located under the pan. You will need to drain the oil.\015\012it really doesnt sound like the clutch pack for the reverse is going out. Cause when they give ou ... 1996 Chevrolet K1500

I have a 1994 chevy 1/2 ton pu, 6 cylinder. Has 245,000 miles, runs great no problems until last week. I used it and ran fine. Parked it and went to use it a few days later, and it won't run hardly at all. Sounds like it only fires part time or not all cylinders. Loss of power. I changed distributer cap and rotor and no help. Put a timing light on it and at high rpms, fires more steady with a little miss. At low rpms, only getting flash on light occasionally.

Check the intake manifold for vacumn leaks also check all hoses and lines to it as well as the map sensor being weak ... 1994 Chevrolet K1500

I have a 2001 camaro that wont shift out of 1st gear and the speedo does not work either. i just put the engine and trans in out of a donor car (a 2000 camaro) both had 3800 series ll engines and 4l60e trans. they both worked fine in the donor car. i have swaped the pcms back and forth a few times and i took the vss from the original trans and put it in the donor trans with no change to my problem. i cannot afford to take it to a trans shop so any help would be greatly appreciated. tom

Thats an interesting problem, i would be looking for either a pinched wire or i would also look at the plastic gear on the end of the vss they must be the same color and they should be interchangeable if the are not the same, and while you have the v ... Chevrolet Camaro

Transmission help? i have a 2000 nissan sentra with 80,000 miles i got in it one morning and turned the key on and i noticed the overdrive light flashed about 10 times and went off i started it up and put it in reverse it went smoothly and i put it in drive it was real sluggish the i noticed it was stuck in either 2nd or 3rd gear and it just wont shift automatically or manually so i replaced the transmission with about 40,000 miles and got it together and noticed its still doing it. My alternato

Finally got the problem solved, there was a short in the wiring next to the computer, had the short fixed and the transmission is working fine now ... 2000 Nissan Sentra


You should have the codes checked , don't really have enough info, ie.. year, make, model. Just taking a stab at it I would check the transmission range selector switch. ( park, neutral safety switch) Newer model cars run off of this along with the T ... Dodge Ramcharger

Hi. I have my toyota corolla 90 dx for 2 weeks now from the seller. It was fine, just a little shaky. First time u put gas it was fine for a day but next day i took it in the highway, did speed a little but next they it was rough idling and i hear knoking soubds when i put it on drive. It became slow at first, delayed shifting but after i go hway its fine, up until i stip again. I ran stp heavyduty gas cleaner first tank and redline on second. Didnt fix problem. Please help thank you

A couple of things come to mind here. First, check with the previous owner and find out what octaine number gas he was using. If you are using the wrong octaine gas on a high mileage motor you can get the knocking sound. Second the rough idling may b ... 1990 Toyota Corolla

Hello, my friend is having a problem with his 2009 honda accord, maybe someone can help. His car is only 6 moths old but lately when he shifts into reverse there is about a second to second and a half delay, it does that when going into drive as well. When he puts it in reverse it will same times make a little bit of a loud sound almost like a quick cracking sound, it's kinda hard to describe. He doesnt know if his transmission is going out or what. He thinks he may have induced the problem

It sounds like your tranny filter is cloged up or you need more tranny fluid ... 2000 Honda Accord

I have a 2005 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited 6-speed manual...runs great and shifts smoothly except for reverse. Sometimes it will go right into reverse as it should, but most of the time it just grinds. It's sometimes helpful if I put it in reverse before turning the key, but not always. I almost feel like I have to forcefully hold the shifter in place, but once it locks in, it does tend to stay in reverse. Is it the clutch? linkage? synchronizers? What kind of $$$ am I looking at to get it fixed

... 2005 Jeep Wrangler

Clutch feels firm but will shift hard in any gear, If i sit to long with the clutch in and try to put it in gear i will have to let it out and push it back in quickly to get it in to first gear or while driving have bled it several times, seems like it has air in the system never get any air out of the bleeder have checked for leaks found none any help would be great thanks

It could be a faulty clutch master cylinder, there is a valve in the master cylinder that traps the fluid to be displaced to the slave cylinder. If this valve is not trapping the fluid or if the rod connecting the clutch pedal to the master is not pr ... Toyota Pickup

I have a 97 GMC Z71. I have recently had new spark plugs and wires, new fuel filter, oil change, air filter and rear O2 sensors put on. It has straight pipe exuast and a spacer under the throttle body. The only thing i have not replaced is the distributer cap and coil wire. My problem: When driving down the interstate the engine feels very slugish. When i excellerate it dosent seem to want to. once it down shifts it will pick up speed fairly quickly. At times ,which has become more freque

The electrical component inside the MAF sensor becomes contaminated by the impurities in the air. These containments limbed themselves to electrical component that senses the air flow causing the sensor to be slightly off, but not enough ... GMC Sierra 1500

2002 Ford Focus Stuck in Park I have no brake lights power windows and child safety locks have all stopped working at the same time. I now have to use gear shift key hole to drive put still no brake lights please please help me.

My 2002 Ford Falcon does not have brake lights and AutomaticCruise Control after connecting to a faulty trailer electric cable. I've checked all fuses and relay switches and they're all in good working condition. I don't know what to do next - PLEA ... Ford Focus

1997 Chevy pickup k1500 4x4 4L60E transmission 5.7L. Trying to put on a new shift cable, and it seems to be about 1/2 inch to long. Is there a certain order to connect them to make them fit(kinda like a timing belt) or any tricks that i am missing. Any help is very appriciated!

Welcome to FixYa.com,\015\012I am going to look this up for you\015\012Regards, Lee ... Chevrolet Silverado 1500

I have a 1994 jeep Wrangler 4 cylinder 5 speed. While driving it shifts fine but sometimes when I start it I can not get it in gear. Pumping the clutch does not help. I have to grind it into 3rd or reverse and then very quickly put it in second. Cannot get it in first. 99% of the time I cannot get it in reverse without it grinding. The engine speed is at a slow idle, the jeep is perfectly still and the clutch is to the floor. I was told it is probably the sycronizers and adjusted my trans oil ac

Check out the clutch pedal shaft bushing,it is most likely worn out,or gone,it is the pivot that the clutch pedal assembely is attached to, ... Jeep Wrangler

In May I put in a rebuilt distributer, ingnition module, coil and throttle sensor, it had no spark. At that time it corrected it, now a month later is has no spark again. It is a 1987, 2.3 liter. Help needed. Ted

Do it again and be sure to use dielectric grease on the tfi connection. When dry the pickup coil contacts will erode fast causing intermittent operation of your vehicle. ... 1987 Ford Ranger
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