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Under the hood next to the right light there is a 50 amp fuse holder... what and where do the two leads go to?? my wire that is closest to the radiator is just hanging,,, I have 0 for any power or electrical to my jeep... used to be fine... stumped

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Answers :

A 50 amp fuse is generally an alternator/battery fuse
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Under the hood next to the right light there is a 50 amp fuse holder... what and where do the two leads go to?? my wire that is closest to the radiator is just hanging,,, I have 0 for any power or electrical to my jeep... used to be fine... stumped

A 50 amp fuse is generally an alternator/battery fuse ... 1983 Jeep CJ7

I have a Ram 3500 that I use to pull a horse trailer-the electrical is through a 7way connection. All of the lights,on the trailer, work except the left turn signal. There is power at the tab on the female side of the plug, on the truck but when I take the back off of the male side of the plug,from the trailer, there is no power at the tab . I have tried slightly bending contact points and wiggling the plug-but no power or left turn signal. The right signal works fine. Any ideas about why no

This is a trailer question, but I will try.. Connection is broken between pin and connector so no power will pass....Buy a new plug. Sorry. ... 2008 Ford F-350

My driver and passenger side doors do not always lock/unlock when I use the power locks. Rear locks work fine always. All power locks work well in cold weather, when heat is applied by weather or electrical current, driver and passenger side locks do not always work properly

Hi, you must have a problem with the door actuators. this actuators holds the steel rods of the locking mechanism of the doors, it powers the locking and unlocking. you may need a replacement for this is faulty thats why it trips. hope this helps ... 1999 Chevrolet Suburban

The battery on my 1970 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme (350 Rocket) seems to drain over a period of 3 to 5 days of no use. I've checked all the lights and other electrical devices to make sure they are 'nt functioning on their own, and I'm stumped. Is there a component that could be causing the discharge? Possibly a relay that may be hanging open when the ignition is off? Is this vehicle maybe notorious for this at this age? Any help would be appreciated.

... Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme

Already changed battery and alternator ran fine. then had crack in radiator was still running fine.I just replaced it. now it wont shift and is losing power and dies when I use windows or ac

Have you had the charging system tested by a shop ? Is the alternator charging the battery ? ... 2004 Hyundai Elantra

1996 Buick Park Avenue, runs fine but sometimes shuts down when the heater and/or brakes are used when vehicle is in motion. This happens when driving down the road. Total electrical shutdown. Battery and alternator tested good. Sometimes car would start after sitting a few minutes. Tonight, I started my car, it ran for a few seconds, and then shutdown again. No power to anything..lights, locks etc. Connections to battery are good and seem tight. Car didn't start after sitting a few minutes on l

Sounds like a battery terminal ,or earth connection from battery to chassis ,or where the power is picked up from which is the starter motor terminal ,sorry i am not very explicit but i live in spain and not may buicks to the euro here,But if i got m ... 1996 Buick Park Avenue

My car is having a problem involving the electrical. When i use headlights, lighter, and both rear/front hefroster the car acts as if there isnt enough power to run the lights and they go off. We just replaced the computer in it..($600.00 ouch!) and i checked the battery and alternator and they are fine. any ideas?

Look for the body ground sensor and check it out, they go bad and lose continuity. ... 1994 Cadillac Eldorado

I have an electric over hydraulic pump on my snowplow. Whenever i hook up the power the electric motor runs all the time. Shouldn't the pump only run when the controls are used. All powers and grounds are hooked direct. I bought it used, Iam just wondering if i'm overlooking something or if there is something i forgot to do.

... Ford F-150

Power windows and blower motor stopped working at exactly the same time. At the power window circuit breaker (Right Junction Box) I used a bypass hot wire using 25A circuit breaker and closed the circuit to check my power windows and they all work just fine. So I know that all my motors and switches are good. I am not getting power to the circuit breaker in the right junction box. According to the wiring diagram pwr windws circuit breaker 25A is a Hot in Run only. I checked my blower motor with

Check for inline fuses. wire that will melt if theres to many amps running through it usually under the hood. hope this helps ... 2000 Oldsmobile Alero

