Having problems with your 1985 Buick Riviera ?

I can't get my lights to turn on during daylight only at night on my 1985 buick rivera why?

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Answers :

Alot of the old car have a light sensor behind the grill..take a look..cover it up and see if that works..My old cadilliac had automatic bright light and would flash when i passed anything reflective..so i covered up the sensor. Hope this helps.
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I can't get my lights to turn on during daylight only at night on my 1985 buick rivera why?

Alot of the old car have a light sensor behind the grill..take a look..cover it up and see if that works..My old cadilliac had automatic bright light and would flash when i passed anything reflective..so i covered up the sensor. Hope this helps. ... 1985 Buick Riviera

I have a 2002 Buick lesabre. When I start the car the head lights come on and the Dash lights are Dimmed. If I push the Twilight Sentinal switch all the way down the head lights turn off and the dash lights get bright. As soon as I shift into reverse the dash lights go dim even with though the head lights off. I can barely read the radio shift position and the odometer in the daylight. I just spent $300 for a new head light cluster switch. It still does the same thing.

... 2003 Buick LeSabre

2002 century buick, I turn the key and nothing. The battery works, lights, radio etc, just nothing when the key turns. sometimes after a few minutes I feel the grab, and it turns on when I turn the key and starts. Then I get back in it later and it does it again. It will work for 4 days or so, and then it does it again. I keep getting stuck places.

Egnishon barrel is on way out ... 2002 Buick Century

Just bought a 99 Buick LeSabre 3.8 V6 Car didn't have keys with it. Bought replacements from Buick dealer based on VIN # so they should work. Starter was bad and replaced. Now it won't start or even crank. I hot wired the starter, it will crank but not turn over. I get a security light on panel. I suspect a VATS problem. Trying to get steering wheel off to check the ignition cylinder, I've hit a wall/ Don't know how to get wheel off. I removed the airbag but there we sit. I removed the nut and t

Autozone has rental tools for this type of installation ... Buick LeSabre

2000 buick lasabre - the drivers side turn signal indicator light inside the car stays on, when i put on the turn signal it runs rapidly and there is a beeping sound, also i get a question on the panel that says "turn signal still on?". i do have a back light out but i have had one out before and never had this happen. any ideas

Check you outside turn signal bulbs, if the dash signal does not flash it is the rear. ... 2000 Buick LeSabre

1992 Buick LeSabre won't start when key is turned on-lights on dash light up, horn & lights work. Can cross starter and get it to start, then it dies right away. Were told it might be a bad key or bad cylinder. Can we get directions to change the cylinder if necessary?

It is not the key or lock cylinder - they do not affect the runability issues you are having. I suspect your mechanical ignition switch is bad and needs replacement. It is located on top of the steering column by your feet and you'll need to lower th ... 1992 Buick LeSabre

When i turn the key to start my 2000 buick regal supercharger it'll start and hold for a few seconds then it will putter to a stop. the lights on the dashboard stay on so i still have power. i tried putting it in neutral and giving it gas imediatly after i turned the key, but it didn't help it still died right away. this has happened randomly throughout the last few months. and i can usually get it to stay running if i turn the key 10-15 times. and after i get it running it'll work fine for t

Gas pump ... 1996 Buick Regal Olympic Gold

Won't start Worked fine last night, didn't start this morning. Battery level fine. Lights, radio, dashboard indicator lights, all work fine. Blower fan for heater doesn't work, and turning the ignition gets me silence. 12.3 volts to starter, multimeter registers 0 on other solenoid terminal when key is turned into start position. Seems like the restart relay is the common element between fan and starter, as I look closely at chassis wiring diagram. Probably have no A/C, but can't tell with engin

A friend here solved it. It was a bad connection of the ground wire, with the paddle-shaped connector loose. He cleaned it a bit, slid it back on, and crimped it a little (not easy to do in that tight space). Solved both problems. ... 1993 Isuzu Trooper

How the heck do you change the turn brake light and back up light on a Buick Lucerne??? I can get to the back up light but not the brake light...what's the secret?

This is from the buick lucerne owners manual. ... 2006 Buick Lucerne

Don't no were to find my buick regal gs 98 fog light fuse my fog lights stopped working and I'm getting no power the the fog light button it worked yesterday n now it won't turn on after I replaced my fog lights I think the fuse or relay went out but not sure were it is and how to change it

The fuse for the fogs is in the fusebox in the passanger side door panel. the relay is located under the hood in the fuse box directly behind the battery its relay number 17 if im not mistaken hope I could help ... 1998 Buick Regal

2003 buick regal headlights come on when it gets dark but no dash lights radio and heater lights very dim all fusses good all light on dash lights work in daylight

Problem is probably in the DRL (daytime running light) System. There is a day/night sensor in this system that can go bad. It causes the dash lights to stay dim in the daytime making them unreadable because it is not sensing that it is daytime. Ha ... Buick Regal

I have a 99 Buick Lesabre. I drove it for about 30 miles, turned it off and went in the store. I came back out and tried to start it and it wouldn't turn over. It's not the starter because someone checked it for me. It seems to not be getting any gas.It will start but die after about 20 seconds to a minute. The security light keeps blinking and will not go off when I turn the key. What could it be?

The most common cause for this is a problem in the ignition cylinder.This is what reads the key pellet and sends the value to the theft module.Either an internal problem in the cylinder or a wriring problem.There a 2 small wires on ... Buick LeSabre

'04 Astro dash lights stopped working. Radio, and temperature displays illuminate if I disable daytime running lights by pressing and releasing dome overide three times, but guage and speedometer do not. Daytime running lights have not been operating correctly for some time. Have to turn them on if daylight level is too high, but they do come on automatically in the evening as it gets dark.

