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Is there away to unlock the doors on an 84 cadillac deville if keys are locked inside

\015 I have locked the keys in the ignition.Doors are locked.\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

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Is there away to unlock the doors on an 84 cadillac deville if keys are locked inside

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We have a 1997 cadillac deville. installed a master window switch and left rear window motor. Technition reached inside vehicle and unlocked rear door lock by hand and set off alarm. we tried several times to reset the system, key on engine off for ten minutes, then turn key to off position and do this three times. this did not work. all fuses are good. used a spare key that customer had also. what else can I try? thanks mark

My wife had a car that to reset the problem we had at the time, the owners manual stated that in order to reset we had to turn on the key to the run position(do not start the car just turn key to run) next hit the brake pedal 3 times quickly and hold ... 1998 Cadillac DeVille

Can unlock and lock all doors when using key in passenger door,can unlock all doors except passengers door when using key in drivers door,will lock all doors when locking from drivers door as long as passengers door was unlocked from inside. If passenger door unlocked by key no doors will lock when using key in drivers door

... 2000 Ford Focus

1999 Volvo V70 - The tailgate door will not unlock with the all unlock button on the drivers door OR when I unlock the drivers side door with the key. There is also NO LOCK cylinder inside the tailgate lock. I do not have the electronic lock key fob. I can only lock and unlock the tailgate with the button inside the tailgat itself. HELP!!!!

You will need new t gate lock assembly parts inside are worn out ... 1999 Volvo V70

2002 Hyundai Elantra Drivers dorr Lock Jammed not unlocking properly. Lock lever on inside and key on outside are stuck and door move bery much and will not unlock car. Originally cable in door to release the lock broke and was repaired but after repair ran into this lock release problem where lock seems jammed. Key will not turn all the way to unlock car and the little lock release latch/lever on inside will not move . Have checked lock cable but can't see any problem witgh cable. Wondering if

I have this problem now to lock my door i have to lock to passengers door firs ... Hyundai Motor 2002 Elantra

2004 Hyundai Sonota failed smog citing code P1723 A/T Relay. Have had lots of eletronics problems - door locks don't auto lock, but will unlock; a headlight (low beam) goes out every 4-6 months on either side (only one at a given time); door light on dash reflects an open door when they are all shut; trunk does not open using inside button in car, must use key; had some trouble with check engine light one time disconnected battery and it went away. Any info on cost to fix so it will past smog?

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Most of the time the power door locks on my 1995 993 Porsche do not automatically unlock when a door is opened from the inside. They will occasionally unlock after several seconds delay. As a result, the doors can be opened to exit the car without the doors actually being unlocked. I accidentally locked my keys inside the car when buying gas and had to call AAA to open the door. The console switch and the key will lock/unlock the doors.

Not sure here ,ok to be honest i dont know but the first thing i would do is to remove the door panels and give all the linkage a good oil with a oil can with engine oil in it ,where the solonoid is that operates the door lock for the central locking ... 1995 Porsche 911

On my 1995 Toyota Camry, the driver door will not unlock, even though all the other doors will. It doesn't matter whether I use the lock/unlock button on the inside of the door(s) (either front door), or turning the key in the outside lock (my Camry has automatic lock/unlock with the turn of the key in the door locks). I can use the key in the driver's door (remember, the door that won't unlock), and all the other doors will unlock, but the driver's door will not unlock. The door won't open, so

... 1995 Toyota Camry

Ford explorer drivers side door lock is sticking / remote key fobe and manual key won't unlock door. when one presses key fobe button or turns key, the inside button seems to "want" to unlock but it looks as though somthing is blocking its movement. the only way to open the door is from the inside door handle. I sprayed the key hole and door latch with whiet lithium grease which did nothing to help unlock the door.

... 1997 Ford Explorer AWD

When we use our key fob to lock the doors, i know we must use the key fob to unlock the doors to avoid the alarm from going off. Recently I parked in a parking garage at an airport (left key fob at home) and left my tundra for several days. I used the inside lock button to lock the doors. Upon my return, I used the key to unlock the door and the alarm sounded. I could not get the alarm to stop sounding unless I locked the truck back and of course i could not crank the truck. If I go back t

You should be able to just unlock the door with the key, and even if the alarm is still going of try to start it the key should override the alarm. ... 2001 Toyota Tundra

2004 tahoe out of the blue my remote lock on key chain stopped working(both remotes stopped working) also, at the same time the power windows and locks on the passenger side quit working. I can't roll window down or lock doors with driver side controls. could this be a fuse issue or something else? key fob only works some of the time and when it does, only will lock not unlock. only my front doors will unlock from inside lock button. rear doors and tailgate will not unlock by pressing the lock/

Make sure than you have not split any fluids on the passenger front door most of the times is where the module to control the windows and doors is located, try by unpluging the batterie and the after a minute plug it back and see what happend but if ... 2003 GMC Yukon

The remote locks and unlocks all doors except the driver side, only the key can be used to do that with this door. If the key is used to lock, then the remote cannot be used to unlock. From the inside, the master door lock switch also works with all except this door, but pressing the lock tab on this door locks all doors.