Engine size if 2.0L, 6 Cyl, 1997 model. It is overheating at low speed and at being idle. One guy had said that radiator fan is not getting power so something is wrong with the electric circuit. But this guy dind't know about electricals, that's when I went another shop and they estimated $550 for replacing radiator and thermostat. These guys were ripping me off. $110 for diagnostic, $286 for radiator which costs ~ $100, $68 for radiator fan switch (costs $15) and so on. But they promised that t

1. you're paying for their experience and knowledge. \015\0122. you can fix it yourself if you research electrical circuits go buy a muti meter and spend some time. \015\012\015\012if the fan has power to it when the engine is at op ... 1997 Volkswagen Jetta

Power off my car stopped running suddenly for no reason. i turned on the engine and all the power in the car went off. i jumped it. it worked again just fine for a week. then turned off completely again. tried jumping it again. it didnt work. towed it home and today before i tried changing the battery, the car powered on fully without and runs fine. Could this be an electrical problem or a fuse? what could cause the car to turn off for no reason and turn back on? it was not overheating.

Double check your battery connections & make sure they are all clean & tight, and don't forget to check other end of ground, not just positive. be sure to take a good look at the ends for wire deteriorating at connections. I have seen batter ... 2002 Dodge Intrepid

The heater takes longer to heat up then it used to, and when it does it des not stay heat. It blows out cool air? We have gone through the fuel system and cooling system without success. Antifreeze in radiator,no leaks on radiator, holding water fine. Coolant reservoir not being used a whole lot. New thermastat put in two weeks ago. Had problem since we replaced the radiator with a new one. The old one had many leaks. Replaced fuel pump and fuel filter checked for leaks in fuel system, do not fi

The fuel system is seperate from heating system.check water pump the impeller could have deteriated i have seen this in another cavalier,once i removed water pump the blades that move the water were full of holes.but first make sure ther is good flow ... 1992 Chevrolet Cavalier

2009 Mercury Sable power seats problem - power would not shut off, resulting in backward and forward moving of seat while driving. Started in morning when seat appeared to be stuck at rear position. Used slide power switch and a little force to move the seat. Then the problem occurred. Could not get this to repeat for the local service team. Is this an electrical short of some kind? Has not happened in the last 40 miles of use.

... Mercury Sable

No electrical power at all, battery fine. Is there a master power relay or breaker?

Also check the power take off to the power distribution box under the bonnet ,where is it getting the power from ,two places on all cars either the battery terminal or the starter motor connection on the top connection on the starter motor,sorry but ... 1997 GMC Suburban

I have 2004 EZgo electric golf cart. When I plug in the charger nothing happens. The batteries are new. All connections are new. The cart runs fine, but my charge is now getting very low, and it won't charge. The electric outlet is fine, I checked that first. It could be the charger, but I tried another charger, and no luck. I'm really stumped. Joel

Check for a tripped circuit breaker. usally at inline with the positive cale of the battery ... 1995 Volkswagen Golf

I have a 97 Saturn sl2 5 speed I had the shift cables replaced. It worked great for a few weeks. Now I have very little horse power in 1 2 3 gears it shifts but the horsepower isn't the same the shift cables were used. The RPMS go up but it doesn't have the power it use to and the shift light comes on. But 4 5 R works fine. Does it sound like I need to replace the low gear shift cable?

... 1993 Saturn SL2

I have a 1990 D150 Dodge Ram thas Runs fine for about a half hour then it looses power uphill on the freeway, the more I step on it the more power it loses. I have replaced plugs and wire, thermostat, radiator, catalytic converter, muffler, fuel filter. I ran K&W engine block sealant through it. Had the injectors cleaned, replaced the air filter. Engine not overheating but does start to warm up from trying to get up the hill so hard but once the road levels out it's fine. Even on level ground if

Check the sock on the fuel pump inside the fuel tank..might be clogged ... 1990 Dodge D150

This is about the high pressure side hose from the power steering pump which has a sort of electric shut off. Dati nag leak at pinalitan ng bagong hose using the same valve. after 2 months, umingay na na pag pihit ng manibela. Pag inalis mo yung connection ng kureyente o ibalik mo man, parang walang epekto. Ano problem? Yung electric shut-of o yung hose o and power steering pump. Magkano yong pump, o yun bagong hoes assembly kasama yung valve. Thank you Eugene Calicdan E-mail: [email protected] ya

