Having problems with your 1984 Ford F 150 ?

Vacuum hoses sorry to bother ya again but I just spent the past hour lookin up what a vacuum hose looks like and where it is located any suggestions where to look? or what it looks like or where it is

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Answers :

They are the little (3/32 to 1/4 inch) black rubber hoses in your engine bay
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Vacuum hoses sorry to bother ya again but I just spent the past hour lookin up what a vacuum hose looks like and where it is located any suggestions where to look? or what it looks like or where it is

They are the little (3/32 to 1/4 inch) black rubber hoses in your engine bay ... 1984 Ford F 150

I have a 1998 Grand Prix, I changed the thermostat and in the process I broke what looks like a vacuum hose that connects right above the upper radiator hose where the thermostat is located. When I turn the key, the car has good power but will not turn over or crank. Could breaking that hose cause that issue or do I likely have a bigger issue?

Hi\015\012\015\012Thanks for using FixYa. You are right, it has happened due to breaking of the vacuum hose. You'll need to get the hose replaced, as replacimg it will not cause any future problems like loose or cracking hose. You can loo ... 1998 Pontiac Grand Prix

Vacuum hose can anyone can help me to locate or draw what it looks like the vacuum hose for the engine V6 3.1L

If you get ahold of kragen they can help you with this ... 1991 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme

What is the part called that is attached to the side of the trans and faces toward the radiator? It has a metal vacuum line feeding it and a rubber hose connecting them both. It looks alot like an EGR valve and it is located a little lower and to the side of the exhaust near the EGR, it has one nut holding it and goes to the tranny. The rubber hose connecting it to the vac line is cracked and dry rotted and this part looks original. It is moving around while I am trying to find a vac leak. I kn


I have a 1993 jeep cherokee and the heater control panel will only blow air through the window defrost outlet no matter where I set the control ( ie vent, heat, combo ). I would like to know what the actual cause of this problem is and what has to be done to fix it. I suspect it is the control panel? but when I looked at it, there are a number of hoses producing a vacuum for each of the different settings. Is it the unit that creates the vacuum? What is that and where is it located? Can you help

It sounds like it has no vacuum. With no vacuum to the door motors it defaults to defrost. Check for unhooked vacuum lines on the engine. ... 1989 Jeep Cherokee

Intermittent stalling I have a 2001 cavalier with a 2.4L. It will stall intermittenly but only when it is cold out side, like -30 to -40. I found ice building up in the air induction system, and the throttle body is also icing up. Has anyone else experienced this? The hose from the crank case pressure relief box located behind the intake manifold is milky looking. Any suggestions????

The milky substance is a normal moisture issue. Partner ...if it's 40 below outside and it's not in a garage or has no block heater... your gonna have issues. Warm motor + extreme cold = moisture buildup and once cold...heavy ice build up. Theres a l ... 2001 Chevrolet Cavalier

Po171 system too lean bank 1 has come on for the past 2 years. I have had an Indy mechanic and the Dealership look at it and have made many repairs, including MAF sensor, hoses, Oxygen sensor and it is still coming on. The Indy mechanic says he measured it at various times: startup, after a drive, after a long drive and it is only slightly off at startup and not to worry about it. Any suggestions, I would like to sell it and I prefer to fix it first?

LET ME GET BACK TO YOU HAD TO STEP OUT. ... 2002 Volkswagen Passat

I recentally had a misfire in cyclinder two I replaced my ignition control module and it fixed the the misfire,I also put new bosch super spark plugs in as well.I now have a problem with the idol that did not exsist before the misfire.one expert suggested I clean the idol speed controller.I don't know where this is or what it looks like,but next to the (ICM)located on top of the air filter housing there is something that has two hoses attached one on each side and an electric plug on top,and it

I think the thing you are talking about with the hoses going to it and making a clicking sound is the evap purge solinoid.\015\012The throttle body should be on the drivers side of the engine in front, there will be a large hose going to it, th ... 1999 Volkswagen Passat

I have a 1994 Corvette with a 350 standard engine in it. There is a fuel leak on top of the engine at a device where one of the fuel lines come up from under the car. This device also looks like it has a vacuum hose on it. After this device the fuel line travels along the top of the engine and into the distribution line. What is the name of this device that looks like an old vacuum advance from earlier cars?

