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Sump gasket can i change the sump gasket in my holden 202 without taking the engine out

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Answers :

Yes but you have to jack the engine up to clear the oil pickup.
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Sump gasket can i change the sump gasket in my holden 202 without taking the engine out

Yes but you have to jack the engine up to clear the oil pickup. ... 1983 Ford Fairmont

Want to change head gasket on epica 2.5 6cy want to know how to remove timing chain.is it easy to remove timing cover without taking engine out. thanks

... 2010 Chevrolet Epica 2.5

My check engine light keeps throwing a torque converter clutch solenoid circuit code. How do I change this part? Do I have to take the engine out? Is there a way to dropt the transmission without removing the engine so I can get at this solenoid to change it? I'm not paying a mechanic $750.00 to repair this when there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with the engine. I've had two tranny experts say that the engine performance is unchanged after test driving it. The light is bogus but prohibiting me f

You cannot replace this part without pulling the tranny. The circuit is inside the tranny.I recommend just unplugging it. All that this does is help vehicle shift smoother ... 2001 Nissan Altima

Can the engine bearings be changed without taking the engine out.

They can but it is not an easy job at all to try to do in the van. ... 1995 Toyota 4Runner

My 2004 Lincoln LS is missing, it sputters when I take off and the engine light continues to come back on. Had the #3,4,5 coils changed and ignition gasket valves changed, spark plugs also and it is still doing it. Took it to Firestone for Diagnostic test, they stated to change the #5 coil, ignition gasket valves upper and fuel tune-up cleanser-still doing the same thing. Also would that happen to be the reason why my a/c only blows cold when I am driving the car. When I stop, it blows hot, why

Hello, You can get the scans free at Autozone, Oreillys, and Advance auto-parts stores. Make sure you have the old Codes erased from the memory or they will continue to provide false information.\012\012First, the A/C sound ... Lincoln LS

I have a 2000 DTS and need to change the oil pan gasket. The manual says to take the engine out the bottom to do this. Is there an easier way and if not can I take the engine out the top? Help!

No, there is no easier way ! the engine will not come out the top ... 2000 Cadillac DeVille

My OIL light stop engine light keeps coming on 2001 Volvo S60 2.4T, only at idle, 750-850 rpm, otherwise runs great! so far have replaced oil pan o rings, then found out about air being in oil. Checked, it has air in oil when hot. Am now replacing two strange looking gaskets on Oil Cooler attached to oil pan. It was leaking a little bit of oil at bottom of oil cooler after the pan gaskets changed. Should I change it out as well? So tightened it real tight and it takes it much longer for the ligh

Oil pump ... Volvo S60

Is there anyway to change a timing chain on a 1989 chevy celebrity without taking the engine out? my mechanic says there is a camgear that needs replacing, and it's pressed on, so you'd need

... 1989 Chevrolet Celebrity

I have a 2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse and the Check Engine light is back on. The car has over 100,000 miles on it. I have changed the 02 sensors, even replaced the whole Transmission and it seems my car doesn't have the take off speed it use to. My car seems to be getting slower. Timing Belt and spark plugs been changed. Oil and filters been changed, transmission has fluid. The only visual problem is a little gasket leak from the vale cover, but doesn't seem to be real bad. Also Mit

The front mount and roll stop is a small shock absorber type unit connecting the engine to the frame in the front center of the engine. It helps to reduce the rolling action of the engine while going from forward to reverse gear. You may want to have ... 2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse

I need to change the oil on my 2000 Hyundai Accent L. It is a new car to me, so I have never changed the oil on this car before, but have changed oil on numerous other cars I've owned in the past. The car came without a manual, so I dont know where the oil filter is, although I can probably find it, but most importantly I dont know how much oil the 1.5 L engine takes. If anyone can help with this information I would really appreciate it. Thanks for your time. Regards, Trevor McNichols

Oil capicity is just under 5 litres with filter ,use a cheap oil and change it every 6000 miles and a oil filter every third oil change and it will last forever ,not bad cars these but a bit tinny feeling compared to a ford focus or a VW ,also the ma ... 2000 Hyundai Accent

1992 Nissan NX Coupe. Mechanic has examined engine with remote camera and states - bore worn and ball bearings in sump. Change engine. original fault - rad top hose connection failed and whilst filling with water with engine running water coming from filler indicated head gasket gone. Your opinion please. Jim

Hi!!\015\012\015\012Your engine is gone. Not worth fixing. If you like the car, get a used motor at a Junk Yard. It still will run about $500 installed. ... Nissan NX

How do you change the spark plugs in a 2000 ford expedition 4.6L, without taking all of the hoses out? It is very tight the closer you get to the firewall. The fuel rail and injectors makes it very tight. I changed the first one one the passenger side, but on the second one , i got everything out but when it came to pulling out the plug it kept falling back in the hole. It is at an awkard angle so you can' pull it straight out. Also the fartther to the back of the engine you get the harder it ge

Since you have one plug out already, get a foot long piece of rubber hose that will fit tightly over the white part of the plug. use it to take the plugs out of that deep hole. use the socket to loosen and tighten the plug and use the hose to extract ... 2000 Ford Expedition

99 Ford Expedition climate control: When you fisrt start the vehicle and the engine warms up enough for the heat to come on, it blows cold air from the floor. i can change to any setting i want(flr,vent,def...etc),the damper moves without a hitch...it just doesn't heat. If i am taking it a long trip, it finally heats, but then it will not cool. The damper changes from the floor to the vent as it should, but only heat. I noticed during the summer when i would run the ac...it kind of did the same

... 1999 Ford Expedition

I own a 2003 Alero and the Service Engine Soon, ABS, and Traction Control light is on. What should I do without putting a lot of money at it without knowing it will make the dash lights go off? The local mechanic hooked up a small computer to it and said it was a front wheel barringbut if they change it it might not take care of the lights on the dash.

