Having problems with your 1984 Ford F 150 ?

My 84 f150 keeps sputtering and dies any help

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Answers :

Hello there:
This could be the result of several things
which could be the following
(1). the fuel filter is clogged and needs to be changed
(2). the fuel pump is starting to fail.
(3) there is a vacume leak somewhere in the system.
(4). the fuel system is dirty and needs to be cleaned
(5). the pvc or ekg valves are clogged or not working properly. and sensors
(6) the vehical is needing a full tune up (plugs and wires and distributer cap and air filter ect ect
along with having the timing reset.
(7). bad fuel or water in the fuel .
these are the most common problems that you will find
ok hope this is very helpful for you
Best regards Michael
Repair Help & Product Troubleshooting for 1984 Ford F 150

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My 84 f150 keeps sputtering and dies any help

Hello there:This could be the result of several things which could be the following (1). the fuel filter is clogged and needs to be changed(2). the fuel pump is starting to fail.(3) there is a vacume leak somewhere i ... 1984 Ford F 150

I have a '93 Toyota Camry , LE, 4cin., over 200,000 mi. Runs like a dream. Problem, when the car gets to op. temp. when I come to a stop the car will die. Not sputter, RPMs just keeps dropping to 0. New PCV,wires, plugs dis. cap, rotor, air filter. Still dies, not all the time. Just enough to keep me guessing. Can you help?

Replace the IAC valve (idle air control valve)!! This is located below the throttle body, usually grey colored with a wire harness connected to it. This sensor controls air flow through the intake, if dirty or sticking it will cause stalls. Also chec ... 1993 Toyota Camry V6

My 2001 new Beetle will not stay running. It starts up, then 5-8 seconds later will sputter out and die. If I pump the gas peddle a bit after it starts, it trys to stay running longer but then sputters out and dies again. I replaced the fuel filter, made sure the car has plenty of gas, but same thing keeps happening. It acts as though its starving for fuel? Please help me troubleshoot this, I cannot afford to take this in. Maybe I should have never bought it based on all the problems I'm reading

Hi There,\015\012Try this: You will need 2 people - Have someone Spray Starting Fluid in the throttle then start the car and have someone spray the fluid continuously into the throttle. If the car continues to run you have a fuel problem, but ... 2001 Volkswagen Beetle

Once again, trouble with my 2002 ford escape. It is a 3.0, 4x4. When I try starting it, it dies almost immediately. The only way to keep it running is by pressing on the gas pedal; just enough for it to run at about 1k rpm. As soon as I release the pedal, it idles at about 300 or less, then sputters and dies. I have changed the EGR valve, fuel filter, and alternator. Anyone on that can help? It would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

Mass air flow sensor or Manifold absolute pressure sensor are two sensors which are interconnected with the EGR valve and both will affect engine performance, in particular the idle.\015\012I don't know which of these sensors the ford escape ha ... Ford Escape

My 6 cyl F150 runs great untill it doesn't run at all. Driving at 70 (or any speed) it's like the key just turns off. No coughing, sputtering, or anything. It just dies. If I'm going fast enough it'll usually restart just from being in gear. at 35 it just dies. After sitting it'll restart. I've replaced the ignition module, had the new one tested, and it's fine. New fuel filter too. Could my duel tanks have something to do with it? My front tank reads empty even though there's gas in it. Help! I

Without the benefit of doing any testing myself, I'd think the problem may be the ignition switch. Could also be the shutdown relay or a bad connection at the main computer. Crank position sensor could be suspect as well. I don't think its a fuel p ... 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Engine sputtering when i start my 1990 acura integra b 18 dohc it runs fine until the motor warms up u can drive it for about 15 minutes than it sputters bad and looses power if u feather the throttle u can keep it running if u let it die it will not start again till the motor is cool it doesnt over heat, there is no water in the oil, the head gasket appears to be fine going to give it a tune up to see if that helps the ecu has been tampered with the fans are bypassed to a toggle switch not sure

Under the dash on the driver side the mane full relay may need replacing or its the full pump ... 1990 Acura Integra Hatchback

Motor sputters when u step on it ad feels like its gonna die not sure what the problem is iv tried everything and have already sunk 4000 into it to keep it going..wats wrong please help me

Is it throwing a light. if it is check the code. my truck did the same thing and it was my fuel pump. the pump was not giving me the right pressure ... 1994 Chevrolet Camaro

Runs normal for 2 min then I give it gas it sputters and loses power. I have to feather it to just keep it running barily then it coughs and wants to die. hav e replaced fuel pump with rebuilt and test pressure replaced regulator and fuel filter. Checked vacumns. HELP!