That is you fuel pressure regulator that is what is leaking must be replaced. good luck. ... 1994 Chevrolet Corvette

I have a 99 Cadillac Deville and it has a vacuum hose that is leaking. I know this because I can hear it. It sounds like a clicking noise. I know I have to replace the hose, but first I need to find it. There are several of these little black hoses and they are all jammed in the back passenger side under the hood. It is hard to get at them. I would like to know a quick, easy way to locate and replace this faulty hose.

Get a can of carb cleaner with the straw in the nosel, When the engine gets to running temp spray a little carb cleaner on each hose. When you hear the eingine change RPMs, you have found the bad one. ... 1999 Cadillac DeVille

Where do I check the rubber hoses for a vacuum leak for the fuel rail pressure sensor. In other words where is it located? Thanks, Mike From previous post for code P0191 <<The fuel rail pressure sensor code could either be caused by the vacuum leak or by a failing fuel regulator. I would first check for holes in the rubber hoses especially where there are right angle rubber hose connectors. Look for soft squishy or oily spots on the hoses.>>

The fuel rail pressure sensor is located in between the high pressure line and the fuel rail on the passenger side. It will have 1 vacuum hose and one connector going to it. ... 2006 Ford Five Hundred

I have a 1991 ford ranger 3.0 automatic,i changed my plugs, wires, and cap. In doing so i knocked of a vacuum hose. This makes it idle very bad. So bad it will not idle without the gas. I can plug the vacuum valve (where the hose came off) and it idles better, but still sounds like a miss and wont shift gears very well, I have looked all over the engine and under and cant find the hose.

... 1991 Ford Ranger Supercab

P0411 help? where is the vacuum hose located?i Have a p0411 code, ive read it is most likely caused by a bad vacuum hose. where is it or are there better answers?

... 2001 Volkswagen Golf

My mighty max pick up has lots of miles on it, but when I was looking under the hood, particularly the hoses that go to the solenoid vacuum container, (the one that says purge on it...its actually a canister). I found a metal, what looked like aluminum rod or simple straight piece of metal, like a pencil shape, but longer...stuck up under the canister. Obviously doesnt belong there and was put there on purpose, but why i dont know. The hole at the bottom of the canister is where it was stuck

It sounds like former owner replaced vapor canister with a canister off a different model. The rod/bolt stuck in bottom was to plug outlet if another vac source/outlet. He was improvising. ... 1988 Mitsubishi Mighty Max

I have a 1995 Nissan Maxima that I found one end of a vacuum line disconnected from somewhere. I can't find where it is supposed to be connected to! I looked all over with a flashlight and can't find anything. The other end is hooked to the top of the transmission. Looks sort of like it might be a vacuum line for some kind of solenoid on the tranny. Anyone out there know where this hose should be connected to? Thanks in advance.

If this is out ot the top of the tranny,it is a vent line ,for fluid expansion or when you add fluid ,as long as it is not plugged up ,it's fine ... 1995 Nissan Maxima

Want to change the oil on my 2000 saturn sl, and want to make sure i have found the oil plug, where is it located and what does it look like? the manual shows a picture of the oil filter and it is just above what i think is the oil pan/plug, but it does not look like it has been losened or tightened in the past - even though i have had several oil changes done on this car already

It sounds like you are looking at the right part. I do all the oil changes for my families vehicles and everytime i do it never looks like i have either. The reason is that all the dirt and debris from the road clings to the warm oil pan/plug making ... 2000 Saturn SL

I have a leak in the heating and cooling system on a part that i dont even know what its called it is located on the firewall looks like the smaller hose from the water pump comes in one side and another one goes to the exhaust manifold also looks like it has some kind of diaphram valve connected to it the car is old sobut has very low miles want to know if i will be able to find the part easy or if i can bypass it and run with no heat