First try to replace the Hi side hose w/ original one before u buy a PUMP assembly!\012U could buy cheaper part in Banawe, Young Bros. is the store, they could get u a replacement and original w/ discount! ... 1996 Nissan Sentra

2 days ago went to take son to school as always,started fine ,never had problem starting(not even now)going down road just fine until I got to around 40mph and then just started loosing power,couldn't get over 40mph on level road and about 20 mph up slight grade,had to put in 2nd to get rpms up enought to climb hill,changed fuel filters.I bought it used 3 months ago,ran great not signs of problem at all,went to mountains pulling a trailer no problems,went to beach no problems,just lost power ove

The engine of the car may need to be cleaned or your car oil may need to be changed.its getting clogged. Also Loss of power can come by a bad alternator draining the battery causing loss of power while driving. Or a broken wire shorts the syst ... Ford F-250

I have a '96 Tracker lsi. After driving a few miles today it started losing power, smoke was rising from around the engine and making a ratteling noise. I checked the oil, transmission and radiator fluids--all fine and the gages showed it wasn't running hot. AT one point it stalled out but after sitting for 20 minutes it started right up and ran fine for a few more miles--long enough to get me home thank the powers that be. Any ideas? Thanks.

The car is definately overheating,have it checked out soon ... 1996 Geo Tracker 2 Door

Charging issues Battery went dead due to dome light being left on. after jumping it using another vehicle a reduced power light came on an the hummer wouldnt rev past 1500 2000 rpms. ran like **** and wouldnt come out of it. I took the battery off an put it on charge and it ran fine for a month or so. Sometimes I'd go out and it would start up just fine and sometimes it'd be dead and I'd have to jump it with a jump pack. Sometimes I'd be driving and it'd throw the reduced power code and wouldnt

Go again to the dealer or at any gm service center with complete tools and computer diagnostics, by using tech2 find out all the code history, and freeze frame failure record. if no diagnostic code read, there are some program that delete or disabled ... 2006 Hummer H3

Liftgate will not unlock when i use power lock or the remote keyless entry transmitter. I checked the fuse LOCKS (rear doors and liftgate power lock relay feed) it is fine. The rear doors do unlock using both options. What do i do? Help.

If it was mine I would take the rear inside door panel off and see if there is any rust or bind in the power door lock motor itself and also make sure that no one has broken a key off or stuck anything in the lock cause I had an expedition with this ... 2004 Cadillac Escalade

I have a 2000 Ford Windstar. While driving the other day I lost all electrical power. Nothing would work and engine cut off. After sitting for a brief time the van cranked back up and I drove it home. Now the van will do nothing. I have no electrical power. I have checked the battery and alternator, both are fine. I have voltage going to the fuse box undert he hood, but no voltage goingt o the fuse box under the dash. This is strang. Could someone please help.

Most probably...a loose electrical connection. Since you mentioned that the electrical power and the engine got cut off and after sitting for a brief of time, the van cranked back up. You need to check the wiring to see if there's any loose connec ... 2003 Ford Windstar

Recent issue of 1996 formula trans am not starting or even turning over after the battery has been used for a short while. For example, will not even turn over after having radio on for a few minutes with engine turned of, or after using the lighter to power an air compressor for a few minutes with engine turned off. Sometimes clicking and lights going on and off, then nothing. Had battery tested and its fine, alternator is working just fine. Car will start after removing battery and putting it

It kinda sounds like the battery isn't getting power out to the cables. Corrosion may be the problem, If you can get a meter on it, see if you have good voltage at the battery, and to the cables, and that it's grounded good.Follow it away from the ba ... 1990 Pontiac Firebird

Hi, I have a 2002 Dodge Grand Caravan SE. The power window on the passenger side does not work from either the driver side or passenger side switch. An electrical check on the switches show that they are good. There is power at the electrical connector for the window motor. I purchased a new window motor (the regulator seemed fine). I'd like to know how to separate the regulator from the motor without damaging anything. There are lock tabs on the regulator that hold it to the motor. Also

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