I think you will have to start looking at the wires that go into the door by the hinge it could be a simple broken wire but you might have to remove the door panel to gain access to the locking solonoid by the door lock and check for power to it when ... 2002 Honda CR-V

My drivers side door will not open. It cannot be unlocked with the key, nor from the inside door lock. I have disconnected the battery to see if the locks could be over ridden and it did not change.When using the key, it moves freely in the direction to unlock the door. When I try to turn it to unlock the door, it will not open the lock. My other doors work fine.

Inside the door is little rob which control the locks....on the rob inside the dooris a little plastic arm which holds the rod to the locking arm mechinism.it has broken ... 2003 Kia Optima

I have a 2008 BMW 328 xi. Currently the all the doors are locked and the only door that will unlock is the drivers side by using the key. The central locking button does not open all of the other doors once I get in the car (this includes the gas door). I can lock the drivers door from the inside using the fob, and the drivers door will open from the inside handle, however none of the other 3 doors will unlock.

... Cars & Trucks

My Honda CR-V EX 2005 doors lock by themselves. Occasionally, after you unlock it with the remote key, it locks itself before you can get in. It also happens sometimes when I unlock the car, then open the back door to load groceries, the rest rest of the doors lock while the back one is still open and when you close the back that one is locked then too.I am afraid someday the keys will get locked inside. Help!

I have the same problem with my 2002 CRV. However, just recently it doesn't matter what door is open, even the driver's door. The car will automatically lock itself. This is extremely frustrating as I am sure I will lock myself out at some point. ... 2003 Honda CR-V

97 Hyundai Elantra driver side door failed to unlock from inside or outside. The key was a little stiff in the driver's side lock for a while and then refused to unlock the door. It feels as if the door unlocks but then the handle acts as if the door is locked from both inside and outside the car.

The door LOCK/UNLOCK actuator is siezed. You'll need to replace it. ... 1997 Hyundai Elantra

2001 mercedes benz door lock problems; I just got this high mileage used car. My only key's electronic features do not work. I can unlock all doors with manual key from driver's side, but the car does not lock back up the same way. I push the lock botton from inside and lock the driver's door by the key, but the back (trunk) door does not lock. Can it just be the connectors or is it the lock solenoids, or anything else? How much will each problem cost. Where do I begin to test this out? Many tha

I have a 2001 ML 320. The issue I am having is once I am stop and accelearate the locks just click, click. Also, I am having issues with the heater/ac working. Please help.......thanks. ... Mercedes-Benz ML-Class

My key will not lock or unlock my car is ford c max 2004 the key has not locked or unlock the car for long tine . so i have been using the key in the door , today the door wood not open so i had two get the back door and open the form inside

... 2004 Ford Focus

Alarm system i went to my car this mornin and unlocked the driver door with the key and opened the door the alarm immediately went off. i tried to lock and unlock the door from the inside and it didn't cut off i also tried using the key to lock and unlock it from the outside. any ideas on what may be causing the alarm to go off.

You might want to get a new key from dealer, just make sure you turn key all the way when you unlock. if this does it again, just start the vehicle for a quick fix. ... 2002 Dodge Stratus

1994 Mazda MPV - Driver's side door lock is malfunctioning. Door will not unlock with key nor through the inside. I tried lifting the inside lock button and it will not lift all the way. I took the panel off but everything looks okay nothing seems off nor stuck. Any advice so that I can unlock the door while the door panel is off?

... 1994 Mazda MPV

2008 BMW K1200lt I took my cycle to an event and put my key in the center console and locked everything with my fob. When I went to leave I pushed unlock with my fob and could hear things unlocking, except the center console didn't unlock. It clicks and sounds like its unlocking but you can't push it down to open up the compartment door. My key is locked inside and I'm locked out. I do have another key and have tried to use that to open things up and still no luck. Any ideas on how to gain acces

Chec batteries in the device--these cars r very complex-may neeed to call a dealer for advice ... Cars & Trucks

My 95 chevy tahoe has an after market car alarm.. today I went inside the store and before I did I pressed the left button on the key alarm switch that locks and unlocks you're car and it beeped and locked fine however when I came outside to unlock my truck it did not work so I manually used my key to unlock when I tried to open my passenger side door alarm went off and now every time I open the passenger door I can't stop it from going off I want to disconnect it please help

... 1995 Chevrolet Tahoe

Must use the key to open the door. Once it has been unlocked, the remote will work to lock and unlock the doors. After a short period of time the remotes will not work again and must use the key again to unlock the vehicle and the remotes will work again untill you lock it again and walk away!

The battery in the remote is goning dead.goodluck ... Chevrolet Avalanche

The front passenger door lock does not pop up, or unlock / lock with either the key fob, or using the key in the drivers door, or the lock / unlock button inside the car

Hi:\015\012You didn't mention the year of your vehicle, but often when the electric door lock solenoid fails, it becomes siezed in place, where it is un-moveable. This causes the condition that you are experiencing. One way to check to see if ... BMW 5 Series

I have a 2005 yukon xl...the rear tailgate won't unlock with fob or inside electical lock button. I cannot find an inside release lock or door handle to try to open the door. There is not a key hole to unlock door on the outside either. My rear area is unusable until I can figure out what is going on

Climb in the back with some flat blade screwdrivers and pry off the trim pad, some times you will find some "star"screws holding a handle or trim. Look for a metal rod going down to the catch mechanism and give it a tug and the gate should release, a ... 2003 GMC Yukon XL
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