I had almost exact same problem with my BMW. If it came on after the batter artery was unhooked that maybe cause. As to solution no matter how many times I was told there was a reset (I had one on control module inside car), the light did not go off ... Cars & Trucks

I have all of the same issues I have a 2006 Corolla with 22K miles. Last week my check engine light came on and the car (automatic) was having a slight difficulty changing gears. There is a slight delay in the gear shift and then the car jumps a bit as the shift takes place.check engine light came on this morning. The gas pedal will not make the car go. Putting the car into drive sounds like a kerplunk. the car will go but without any help from the gas pedal. And, this go is VERY VERY slow.Is th

It req a new engine ecu. ... Toyota Corolla

How many liters of oil does the engine of mercedes E240 (2003 model) take, during the oil change (with or without the filter change?)

6 liters of that precious oil is needed! ... 2003 Mercedes-Benz E-Class

Can you take the oil sump of a 3.5 ltr v6 mitsubishi Pajero without taking the engine out?

Yes. but what is the problem why taking out the oil sump? if you suspecting dont have enought oil coming out from the crankcase, you need to change the oil filter first. ... Mitsubishi Passenger

The gears are not shifting. Vehical starts runs good but when you drive it does not seem to want to shift out of 1st? We got the jeep stuck and hydro locked the vehical. We were not able to get it started at first, so we pulled the plugs changed all of the that, cleaned the distrubutor cap. We dried everything, blew out the engine without plugs in. Changed the oil and filter removed muffler and cleaned that out....the jeep started right up and sounds great. Tried to take it for a ride and gears

You may want to do a bg trany service also,because just dropping the pan wont get the water out of the cooler or lines or converter,also may want to check the transfer case and frt and rear diffs for water, ... 1999 Jeep Cherokee

1982 gmc truck 305 engine how to replace timing chain cover gasket also I know that I have to take the waterpump off also to access the timing cover. Is there a way to replace this without taking off the oil pan also? also what is the right way to tighten the bolts when installing these components?

You just loosen the pan you will however have to take the front 2 pan bolts all the way out and then you can remove your cover,your kit will come with new seals and gasket,I hope this helps you and thank you ... 1983 GMC C1500

1995 honda passport. When engine is cold oil pressure reads about 50, when the engine is warm the pressure gauge reads 0. What is are the possible problems. Just had the valve cover gaskets changed and then the problem started

What should the oil pressure read? Mine runs fine - no oil light on, but pressure reads slightly above 30 lbs/in when warm and on the highway. ... 1995 Honda Passport

Can the solenoid be changed by taking the pan off of the bottom of the transmission? If no, do you think changing the fluid would help. My vibe has 44,000 miles on it. Check engine comes on and shifts with a grab - but only part time and the fluid burns...if replaced it with a new filter gasket and a seal would this help or fix the problem

I'd call the dearler ship. I do believe that your car has a 60K warrenty! ... 2008 Pontiac Vibe

I have an insanely bad oil leak on my 94 v6 plymouth voyager. It looks like it's coming out of the top of the back of the engine, and I already replaced the oil pan gasket. I have yet to replace the valve gasket, which is the only thing I can think of being wrong, but any other ideas are greatly appreciated. ALSO, when I'm driving sometimes I take a tight corner and from that point on (and it does this sometimes without the corner) every time I hit the gas and accelerate my vehicle does a very r

I have approx a 1/8 dia oil leak coming out of my 94 Plymouth Caravan just behind the oil filter.It is the 3.0 engine and it looks like a little hose may have come off or broke.I noticed it when the check guages light came on along with the low oil p ... 1994 Plymouth Voyager

Changed head gasket on cruiser 2h engine,but water pouring into sump,removed sump to see that water is coming down between cylinder 5 and 6.

... Cars & Trucks

Holden Rodeo V6 3.5 petrol - lac of power -This engine runs on left bank, you can disconnect ether fuel or spark on right bank and will run without noticable change. also runs on right bank but not su

... Isuzu Rodeo

Just changed waterpump in our 1997 Elantra, has 147,400 miles also changed timing belt and thermostat and thermostat housing gasket where heater hoses are. New antifreeze, was running engine and checking the heat to make sure thermostat was working. Then we noticed a water leak, so we changed the thermo gasket and housing gaskets again. Again we were running the engine while we were installing the antifreeze again. While running the engine after a few minutes we noticed again water was leaking,

Check the oil stick if their is a milky like substance on it if so the the block could be cracked. i hope not. The mechanic should've notice this if thats the problem. do check plug also. H.I.W.H ... 1997 Hyundai Elantra
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