Can not fiend camshaft sensor ... 1999 Ford Windstar

Hey, First off, whomever receives this, I appreciate the help GREATLY. I own a 92 Camaro RS.Bought it with 80k miles It only has 88k miles,automatic, good cond. I baby it and such, but I'm having one major starting/idling problem. I'll do my best to explain: On an average temp day, I turn the key, and while pumping the gas I keep turning it over 5 or 6 times, till it starts. The RPM's will shoot up and stay for a minute but then back down below a thousand and sputter and start to die. I need to

Could be a throttle position sensor. idle air control valve or manifold pressure (MAP) sensor. More severe: bad intake gasket or bad catalytic converter. Do you get a check engine light? Have you ran a diagnostic (may well be worth the $50 at the mec ... 1992 Chevrolet Camaro

My 97 f150 sputters when i start it and it feels like it's "chocking" however if i keep my foot on the throtle long enough it hums up nicely but it wants to shut off when i take my foot off, is it a fuel issue or electric? any help greatly appreciated.

... 1997 Ford F150 Regular Cab

I have a 99 f150 with the triten moter has a sputtering and los of horse power and won't shift out of 2nd hits 35 and that's all she's got. And now when I put it in gear and push gas it dies right away.what causes this plz help

... 1999 Ford F150 Regular Cab

Driving to work, car just stops running. it will start, but wont keep running, just sputters and dies. mechanic is stumped. replaced distributor, fuel injectors are fine, fuel pump is fine, filter was replaced... help!

... 1996 Nissan Altima

My 2004 ford freestar keeps sputtering and when i floor it it only goes about 30 mph but rpm's will be at 3000 and it acts like it wants to die out but after i get it going and build up speed it shakes but my OIL LIGHT IS NOT ON MY ENGINE LIGHT IS FLASHING THOUGH CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME

... 2004 Ford Freestar

We have a 2002 camry that the engine was washed now the car still runs perfect except when you step on the pedal to go to fast it sputters and dies out or if you dont keep the rpms up it will stall...any help

Needs to dry out it could be anything ... 2002 Toyota Camry

My 1999 sl saturn.sometimes when i first start it.it idols rough.the past few days though it sarted to die after i got it started.kept it going by keeping my foot on the gass pedal when i can to a stop.it does not miss or sputter at all.whats my problem here any help?

... 1999 Saturn SL

2000 chevy s10 runs for a few minutes then dies. Had fuel pump, fuel pump relay and fuel filter replaced at shop but the thing will still not run properly. You have to keep your foot on gas to keep it from dying so the idle has to be above 1500 rpms to stay running. If you let foot off gas it dies. So you have to keep foot on gas pedal and one on brake to drive it. Someone help me I am about to run the thing off a bridge

I doubt very much this is electrical. Rather do a visual inspection for vacuum pipes that are leaking or have become dislodged especially around the throttle body(Where the throttle cable is connected to) and plenumb chamber. If you find a place that ... Chevrolet S 10

HI, my 91 integra sometime start up and idle really good but other time it start up and sputter and dies. while it sputter if i push on the gas it will keep running and not die but if i dont push on the gas it will die. it runs good sometimes and other times it sputter while driving and feeling like it doesn't have any power and all of a sudden it will pick up power. what could it be. i have change oil, spark plugs, rotor, ignition coil, ignition module, o2 sensor

I would start with washing the throttle air intake out ,it looks like you are trying same as most of us some times we over look the simple things,have you checked the air filter? intermittent are ruff to find does it happen like on rainy day or high ... 1991 Acura Integra Hatchback

I have a 95 firebird formula LT1 that will sputter and want to die. This will only happen if I drive for about 30 minutes then stop and shut off the car for 15 minutes. Once I start it after that it bogs down, sputters, and tries to die on me. If I can manage to get it on the road it will stop sputtering in about 2 minutes of solid driving and be fine till I stop, let it sit 15 minutes, and then start it again. Any help would be much appreciated.