Sounds like the bulbs are brunt out for gauge and speedo, remove cluster and in the back you will see sockets for bulbs, Part# is 194 bulb it takes 2 or 3.daytime running lamps may have a bad sensor, also the daytime light and auto headlamp are they ... 2005 GMC Yukon Xl Denali

Need to replace a tail light (not turn signal or brake light) on my 1999 buick lesabre. Do I have to remove the 8 nuts under trunk lid and pull the whole tail light assembly away from trunk lid to get at the bulb?

Yes, its a crazy design but you have it right remove them and the whole asm comes out, i replace all the bulbs when i take those apart but you dont have to its just that when one bulb blows the rest arent far behind, hope this is helpful, good luck. ... 1999 Buick LeSabre

2000 Buick Lesabre. I parked the car about 6 months ago because I bought a newer car. When I tried to start again the starter gets no power. There is an odd electrical problem because things like the vent fan, turn signals, head lights, tail lights all work fine, but other things like the electrical locks, electrical trunk release, electric windows, and electric locks do not work. I bought a new battery because the old one when checked would not take a charge, but the new battery still has the s

The immobilizer has come on you need to diss arm it or bypass it.This some times happens when the battery is left flat for long periods of time. ... 2000 Buick LeSabre

I Have A 1989 Buick Reatta and my lights do not work. They open up and close but they do not turn on. I have a short. I have checked the lights and fuses and even the switch but nothing worked. So I need to rerun some wiring. Could you please Help me to atleast get the Electrical Diagram.

Try this link. It is for Reatta owners. You may find what you are looking for.http://www.reatta.net/ ... 1989 Buick Reatta

My buick lesabre is having problems starting. the battery is charged, the lights come on when i turn the key but when i try to start it all i get is a click. what is the problem and how can i get to where the problem is.

Typically a battery can power the lights, etc. and still not start the car when it is "bad". The clicking is the starter not getting enough juice from the battery. Jump start the car and go to an auto parts store and get the battery checked. I sus ... 2000 Buick LeSabre

I have a 2006 Buick Ranier. Took it to my mechanic who ran the diagnostic codes. These codes showed up: P0014, P0017, P0171, and P0860. Check engine light has been on. After driving it a distance at 55+ speeds (ex. 30 miles) when I stop for a stop light or to slow down to turn, when I speed back up I get a terrible **** that feels like it's in the back end of the car. Please tell me what the codes mean and what I'm most likely dealing with. Thank you.

For the I6 engine....First thing I'd do is clean the throttle body with throttle body cleaner for the first 2 codes, also change your oil.\015\012\015\012P0014 is camshaft position solenoid actuator, probably dirty (change oil and clean t ... 2006 Buick Rainier

1996 nissan maxima jolts and loss of power Car turns on fine at first, I drive for a while and then the car starts to jolt like gas is trying to get to the carborator but can. It then starts jolting alot, then the horsepower goes to 0 and the car shuts off, showing the battery and oil light. It takes me a few times to get the car running again, will do that jolting thing for a while then it goes back to driving normal. I took it to a mechanic and he stated that when he read the codes it came up

Dear friend-what i can gather from you explenationis that the feul pump is on it"s way out.have that tested and come back with the fault codes if that is not the problem. ... 1996 Nissan Maxima

Chevy Trailblazer 2005 V6 Speed and Oil Gauges are not working properly. Oil Gauge is sometimes getting stuck at ''40'', and then when you turn off the engine it doesn't go back to ''0'' and when you turn on the engine back again it goes up to ''80''... Speedometer is showing the wrong speed (at least 10 mph difference) Engine Light is not on, what might be the problem?? Thanks!

Bad instrument cluster. any shop should be able to get one or send yours off for a rebuild. ... 2005 Chevrolet TrailBlazer

S10 1999 bearings bad 0 oil pressure,removed and rebuilt engine, replaced most all. back in and...Won't start, not a crank or a ticking from the starter. Starter and starter selanoid, battery all tested OK.conecting to starter and starter getting power. Replaced neutral safety switch twice , check all 3 relays all OK. Still no response. Lights and accessory lights all go on when ignition turned. Have tried all gears but still nothing. Could I have forgotten to replace something. Is there a way t

Yes, you can hotwire the starter, use a button starter to energize the solenoid. there is a chance thet the new or rebuilt starter isn't working. it has happened to me I went an bought a newly rebuilt starter but it was no good, it happens sometimes. ... 1999 Chevrolet S-10 Pickup

My 1997 buick lesabre has an innermitant starting problem. turn key to start get no response, not a click or anything. security light stays on. after turning key for 5 or ten minutes will finally start. battery is ok.

Recommend you install the fix detailed at the webpage: http://vats.likeabigdog.com/\015\012I have done this successfully in the past and believe it will fix your problem ... 1997 Buick LeSabre

The "change oil light" came on, on my 1996 buick roadmaster. i changed the oil but now how do i get the "change oil" light to turn off?

Turn key to "ON" position (NOT START). Press gas pedal smoothly and all the way to the floor 5 times. You'll need to do this in about 5 seconds. Light should go out. You may have to do this a few times but that's how it's done...Start car to double c ... 1996 Buick Roadmaster

2000 buick century headlight problem...we have a century and cant get the low beams to turn on period....the high beams come on just fine and the parking lights come on fine also....everything worked fine then suddenly no low beam headlights ..turn signals work..ect...can anyone that can help me find the answer to this problem ? your help would be appreciated, it's my girlfreinds car and she need's to drive at night..as of now..she cant. please reply s.a.p. if you know what the issue is. than

... 2000 Buick Century

Stop to get gas turned off car on 2002 buick rendevous when turned key to start nothing no power ni lights nothing????

... 2002 Buick Rendezvous
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