It sounds like the heater core, thats where the hoses are going to and coming from. I would check for a leak under the dash as well. The heater core is a small radiator that allows the fan to blow and warm the air. A bypass is possible but would take ... 1989 Dodge Omni

Just bought a 2002 Mercury Sable LS, I brought it to Ford/Mercury repair to get a full diagnostic, they said I need to change the DPFE sensor, which some people say it's the same as the EGR sensor, but dealer said it's not the same. They also said I need to change all the vacuum hoses for the DPFE, can u please tell me where the DPFE sensor and the vacuum hoses are located & how it looks (eventually show pics) & where I could find all this cheaper than at the dealership. Thanks

You will need to get the parts from the dealer. What engine?the EGR valve is generally located on the backside of the intake plenum near the throttle body. There will be a metal pipe that goes in between the EGR valve and the ... Mercury Sable

My audi v8 quattro 1990 will not hold it's antifreeze.. looks like it got really hot where center hose burned a small hole... it was patched but i have not put new antifreeze in it yet..any suggestions to what the problem is.. if i did not put in manufacturers suggested antifreeze could there be a problem.. i filled it up like 7 months ago and it worked fine.. now all of a sudden it will not hold and it is leaking again. antifreeze tank is completely depleted again. help me please

Well one you cant "patch" a radiator hose, especially one under high pressure with quite a few bends on the V8 Q's. (I assume you are referring to the upper hose). First replace the hose, which will be more expensive than a Granada's :). Then I, Not ... 1990 Audi V8 Quattro

Have a 2002 ford taurus 3.0L 24 v dohc engine.. hear a hissing sound when the engine is running, sounds like a vacuum hose is either cracked or has come loose. the engine light has also come on. I am trying to locate the vacuum hose that works with the fuel system, since I smell fuel when we shut the engine off,

... 2002 Ford Taurus

Thermostat location I'm trying to locate the thermostat on a 1985 R5 TURBO 2 RENAULT. when the car warms up the top hose starts knocking and the resovoir bottle fills up and starts leaking, I've heard that noise on other cars when the thermostat was stuck shut. both hoses go directly to the water pump and it does'nt look like there's room for a thermostat on the waterpump. Any help you could give me would be deeply appreciate it thank you

First check to see if your heater works if it does, its not your thermostat. The thermostat is always on the upper hose ... 2006 Renault 181

97 Blazer - no heat from heater (seems like a/c is on) Action taken:1) flushed cooling system (was bad - like it had a lot of stop leak in system) 2) changed thermostat 3) backflushed heater only (with air pressure/water) - heater hoses hot to the touch -still no heat. Suspicion: heater controls (again acts like a/c is on) could this problem be the blend actuator door - (suggested by a parts house) if so where is it located and is there a manual of instructions on how to change out?

Http://www.autoandfleetrepair.com/Car_Heater_Not_Working_Blowing_Cold_Air.html ... 1997 Chevrolet Blazer

My f250 just put on new carberator still sounds like vacuum hose disconnected where should I look

There was an old trick my dad use to do. where take a can of starter fluid and spray around the carb. not directly in but in the vicintity of said leak. use to work great when there was a vacuum leak. ... 1984 Ford F 250

My rotors are shot.How do i replace them? Also had a bad antifreeze leak. Pulled over and found hole in hose. Addressed problem so i thought.Now when i shut it off it leaks pretty good. Did the cheap radiator quick fix and it slowed it down, but is still a problem. Cant exactly see where its coming from but , it looks like its coming from behind the serpatine belt pully, lower left. Was wondering maybe the hose was prelude to something i think, i dont know. Anyway any suggestions would be greatl

Without being hurtful. Reading your story,I would suggest taking your vehicle to a repair shop and leaving all your issues in the hands of the folks that take care of those issues every day. ... 1995 Ford Econoline

Its looks like a vacuum hose that connects near the Transmission range sensor and i need to know by diagram what and where this hose connects to its undone

... 2006 Suzuki Forenza
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