I have a 96 formula. had the same problem. blown intake gasket. it's truley amazing how that can effect the car.\015\012hope this helps.\015\012David ... Pontiac Firebird

Need help on a 1995 Chevy Suburban. It will die at idle when it's up to running temp and in gear. I have to pump the gas peddle to keep it from dying. Just did a tune up and throttle body cleaning to see if that would fix the issue. No joy. Cap and rotor, plugs, wires, fuel additive. It's fine in park or neutral, but as soon as I shift into reverse or drive, it dies. HELP!!!

It sounds like the motor's tick over is far to slow when the car is put in gear if the tick over is say 750 rpm out of gear then it stalls when you put it in gear lift the tick over up to say 850 rpm the best way to set this up is have a friend sit i ... 1995 Chevrolet Suburban

I have a 1995 honda accord what happends is when i go to start the car the rpms go up to 2000 and it dies it starts right back up but dies again i have to keep my foot on the gas to keep it goin it will drive a little then when i stop at a light it dies also the rpms jump up and down took it to two shops and the cant find out whats wrong i just put new plugs wiers fuel filter new battery good altnator please help

Could be a fuel pump problem or a fuel poor going into block clogged. ... 1995 Honda Accord

Car was running fine, then at work, left the lights on. Dead battery, tried to jump and took awhile. Started, but ran like ****, it would idle but when you touch the excelerator it would try to die. Finally got it going but had to keep pumping the gas to keep it started. Once on the road it would run smooth. But then when you let up would try to die. Thought maybe blew a fuse but all were ok, checked for vacuum leaks or anything else that might cause. I'm totally stumped. Any help would be great

Your 2000 VW Beetle use a group 58R battery that has total cold cranking amps of 580CCA.\015\012\015\012A DEAD battery has below 300CCA.\015\012\015\012I recommend you to check the YEAR TAG on the battery.\015\012Example: MODEL 58R-48 = ... 2000 Volkswagen Beetle

I have a 87 conquest, i just rebuilt the engine and it runs great. but, i can start it when its cold but i cant rev past 4000 rpms. it starts to backfire in the intake and it sputters through the exhaust. when it does that and i turn the car off and i cannot restart it.. it wants to crank but when it does it sputters and shakes real bad and it dies. i have new plugs and wires and i installed a new fuel put about 6 months ago. if yall could help i could sure use the help.

... 1987 Chrysler Conquest

Wont start My car started dying at red lights. I would have to keep one foot on the gas pedal to keep the RPM's high enough to not die. Now it won't start at all. I had a new engine put in it about 6 mo. ago. Help

When you turn the key to the ON position you should hear your electric fuel pump come on (a quiet hissing noise) if you dont hear this noise your fuel pump has gone out, if you do hear the noise you might want to check your fuel filter it could be cl ... 2005 Mazda 3

I have a 2012 Tao Tao 49cc scooter. It takes it a few cranks to start and when it does it dies. But after I do that a few times it will stay running but when I take off and then come to a stop it dies again! After it goes so far it will not die anymore when stopped When it keeps dying sometimes it drains the battery!! Help this is my way to work!!

... Cars & Trucks

Need help i have an 89 accord lx 4d carb. manual trans. my car keeps dying even while holding the clutch down i have to keep rpm up when i stop my ac raises the rpm so i just leave it on while driving and it works fine but i wanted to know what this problem could be my guess is the carborator, distribution cap because it shocks people, or the altenator, what do you think got to fix it cause i keep runinng stop signs to keep my car runnin

Try replacing the fuel filter is this does'nt work it may be your TPS ... 1988 Honda Accord 4 Door
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